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November 19-23: Thanksgiving Road Trip, 50 Day Agenda, Updates

Good Looking Loser
November 19, 2012

Just a Heads Up...

I'm actually in San Fran right now.

I'm on a road trip this week up to Oregon for Thanksgiving and to see 2 of my friends.

I'll be back on Friday night (flying back). My Sunday is completely busy though.

For some of the time a whole group of out are going to be out in the wilderness talking shit and having sex (yeah, girls too). Nature-like things. I don't know how much or how little Internet I'm going to have, that's only for a couple days though.

So please refer people to this message if they are looking for me this week. Keep each other motivated, you guys have never needed me to do that.

I'll try to answer all your questions when I get back this weekend and try to keep up with some of them during the week.


~1st Week of December

Going forward, the first week of December I'll be in NYC, we are going to try and get Scotty on camera. Unfortunately, I don't have the "mod" hidden camera to take there, but we'll do our best and in New York it's a little easier to play "tourist" and shoot stuff with the camera. If you thought I was quick or aggressive, you'll see it happen even faster, in board daylight. The people elsewhere that think I'm a pig... you'll think I'm Gandhi compared to Scotty.

~2nd Week of December

The next week I'll be in Florida, and when I get back we'll get the Good Looking Guinea Pig Project going and I should be able get the Kratom shop up in about the next 4-5 week period so you guys can try this top-shelf K. It's awesome, notice how I have a vitamin water bottle in all the pick up up videos, it's the real deal.

~3rd Week of December - Going Forward

At the same time, Mid-December to February, we are going to really put time into developing the Get Style section which will be over at GLL-Lifestyle. I might ask certain people to help or contribute to that as well. It's super important, as you know. Certain non-controlled Rx Drugs will get some attention as well.

AA Program

Sometime soon, hopefully no later than 7 weeks, I'll have the AA program up. It's free, obviously.

It's not just a bunch of drills, but a program that should take all the guesswork out. There's even going to be a calendar/schedule for it. We try to make stuff as easy as possible to do and get you the FASTEST results possible. If you keep trying until you get up to level 7-8, you should be able to hit on 95% of women, in 95% of situations (day/night, group, single, mixed, street, whatever). The remaining levels are just to make you more of a creep (aggressive).

This has been a long time coming because I've had a lot of guys (with different experience levels) do these drills in certain orders, some guys are on the forum, some aren't. These need to be near-Perfect because over the next 2-3 years, thousands of guys are going to do them and are trusting us to kill their AA or figure out what's going on with them. I appreciate your patience in this process. It's largely only me building the programs. Word-by-word, piece-by-piece.

With that said, I'm going to take a good week to eliminate anything I consider "fluff" in the program. This isn't about create the "longest" program ever, it's about create one that works, the fastest. The standard is fairly low in the "community," since the experts don't talk to random girls, but we're obviously not holding ourselves to that toilet standard.

Other Stuff

During the same period, I'll introduce/review a couple of new products that people have been asking about. One of which is the New Bathmate Hydromax x30 (it's good) and the Penomet Dick Pump (haven't used it yet, it's back in LA in the box still...). I also hope to talk more about Yohimburn-ES which can pull FAT and water out of your face (if you are dieting/training correctly). A few of these should be up by Christmas, with their discounts attached. As always, i'll have videos on EXACTLY what you can expect and my own experience with using it.

There's somewhat of a method to the direction I'm steering this ship. Late Winter/Early Spring is going to largely about GETTING RIPPED. Summer is not the time to start. Over the Summer I hope to put together the college guide, so incoming freshman can get off on the right foot and those going back to school can start fucking a lot of girls. Along the way, we're obviously going to have a lot of just the regular GET LAID stuff.

Somewhere in this process, I'll find a way to get to the gym and have a sex life. And Eat.

Don't feel sorry for me. EVER. I love this project and I really love you guys too. Regardless that I've unintentionally dedicated the past 10-12years to the topics you find in here or how much I "like" this stuff, or even how good the results have been from it, without your interest, none of this is remotely possible.

I want you to know that too.

I get tons of emails, comments, private messages, youtube comments, forum posts, etc. etc. I dont have time to get to them all unfortunately. But I can guarantee this- if you stick around here, we (not just me) will help you accelerate your life. That I can guarantee.

The final thing I want to mention is- most of you guys (I'm referring to the guys who are active on the forum) are right where to need to be right now. You probably don't know it. I can take a look back how long it took me to get good results and it took a long-long time. Even guys that have been here for 1 month are doing stuff that I couldn't (didn't have the balls to) do after my 1st year in the Pickup Community. The average guy who starts here, regardless of experience level, in 6 weeks will be ahead of where I was 6 months. It can work out, just see it through. (and make sure you look as good as possible, just above-average works... but shoot for top 10%)


- I can't guarantee the spelling or grammar in this post is worth a shit though... talk to you soon :)

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