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How to Screen and Filter Girls Out Instead of Being Rejected

Good Looking Loser
December 11, 2011

Screening Game: A New Look At "Rejection"

Audio:"Screening Game: How to Screen and Filter Girls Out Instead of Being Rejected"

This is a super important post if you are still having trouble hitting on hot girls or have issues with 'rejection'.

If you've met me, read "Get Laid or Get Lost," read "Help! It’s Weird Going Up To A Random Chick and Hitting on Her!" or all 3 - you probably have an idea of how we immediately approach, "screen" and "filter" the chicks that we meet.

I teach SCREENING GAME. I teach you to how to attract cool girls that are down-to-fuck and girls that are sexually available. I teach you how to Get Laid.

I don't teach "I Hope She Likes Me" game.

I don't teach "how to convince her to speak to you, how to get into a conversation, how to make her like me, then how to make her laugh, then how to show I'm interested- but not too much, then how to make her feel comfortable, then how to kiss her, then how to touch her..." None of that. I used to do that junk. It primarily gets you conversations and phone numbers, sexually-charged physical screening gets you pussy.

There's a big difference.

Here's the difference- "Mr. Funny Man vs. Mr. Pussy Inspector"

Screen that Pussy, No more "Rejection"

I'm not one of those PUAs that is going to purpose that he has the mindset, technique or line to get every- cool, smart, hot, boring, married, single, bisexual, pornstar, athletic, druggie, rich, celebrity, tall, short, fat, thin, model, poor, young, old, college, milf, cougar, geeky, high fashion, goofy, depressed or happy- girl to like you.

I can teach you how to bang hot girls though.

If you are using sexual-charged material and physical advances to screen girls, you won't actually be getting rejected... EVER.

Not in the traditional sense anyway. Only guys that run "I hope she likes me" game get rejected. We run SCREENING GAME.

You will be getting girls that are sexually available. You'll be screening out or "getting rejected" by girls that are not sexually available. You will be gaming from a position of power and not from "I hope she likes me.." mindset which is largely technique based.

You will do the screening and selecting, the chicks will let you know if they are sexually available.

With the correct screening techniques and mindset, you'll be getting girls that are sexy, smart, cool, have a sense of humor and are down-to-fuck (at least in the near future). In process, you'll be filtering out girls that are nonsexual, boring or emotionally unhealthy. Those girls are not worth "working on". You are trying to Get Laid, not trying to stealthy convince girls of something.

There's plenty of exciting hot girls that love to have sex. Those are the girls I get. Those are the girls Scotty gets. The chicks aren't necessarily that sexually experienced either, they just dig cool ALPHA guys and know we can give them a GREAT experience.

We screen chicks to see if they are worth talking to

Elite guys screen and test chicks.

We test girls. They don't test us.

Usually it's the other way around-

Guy timidly approaches girl with some submissive boring, generic, needy line- "Excuse me. May I buy you are drink?"

Girl decides if the guy is worth a drink and 5 minutes of her time.

Guy tries to impress or keep a 5 minute conversation going by trying to find commonalities, "Where are you from?" "What do you do?" "What do you do for fun?"

Girl decides if the guys is worth 5 more minutes of her time.

We do things differently-

Guy smiles and approaches girl to screen her- with a dominant funny, sexually-charged screening line - "Hey, this may be a little random but I thought you were attractive and I wanted to come what you were like."

Girl says "Thank you," or nothing. (or leaves)

Guy wait for a second, smiles and says, "Umm... Well.... Aren't you gonna tell me I'm attractive too? [that's a little rude]"

Girl says says so and laughs. (or leaves)

Guy says, "I'm [name]," and extends his hand.

Girl says, "I'm [name]," and shakes his hand.

Guy says, "Wow nice handshake, I think I'm going to hire my bodyguard."

Girls laughs. (or leaves)

Guy touches and squeezes her arm and says, "No seriously, you got a license for those guns?"

Girl laughs. (or leaves)

^ Girls that are SEXUALLY AVAILABLE will respond positively to this type of material.

^ Girls that are boring, dumb, without a sense of humor or nonsexual won't.

That's what happens basically every time. Try it. Get them in or get out. Screen that pussy!!!

After a few minutes of flirting with a chick - whisper in her ear, "I bet you're delicious." and kiss her neck.

She'll either get really excited or she'll leave.

