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Penomet Official User's Guide

Good Looking Loser
February 7, 2013

Penomet User Guide

Warning: Adult Content (Nudity, Non-Sexual) In Video Below

This is the official user guide that is included with your Penomet pump. It's written by PENOMED LLC.

I decided to put it on here because some guys accidentally discard their Penomet instruction manual when they are "hiding" evidence that they are using a penis pump. Others don't find the guide since it's pretty small and the Penomet comes in a big box.

As with the other content on, this guide is subject to our Medical Disclaimer is not a substitute for advice or instruction from a physician.

Keep in mind, these are the official directions. A lot of guys do "their own thing" such as using the device with a full erection after they get used to the tissue expansion or modify the device in some way. PENOMED LLC., nor I, are liable if the device is used in an unsafe or reckless manner.

Be safe! This device works great. Have patience.

  • For my official review of the Penomet Penis Pump, please click here.

Official Penomet Video

Device Description

Penomet Penis Pump is a hand held device which can be used for pumping a flaccid penis either in shower or while sitting in a comfortable position. The device should be used before any intercourse to maintain the rigidity of penis or for prevention and cure of erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Penomet has a clear polycarbonate vacuum tube inside in which the flaccid penis is placed. When the rubber part of the device, lined with a medical grade silicone, touches the base of the penis; the act of pumping causes blood to enter the penis which results in an erection and rigidity of the penis. The floating safety valve and the safety release pin, both of which control the amount of pressure held within the vacuum tube, prevents the pressure from exceeding the safety limits.

Penomet Pump does not come with a Soft Pad. In our survey of more than 500 penis pump users, very few liked to use a soft base due to the difficulties found in the attachment. Moreover, the Penomet Gaiter is made from a Medical Grade Silicone that is much softer as well as being completely safe for humans and therefore a Soft Pad is not required. You may however create your own Soft Pad if you wish or contact our customer care department to check if we have any third party pads in stock.

Purpose of this Device   

Penomet Pump is a hand held “Over the Counter” (OTC) medical device to be used in obtaining a penile erection/rigidity prior to intercourse or to treat erectile dysfunction or impotency in men. This device is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Intended Use

During the first week of use of Penomet Pump; it is advisable to use the pump for not more than 10 minutes a day. The pumping time can be gradually increased to 15 to 20 minutes in subsequent weeks.

Penomet Treatment Schedule

Week Duration
Week 1 10 minutes
Week 2 10 minutes
Week 3 15 minutes
Week 4 20 minutes


Steps for Usage

In the Shower:

1)  Shower with warm water for a minute to relax.

2)  Fill the polycarbonate vacuum tube.

3)  Place flaccid penis inside the polycarbonate vacuum tube.

4)  Begin pumping slowly and allow excess water to escape through the floating valve.

5)  After pumping the device for a few times perfect suction will be achieved.

6)  Now repeat the pumping action every 2-5 minutes. As you become more expert in using the device you can increase the duration of pumping.

7)  If the pressure is too great, simply swipe your finger over the safety-releasing pin to lower the pressure.

8)  After using the device it should be cleaned by rinsing first with a non-alcohol sterilizing spray and then with water and finally pat dry.

Note that you can change the gaiter by gently pulling or squeezing the gaiter and replace it with either a softer (Force60 [PURPLE], Force65 [BLUE]) or stronger (Force75 [GRAY], Force80 [ORANGE]) gaiter to achieve the desirable differential pressure.

In the Bathtub:

While using Penomet Penis Pump in the bathtub follow the same steps of usage as above but fill the unit with water by submerging it in the bathtub and insert the flaccid penis into the device while submerged.

While sitting in a comfortable position:

Since their is no water leakage or extra pumping needed- the Penomet Penis Pump is used as an air or water pump when used while sitting in a comfortable position on sofa, desk, bed or in the shower/bathtub.

  1. To use Penomet as an Air Pump, you will need to apply a non-silicone based lubricant to the base of the device and around your pelvis area. This helps in creating long lasting suction.
  2. Place flaccid penis inside the polycarbonate vacuum tube.
  3. Begin pumping slowly.
  4. After pumping the device for a few times perfect suction will be achieved.
  5. Now repeat the pumping action every 2-5 minutes.

Important Warnings

  1. When using the Penomet, make sure that your scrotum and ball-sack have loosened up by showering or bathing for 5 minutes prior to use.
  2. While pumping remember: Do not exceed your pain threshold and remember to apply sufficient pressure to obtain a penile erection.
  3. Common side effects include permanently larger penis girth and length. If you do not wish to enlarge your penis, discontinue use after 2 weeks.
  4. Misuse of the Penomet pump can injure the penis.
  5. Do not use the Penomet Penis Pump if you have had any kind of penile surgery or surgery around your pelvis area. Consult a doctor before any use if you are unsure.
  6. Do not use Penomet Penis Pump if you are suffering from any ailment or are taking large quantities of aspirin or other blood thinners, as these conditions increase the risk of bruising.

5. Troubleshooting

Problem Likely Cause Remedy Comments
No erection OR Rapid loss of erection in less than five minutes. Absence of vacuum in the device; there could be soap scum or foreign particles in the device; air leak due to poor contact between polycarbonate vacuum tube and rubber part Apply more lubricant if not using the device in shower; apply firm pressure; check device for any leak; trim pubic hair to promote adherence of the rubber part, use glue to stick these parts together. Such a problem is associated with lack of experience. It will improve as you become expert at using the device
Pulling of the skin of scrotum Too rapid pumping; application of excessive force; pulling of the scrotal tissues; lubricant on scrotum; improper pumping technique Do not use lubrication on scrotum; angle device downward while pumping; you can talk to your physician about the pumping technique Problem should be gone as you become expert at using the device
Discomfort or pain during intercourse Insufficient lubrication; pressure exertion on sensitive regions Use more lubrication; try changing positions during intercourse Problem should be gone by using the suggested remedies
Discomfort or pain during ejaculation Long duration of abstinence; infection of the prostate gland; inflammation of the prostate gland Continue the use of the device The problem will be gone as you become expert at using the device
Discomfort or pain during pumping Rapid pumping; application of excessive force; pulling of scrotal tissues Slower pumping Problem should be gone by using the suggested remedies
Redness, irritation or bruising of penis Too rapid pumping; excessive pumping Slower pumping; reduce the time duration of pumping Consult your physician if the problem persists after some more pumping sessions


CE Declaration of Conformity

Penomet is compliant with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 89/336/EC. More information can be obtained by contacting Customer Care.


This unit is covered by the Manufacturers Limited Warranty and does not include any damages caused by miss-use: only manufacturing flaws that can be directly linked to a faulty unit. Penomed LLC does not cover cracks in the plastic, holes in the silicone, rubber part of the pump, unless it has been sent back to the company for inspection. Transportation charges for returning the unit under Warranty are determined after the unit has been examined. If a flaw or manufacturing defect is found, reimbursement of any monies paid for postage or other transport methods shall take place only when the fixed unit is returned to the customer.


Gaiter Colors

The Penomet has 4 different gaiters which can help you vary the pressure. The premium package comes with all 5 gaiters.

Penomet Pressure GaitersPressure Gaiters- From Lowest to Highest

Purple: 60

Blue: 65

Black: 70

Grey:  75 (for some reason I get the most pressure with this one, it's strong)

Orange: 80

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