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How to Be Successful at Everything on This Site (What I Know That You Don't)

Good Looking Loser
June 3, 2014
How to Be Successful at Everything on This Site (What I Know That You Don't)

What I Know That You Don't
(and why you thank me when I've done nothing)

We talk about a lot of topics - Getting Laid, getting a killer body, getting a bigger dick, beating anxiety/depression, performance enhancing drugs, etc.

At times, I go really deep into subjects, for example: Swag Factor, Sense of Entitlement and even Fetish-Based Sex (more to come).

I'm able to do that because I've been living and breathing many of these subjects for over a decade.

The reality is, however, I know that what brings the most results for people is far less in-depth and far less insightful.

In fact, any self-improvement "guru" that is worth a shit knows that his "method" means little and his "program" is mainly a MINDFUCK to get you off your ass.

Even though we have a lot of unique concepts such as Screening, Sexual Availability and Killer Instinct that are foreign to other "talking to women so you can fuck them" experts - Good Looking Loser is no different.

We know that, regardless of your goal, if we can convince you to take the initial beginner steps, you'll get results, become further motivated and even give us the credit.

We see this all the time -

image 1

and here -

image 3

We see it in the 'Get Ripped' section too -

image 2

And certainly from guys that want to build a bigger dick -

image 4

Good Looking Loser is simply a MINDFUCK.

As insightful as some stuff is, none of our material actually matters that much to your ultimate success.

It's just about getting you to take the initial steps. You already know what to do.

The rest will take care of itself.

Sometimes the MINDFUCK is done through basic "You can do it!" statements that are planted in articles that appeal already self-motivated believers.

Sometimes the MINDFUCK is done with comprehensive authoritative insightful discussions that appeal to skeptical intellectuals that can't figure out what their "blockage" is.

I'm going to tell you the secrets to all these "self-improvement" areas and hit you with some Good Looking Loser propaganda posters along the way.


What I Know That You Don't Know

re: Going Outside to Get Laid

I know that if I can get you to LOOK GOOD and  TALK TO GIRLS - YOU WILL GET LAID.

It is SOCIALLY IMPOSSIBLE for a decent looking guy in cool clothing to not have at least some women willing to spread their legs without much resistance. It might take a few "dates" and fails but it will happen.

This is how it works if you leave your house -

On any given day, there's a certain percentage of women that are 'sexually available' and a percentage of those girls that are down to fuck (DTF).  

The better you look, the more girls you talk to - the higher your percentage is at finding the ~handful of girls that are truly available/DTF on that day.

Other "resources" put a huge focus on passing "shit tests" or "convincing" unavailable girls to become available or participate longer in the interaction/laugh at the jokes.

They call this "having game". 

It completely ignores the fact there's plenty of emotionally healthy girls that are totally willing and excited to fuck/meet a new guy.

Whether you believe it or not - that is your reality if your sex appeal is above-average.

If you can look good, initiate some conversations - available women will follow your lead without much resistance.

Even if you could "convince" or "seduce" a girl into liking you - why wouldn't you want to look as good as you possibly can?

Pussy would come A LOT easier.

Look good + Talk to girls = Get Laid

This is not really a science.

I just need to convince you to LOOK GOOD and TALK TO GIRLS and some of the girls will be willing to sleep with you, you'll get results and thank me. You can even use "Nervous Guy Game" if you have a lot of anxiety.

Even if your genetics prevent you from being the "Best Looking Guy", the fact of the matter is - most sexually active girls have probably already fucked a guy uglier than you. Just look YOUR best. 


What I Know That You Don't Know

re: Staying Inside to Get Laid (Online Dating)

I know that if I can get you to make a dating profile where you LOOK GOOD and SEND SIMPLE MESSAGES TO GIRLS - YOU WILL GET LAID.

Online dating is a simply a digital version of the real world.
(granted most girls online are looking for relationships)

Look Good Online + Talk to Girls = Get Laid

This is not really much of a science.

We even have free guides that tell you exactly what to do -

I just need to convince you to take some good photos and TALK TO GIRLS, there will be some girls that will be willing to sleep with you, you'll get results and thank me. 