Emotionally Healthy Girls Like Being Screened

Hot chicks like to be screened - it's different and fun for them when it's done in lighthearted way.

Hot girls are used to generic boring guys or try-hard guys that try to impress them.

It's rare that they run into an aggressive confidence guy an "asshole" that is screening them in funny but half-serious manner. This is really attractive to girls, especially the hottest chicks. Girls love a challenge, girls love to get the chance to impress guys. Even if its just a game. But we don't often give them the chance to try to though. Instead of letting girls screen or filter you - screen and filter them.

Many guys think that how a girl reacts to his approach is a reflection of him.

That's not the case if you use our material. Our material is meant to screen girls.

How a girl reacts is a reflection of her and specifically- her sexual present availability.

Hot chicks that have a sense of humor like to get laid... That's what I've found anyway.

Remember - You Are Supposed to Filter Girls Out or Get "Rejected"

I can't stress this enough: if you are being aggressive and taking the "Get Laid or Get Lost" mentality - you should be effectively filtering out girls out or getting incompatible girls to leave. That's the point. It's not just simply a "different way" to interpret rejection - it's the reality. You aren't going to get every girl, you don't want every girl - not every girl is hot, cool, smart, funny and sexually available.

A Personal Experience with Not Filtering Out A Girl (one of many)

I was at Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood on a Thursday night in October 2009. I approached a hot chick named Whitney who looked like she was in great shape. I ran the exact same lines that I mentioned above, I told her "Stop being a creeper, if you're going to stare at me, you should at least say hi." She laughed. I said, "No really, you're looking at me like I'm a big ice cream cone and you just want to lick me up and down." She laughed and introduced herself. I went physical right away and grabbed her bicep, "You think your tough? Do you have a license for these guns?" She pulled away right away and said she didn't like anyone touching her. I said, "Well how about if I do this?" and began to lightly punch her stomach (this girl had a near 6-six of abs, she was a celebrity personal trainer). She pulled away again.

I immediately started talking to her friend Gina instead and used the same techniques. I grabbed her bicep she laughed and started flexing then she grabbed mine. I lightly punched her in the stomach and she flexed her stomach. I ignored Whitney and kept flirting with Gina for the next 20 minutes. As I started touching Gina more she said that was actually married but that I should take Whitney's number. I respectfully said, "Okay, maybe so."  I returned my attention to sexy Whitney and just chatted with her in a non-aggressive manner for about 15 minutes. I took Whitney's number and left.

Two days later, I called Whitney and invited her over to my place. Whitney was excited and came over. It was chilly October night and I figured we could put our feet in the hot tub and I could heat her up. When Whitney got to my place we did some small talk, played some Nintendo Wii, she had a drink and seemed to relax.

I thought to myself - okay good, this uptight girl is finally chilling out.

Right when we sat down next to each other with our feet in the hot tub, Whitney starts giving me a speech, "Chris, I think you are cool, but you just can't put your hands on me. I remember you trying to touch my stomach the other night when I told you not to. And Don't think about kissing me either - I don't do that until the 3rd date. Sometimes you have to wait until the 4th date."

I smiled and ignored what she said, "Poor Whitney. You've had a hard day." and I put my hands on her shoulders and began to give her a massage.

Whitney freaks out and starts yelling, "You can't touch me! Get off me! Get off me Chris!"

At this point I realized that I never should have had this crazy girl come over. I had screened her on a Thursday Night and she failed. Sure enough, she was a nonsexual girl with some sort of emotional problem. That was apparent within 2 minutes of meeting her. I should have just trusted my instincts and not wasted my time on her. But I didn't and now I was sitting on the edge of a hot tub with a psycho prude girl instead of being out with one of my other girls, meeting other girls or watching college football.

I sent Whitney home right after that.

That's not the first time I ended up at my place with a girl that I hadn't screened well enough up front. I was not getting anywhere quick with that chick and neither was anyone else. Not only was she nonsexual, but she was weird. Despite her nice looks and killer body, this wasn't a girl that was going to good in bed or cool enough for me to chill with. I knew that when I met her but I overlooked it.

Screening is for real. You won't end up with boring girls, nonsexual girls or psychos if you screen them out.

Thankfully, by October 2009, I had plenty of experience handling and screening sexy girls and I easily realized that Whitney's tantrum was her own problem and not mine. She's hot and probably a decent person, but we weren't compatible and I wasn't interested anymore.

Lesson learned. Again.

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