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"Rich Guy Game" (How to Correctly Leverage Your Social/Financial Status)

Good Looking Loser
February 15, 2015

"Rich Guy Game"
How Wealthy Guys (or Not-Yet-Rich-Guys) Can Score Points Without Looking Like Total Jerks

This discussion, albeit somewhat overdue, was inspired by a message from a certain GLL VIP.

He writes -
(paraphrase for length, removed personal information)

Hey GLL-

Im 33 yrs. Old and have a lot of money, some inherited, some earned with online business. I’m worth well over 3 millions dollars, live in a nice apartment right here in LA and drive a Bentley.

We always hear that the rich guys always get girls, is this true?

That just hasn’t been me experience dude, in fact its almost like I attract relationship seekers or girls just think im an asshole and write me off. 

Its embarrassing but I haven’t had a one night stand since college.

What am I doing wrong?

How do I make this work, or is the whole "Rich Guy" mainstream BS? 

ted dibiase money money money money

Do Wealthy Guys Really Read Good Looking Loser?

Perhaps this is more for the 'Get Paid' section, but the answer might surprise you for how 'immature' and 'young' our community seems.

The answer is -

Yes. Of course.

"Rich Guys" (those who make over $200,000 after taxes, in my book) obviously aren't a significant part of the readership (they aren't on any blog - Rich Guys are out making money), make up a small part of Good Looking Loser's powerful silent majority.

Many have been overly kind to us -

- One donates over $1,000 each holiday season.

- One once sent me $5,000 to 'stop wasting his time' because he wanted my full attention and wanted it immediately.
(nice move)

- Others have recommended me in their circles and provided free professional legal and financial services.

- There's also several 'high status' business owners and non-household name "celebrities" who have sought me out.

Truly remarkable for a kid that was virtually broke and only friends with a bunch of fun high-end club going drug addicts when I started Good Looking Loser in ~2012.
(I made a lot of money as a personal trainer/nutritionist but blew a lot of it on unnecessary crap in LA) 

I am forever grateful.

You guys know who you are. And I will never forget either.

As I mention in the video, I tread the issue of "having money" rather lightly.

In fact, the ONLY reason I talk about it is because it's highly necessary to be a legitimate "How to Make Money Online" authority.

Money is an incentive for me, but it's hardly the primary motivator. 

I wouldn't be writing Good Looking Loser for free, but I also would do it for a lot less.

Hopefully this is obvious to you by the amount of free content we give away. It's not just a strategy to "get readers" - I definitely want you to hold it the fuck down. 

I'll discuss my finance relationship with myself on 'Get Paid by Good Looking Loser' in a few weeks - it might be different than any case you've heard before. You'll see where I'm coming from and why I think the way I do.

Also - I'd like to get to the point where a lot of you guys consider yourself "Rich Guys".

To ensure quality, 'Get Paid' will have to develop slowly, but it will be the financial turning point in many lives. 

But either way, for the time being, Rich Guys and Pretend Rich Guys can use the strategies I outline below.

Introduction to "Rich Guy Game"

Who Is The "Rich Guy"?

This "Rich Guy" concept is hardly new.

Rich and poor guys have been leveraging (or pretending to) their financial status to try and score pussy for centuries. 

It's often done incorrectly or at a massive, inefficient expense however.

For many of us, the "Rich Guy" image is that of the 20-30-something tall, handsome, masculine, work hard, play hard, investment banker/lawyer that hit the clubs in a full suit and leaves with 3 girls to go back and do cocaine with $100 bills off their ass cracks.

The character 'Patrick Bateman' in American Psycho played by Christian Bale comes to mind.

In reality, that Rich Guy character pretty rare and is usually just poor imitated by a 20-30-something big spender whose income might be high but his finances are a total mess. That type of lifestyle is physically and financially draining. Real Rich Guys don't waste their money like that - not on a regular basis anyway.

Most Rich Guys (still trying to score young pussy without paying for it) are in their late 30-40s and have underdeveloped "dating" skills because they have only been working on their bank accounts for the past 20 years. There are obviously some exceptions and they don't need my advice.

