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The Story of Your Enslavement (Video of the Week)

Good Looking Loser
October 28, 2013

"The Story of Your Enslavement" from Stefan Molyneux

I have a bunch more stuff on the way, including source/information about RU 58841 (the miracle hair loss compound), pick up videos, parts 2 and 3 of our series on depression, How to Stop Smoking (guaranteed), more about Kratom and more.

Every week or 2, I'm going to post an interesting video that makes you think.

If you are working on your goals, particularly social/sex goals, you might want to ignore these videos. If you have time to kill or are genuinely interested in "Red Pill" philosophy, you'll like these videos.

I suggest you watch this video on human enslavement first however, it is probably the most insightful piece on "How the World Really Works," that I've ever seen.

A fresh change from the typical Democrat vs. Republican political sideshow/propaganda that is called "news".

If you are interested in more of this stuff, including a ton of free podcasts and eBooks, check out-

  • Free Domain Radio
    (as intelligent Stefan is, a lot of stuff he discusses isn't super positive, so be warned)red-pill

Feel free to contribute your opinion of the video below.

Be sure to watch the other video too, it's along the same lines and perhaps more engaging.

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