What I Know That You Don't Know

re: Getting Ripped (Weight Loss)

I know that if I can get you to stop eating carbohydrates and start exercising that you will lose weight - probably 10+ lbs in the first two weeks.

It is PHYSIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to not lose weight on our diet. When you have no carbohydrates (glucose) in your system and exercise - your body will burn tremendous amounts of fat.

That is how the human body works.

People that are overweight have usually done neither for an extended period of time.

At the moment, the majority of our material focuses on weight loss since guys that are overweight stand the most to gain and know the least about nutrition.

No Carbohydrates + Exercise = Lose Weight

This is not a complicated science.

I just need to convince you to stop eating carbohydrates and get to the gym on an empty stomach (with BCAA's), like these guys and you'll get results and thank me.


What I Know That You Don't Know

re: Getting Juiced (Gaining Muscle)

I know that the key to gaining significant amounts of muscle is anabolic steroids and a good diet.

So long as you are somewhat sore 24-48 hours after you train, it is PHYSIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to not gain significant amounts of muscle with this combination.

That is how the human body works.

The specific exercises you do at the gym, the supplements that you take, the timing of when you consume foods - only makes a ~2% difference for the average guy.

The steroids you take are based on your goals.

The diet you follow is simply having lean protein and complex carbohydrates at every meal.

Steroids + Impact Diet = Get Muscle

This is not a complicated science.

What's more - you DO NOT need steroids to achieve the ideal body for the highest sex appeal.

I just need to convince you to hit some juice and just eat the foods you already know you should be eating - you'll get results and thank me.


What I Know That You Don't Know

re: Getting Hung (Big Penis)

I know that the key to growing a bigger dick is to pull on your dick.

It is PHYSIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to not grow longer if you are stretching your dick 4-5 times a week.
(whether by manual penis stretching or a high-quality extender)

The more you do it, the more you will grow.
(assuming you take rest days)

The same true for girth, if you jelq consistently - your dick will get thicker.

Pull On Dick + Pull On Dick = Longer Dick

This is not a science.

I just have to convince you to commit to doing these exercises 4-5 times a week, you'll get results and thank me.


What I Know That You Don't Know

re: Getting Style (Instant Social Status)

I know that if I can get you to dress cooler/better people will make positive assumptions and treat you with more respect.

It is SOCIALLY IMPOSSIBLE that you will not be treated differently if you present yourself better.

Although some people think this is a "new American" thing, fashion dates back to before Jesus was born.

Nobility wore fine clothing and jewelry.

Peasants wore old clothing and rags.

In ancient times, there was no choice about who could look cool and attract attention.

The rules are what they are; they apply worldwide. Stop complaining about "how superficial Americans are" and be happy the average guy (your competition) looks and dresses like he hasn't had sex in 30 years.

Look Good + Look Cool = Better Treatment 

This is not a science.

I just have to convince you to "Dress Like You Are a Somebody, Not a Nobody", people will respond differently to you right away and you'll thank me.

If you want to appeal more to sexually-active girls, you can get out of the "boyfriend material" category if you dress with an edgy/masculine style.


What I Know That You Don't Know

re: Kratom (Get Relaxed)

I know that if I can get you to try Kratom, it could dramatically increase your quality of and enthusiasm for life.

Outside a small percentage Kratom won't work for, if you respond well - it is IMPOSSIBLE not to make use of this compound for productivity, motivation, pro-social behavior, etc. etc.

It will be life-changing for some but to be safe I'll go with "very good" for most.

I'm willing to take that chance and have you hate me (if it doesn't work for you and you puke) because IF IT DOES WORK, you could be looking at a new life or a new close friend that is healthful and doesn't let you down.

If Kratom Works = Great/Good Impact on Your Life

It's the easiest equation yet.

I just have to convince you to try it and accept some trial and error with it, if it works - you may just credit me for changing the course of your life. 

As I always say - not all Kratom is the same, some of it is actually completely terrible, try our recommended brand.


What I Know That You Don't Know

re: Approach Anxiety (Approach Anxiety Program)

I know that if you follow the program exactly as written - you will be able to hit on at least 90% of the women you want to talk to.