At the same time, perception is reality and the "Rich Guy" can literally be anyone who dress the part.

christian bale american psycho shower scene 6

Do Rich Guys Really "Get More Girls"?

Yes and No.

For actually "Getting Laid", financial privilege isn't actually a HUGE advantage.

Rich guys can buy drinks, tables, meals, drugs, fast cars, have cool parties and lots of nice clothes that can help their perceived social status.

It works, but only to an extent and its cost:benefit ratio is absurd in any sort of financial perspective.

Money and nice toys help, but may be negated by the fact that, if done incorrectly - the Rich Guy can easily present himself as "Boyfriend Material" and will often attract relationship seekers who withhold sex and demand some emotional investment before they spread their legs. 

Arguably, money/appearance of wealth can be a hinderance if you don't still 'screen' girls for their DTF potential.

That is why so many rich guys rather purchase high class hookers than "do pick up".

It's easier on their wallet, WAY MORE efficient and not emotionally draining.

Their doctors, lawyers and team of financial advisors would all advise that this is the correct move.

For "meeting women", "picking up girls" or relationships/retention (committed or uncommitted), however, the Rich Guy is at an undeniable advantage. 

To EVERY woman, not just so-called 'Gold Diggers', financial status is attractive in a medium/long-term partner. Financial status is power. And Power is sexy.

If given the choice, all things equal, nearly every woman would prefer a wealthy partner over a not-so-wealthy partner.

So would you if you aren't intimidated by vagina.

Wealthy guys have and can provide a lifestyle that many women can't or aren't willing to earn otherwise.

Many women are willing to fuck a Rich Guy for months, in hopes of locking him down.

That's the best case scenario.

Many women try to convince themselves that they are 'in love' and get married because they can't make big money on their own. They are simply in love with the lifestyle, or the dream of such.

That's the not-so-best-case scenario and it usually ends ugly.

Hopefully the guy saw this post about pre-nuptial agreements

He probably didn't.

Every Rich Guy who meets the 'looks threshold' will have some 'Boyfriend Potential' and the type of guy that girls think long about. 
(remember - Boyfriend Potential is what you want, Boyfriend Material is not)

The Rich Guy, however, mainly benefits in retention and enjoys only a slight advantage [if any] in actually Getting Laid on any given night.

When people say -

Rich Guys get all the chicks!

They don't know what they are talking about or they are referring to medium/long-term relationships.

2usfsowThis apparently wasn't considered racist in the 1990s...
The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase and his poor black slave, Virgil.

Fundamentals of "Rich Guy" High-Status Game

There's 2 fundamentals that can help you leverage your financial/social status without coming off like a total asshole. 

Screen As You Would Normally

This all "works" provided that you "screen" girls as you would otherwise - eye contact prior to speaking to them and touching them early in the interaction to see where they stand.

That is a given. 

Remember, a little goes a long way, especially during the day.

#1 Dress The Part (ALL OUT)

This is critically important. 

Women Nobody can't tell how 'well off' you are unless you given them the hint.

I suggest rocking a FULL SUIT. Go ALL OUT - tie, pocket square, nice shoes, nice watch, etc. etc.

Day or night.

This game is all perception and there's not an unacceptable time to do so.

I give you permission to wear a FULL SUIT AT ANY TIME - you might be overdressed at times but women will notice you and think "Who's he?"

* at the side angle, the pants on this suit look (are) too wide and need to be taken in. It's partly the weight I've lost, partly poor tailoring. I am aware of that but only noticed after the fact. It seems to look worse on camera than in-person however, otherwise I probably would have noticed. The front looks just fine and it didn't seem to matter - but this isn't how wide your pants should look from the side. - Chris

#2 Show Don't Tell - Only Volunteer 'High Status' Information When Asked

This is the part that most Rich Guy miss on and come off looking like try-hard jerks.

Your appearance alone suggests you are special.

Girls, if curious, will ask questions to confirm this.

