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The Importance of Penis Girth

Good Looking Loser
July 9, 2012
The Importance of Penis Girth

Girth, Fill Her Up!

By: Big Bad Dong
(Good Looking Loser contributor)

Penis girth is a measurement of the thickness of your penis. In technical terms, 'penis girth' consists of the measurement of circumference of your fully erect penis. Penis girth is generally said to be an average of 3 measurements. These measurement are just below the glans of your penis, in the center of your shaft, and the base of your penis.

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What's the normal girth of a penis?

There are many variations in shape and size of penises which depend on racial, regional and family genes, so there isn't a standard average girth or length.† Human sexuality researchers including the Kinsey Institute estimate the average penis length to be 5.5" to 6" while the average penis girth (circumference) is 4" to 5". Simple calculations will show that to be a distance across (diameter) of about 1.25 to 1.6 in., or about the same as an empty scotch tape roll.

Chart of Average Penis Girth

Is the girth of your penis an important issue?

Most sexologists and sexperts agree that it's not really the length of your penis, it's more the width that really matters to produce large amount of pleasure during a sexual experience. Girth adds size and strength to the body of the penis; during penetration the third part of a females vagina experiences the most sensation.

The vagina is made of muscle tissue which can be stretched out to a very large size: It is designed to accommodate entire babies, so there is absolutely no problem fitting any man's member. As a penis enters the vagina, it stretches the vaginal wall, stimulating all the nerves inside, this is why women really enjoy it. The reason being; the vast majority of nerves which are stimulated in the act of penetration (both the vaginal and anal types) are close to the vaginas entrance of and the anus. For this reason length is less important and the width is a much larger factor since it is stretching of vaginal or anal walls which stimulates the nerves.†

Russell Eisenman from the University of Texas-Pan American conducted a small study in 2000, finding that 45 out of 50 females questioned said that the girth was important in sexual satisfaction. It was also concluded that this is due to the added surface area of a penis that fills out the vaginal walls way better in women. But, the study didn't offer measurements as far as what an unacceptable girth may be.

How can you measure the penis's girth?

It's important that you know the girth of your penis prior to trying to start increasing the length and girth of your penis. You can find your penis girth by measuring near the mid section when it is completely erect. Stimulate blood through the penis gently along the body of your penis. After it is the maximum thickness, put a tape around it touching on all sides. You have to take into account the nearest quarter of an inch.† You shouldn't take the measurement from the area at the base or below the head because these areas have a bigger circumference.

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