It is PSYCHOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to not get significantly more comfortable with talking to random women through repeated, organized, controlled bouts of exposure therapy. 

The drills toward the end of the program are pretty aggressive and beyond what you actually need - if you get through these, you will have the social freedom to hit on just about any woman.

Do Drills + Do Drills = Drills Become Easier = Meeting Women Becomes Easier

A bit more scientific, huh?

I just have to convince you to take the program seriously and not bend the rules, once your anxiety is cut in half after the first two weeks - you'll thank me. 


What I Know That You Don't Know

re: Rejection

I know that if I make you look above-average, rejection will almost always be a matter of 'sexual availability' and you won't take it personally.

This was the hardest one for me to get a grip on in my first 2 years of trying to pick up girls.

Normal guys think they get rejected because they aren't good looking enough.
(in some cases - this is definitely true)

Pickup artist weirdos think they get rejected because their "game" isn't good enough or they did something wrong in the interaction.
(this is hardly ever the case)

Once you get to the point where you are 'good looking enough' and totally believe our concept of sexual availability, you will feel like there's NOTHING on the line when you hit on a random girl.

When you believe this - things will really start happening for you because you will be solely trying to Get Laid rather than playing it safe to avoid rejection.

prop6What I Know That You Don't Know

re: Goal Setting (Success Principles)

I know that if I convince you to work on ONE GOAL AT A TIME rather than multitasking, your odds for success will dramatically increase.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to not see progress and a daily sense of achievement (motivation) if are you making the effort to pour all your time/resources into accomplishing ONE GOAL.

People around these parts are not short on work ethic and certainly not short on ambition.

In fact, they often have too much ambition.



Devote at least 80% of your free time to that one goal.

Even if you are good at multitasking, it's still a waste of time because you are neglecting your #1 goal.


Not hard to understand, right?

I just have to convince you to pour all your time into ONE GOAL, the daily progress will be motivating and you'll thank me.


What I Know That You Don't Know

re: Making Money (Future Section)

I know that I can help make you a significant amount of money online, if you are good at something or have a good product to sell.

Everything I've done online has been a success.

Except for the stuff that wasn't.

I've learned a ton in the past ~3 years and I'll be telling you how I (and you) can do it too.

Be Good At Something With a Demand/Have a Good Product With a Demand = Make Money

That's how business in capitalist countries works.

You just need to listen to me when the time comes.


What I Know That You Don't Know

re: Elite Guy (Top 10%)

I know that if I can make you better looking, more social/aggressive, more confident AND wealthier than the average guy - you will be an 'Elite Guy' and eventually get treated as such once you realize it.

Most guys have none of those traits.

Some guys have 1 or 2 of those traits.

Very seldom do guys have 3 or more.

If you can get 3 or 4 of them to an 'Above-Average Level' you are among the best of our gender.

You don't actually have to be 'Elite' at any of them.

If you can become significantly above-average or Elite at two or more of them - you will be among the Top .1 or 1% of our gender.

"That guy" has more options than he knows what to do with.

This what I'm shooting to make you guys.

Above-Average Sex Appeal
Above-Average Social Skills
Above-Average Confidence

Above-Average Bank Account
Elite Guy

From there, you just need some 'veteran' experience and a chance get comfortable with being "That Guy". Above-average.

An Elite dick is icing on the cake.


Lets Review...

Want to Get Laid? Look good and talk to girls.

Want to Get Laid Online? Look good and message girls.

Want to Lose Weight? Stop eating carbohydrates and start exercising.

Want to Gain Significant Amounts of Muscle? Steroids and lean impact calories.

Want to Grow a Bigger Dick? Use the devices/exercises that make your dick bigger.

Want to Get Treated Like You Are Cool or Sexually-Active? Look that way.

Want to Beat Approach Anxiety? Do our program exactly how it's written.

Want to Not Get Rejected for Your Looks? Improve your looks.

Want to Actually Accomplish Stuff? Have ONE GOAL.

Want to Be That "Top 1%" Guy With Women? Have above-average fundamentals.

So there you have it.

All common sense suggestions that have been tested and proven effective.

Go do them - come back when you've succeeded and be sure to give me the credit.

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