One question interested girls will ALWAYS ask you is -

What Do You Do?
(if they don't ask, you should ask them what they do/they aren't interested)

That is the time to confirm her hunch.

Say what you do (or pretend to do), but vaguely at first.
(you can all say a low status occupation, but chicks are dumb and might believe it)

Do not include specific financial figures.

You are encouraged to say what you do, but sometimes it can be hard to explain and you'll just want to try one of these -

I work on Wall Street.

Investment banker.

CEO of [whatever].

Sports Agent.


Business man.


Often simply the clothes you are wearing and your answer to "What do you do?" is enough to score a date with a girl. You don't have to push it much further and gloat about income, investments, toys or the other rich people you know.

That is perceived, not incorrectly, as - TOTAL ARROGANCE.

The only time I feel it's somewhat appropriate for the Rich Guy to inject 'luxury' into the interaction when not prompted is at the very end.

Mention that you might let her drive your [nice car], you'll go do [something expensive], have a reserved table at [nice place], or mention where you live. 
(just be willing to follow through or end up on a traditional date)

Even those statements might be a little much.

Hot girls often think the "Rich Guy" is compensating for a lack of social skills/penis girth - two factors that provide a much more significant effect in the "Getting Laid" experience. 

So don't go over the top at the end or it looks terribly hard try.


You'd be surprised what a nice suit, fake Rolex and the words "Executive at Merrill Lynch" can do for you, just ask my friend Josh (who works for Comcast Cable).

How Many Rich/Pretend Guys In Los Angeles Pickup Girls

Girls in Hollywood literally hear the following statements all the time -

I'll have a limo sent to your place...

I'll have a private jet waiting for you...

We'll have a weekend in Vegas...

Often the offer isn't actually fake, nice hotels in Vegas are super cheap and you can rent a private charter, sometimes for as little as $400 (as part of a hotel package). Everyone in the scene knows this.

This is a joke (sort of), this is how some guys do it -

Even I'm impressed with my body language.

Bonus Section - Oh No! The Gold Diggers!

This is the first and last time I'll address the "Gold Diggers" that so many not-very-wealthy young Red Pill guys are so paranoid about.

First off -

Money attracts EVERYONE, not just Gold Diggers.

Call me a feminist but to assume a woman is a Gold Digger because she thinks wealth is a "good thing" and like the finer things is in life - is unfair and absurd.

Second off -

Gold Diggers don't prey on 24 year old KIDS that are living on the $2000/month their parents give them to help with rent or the $15.40/hour before taxes wage they earn at their first post-college job.

Sorry guys.

Third off -

Gold Diggers ONLY prey on weak, pussy, "beta" males that use their money to get/keep girls interested.

Gold Diggers want NOTHING TO DO WITH masculine, confident, "alpha" males that have plenty of options for sex and can ditch them whenever they please.

Although I have zero interest - I have no problem telling you guys luring in Gold Diggers by lying, having sex with them and not calling them back.

It's hardly worth the effort though because Gold Diggers withhold sex to ensure emotional attachment.

There's nothing worse than sitting at a dinner table with a bitch that you hate.

Want to stop Gold Diggers?

If you actually have a Gold Digger on your hand, do this -

Don't give them your money.

Don't call them back.

Give that a try.

I bet it'll work.

Pour Conclure

Outside of dressing for status (full suit, all out) this "Rich Guy" stuff isn't necessarily recommended if it's not you.

While "lying" isn't completely uncommon, it doesn't really offer a huge advantage in Getting Laid and might even be counterproductive with a lot of girls. Likewise, you don't want to gloat and promise certain things that you know you can't deliver if the girl wants to see your lifestyle. It's just bad for your psyche, to know you are a loser.

If it 'is' you, the "Rich Guy", when leveraged appropriately (dress the part, show don't tell), enjoys slight advantages in getting laid and definite retention benefits.

Prepare to become a 'Serial Dater' through and waiting for the higher-quality pussy to give it up.

It might be worth it if you have the money and can retain quality girls, but it's never going be to as efficient as aggressive screening.

If nothing else though, since you are wearing a suit, you can go boss people around for fun.

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