The 88/11 Rule

When you walk up to a girl and start a conversation (while hopefully touching her early in the process), you'll find that some of chicks immediately are super receptive and talk and touch you back. These girls are obviously interested in you and sexually available if they let you touch them. This seems to happen more at night because physical dialogue is more common and alcohol is in the mix. The obvious "strategy" is get them to a private place ASAP.

More often, however, you'll run into chicks that don't seem to give you a whole lot- at least not much verbal talky talky in the first 2 or 3 minutes. Unless they are actively resisting your physical advances, you can't really draw any conclusions about their interest level or sexual availability. There's a number of reasons for this that I'll explain in a minute.

The most obvious is- in general, people just don't talk to strangers. Guys don't talk to girls they want to fuck. Girls don't talk to guys they want to fuck. It's just a social norm.

The next time you run into a girl that isn't talking too much in the few minutes I want you to remember "The 88/11 Rule," the rule is-

"In the first 2 minutes, you might and likely will have to talk 88% of the time, while the girl will provide 11% of the verbal."

The missing 1% is just to remind you that there's never any completely accurate rules.

I can't remember how many times I walked away from interactions because didn't think it was going well.

I see this among new guys especially, they leave interactions when the girl actually is interested and she's not talking BECAUSE she's LISTENING. Any sort of silence is perceived as disinterest, it's not, not necessarily anyway.

Route 88The 88/11 Rule rule may seem a little weird, but this is actually the way it was meant to be. The guy leads, the girl follows. That how chicks want it and once you get the hang of it... trust me- THAT'S HOW YOU WANT IT. And Again, this is only for the first few minutes. A lot of girls want to participate in the interaction, but sometimes they are as nervous as can be- especially if you have a sexy presence.

So how do you know if the interaction is going well and the girl is probably sexually available?

Is she standing there listening to you?

Is she letting you touch her?

Then its going well. That's all you gotta know, it's a green light. Go.

Cartoon Girl ImageAside from social norms, there's a number of reasons why a chick might not give you much in the first few minutes-

  • Sometimes, she's actually not available. It's not necessarily disinterest in you, your looks, your personality, your style, etc., she's just not sexually available.
  • A lot of times, she literally doesn't know what the fuck is happening for the first 45 seconds. If it's unclear after 3 minutes and you've touched her, tell her "I'M PICKING UP GIRLS, PUT YOUR NUMBER IN MY PHONE."
  • Other times, she's checking you out.
  • If she is super hot, she may have underdeveloped social skills. It's true, I fucked these girls all the time when I lived right in Hollywood in 2010. A lot of hot girls simply haven't developed social skills since they haven't needed to have them.
  • Sometimes, though, she's really fucking boring and can't even express that she wants your dick if wanted to.
  • If your looks, style and body language are tight (especially if you are tall and good looking), she is straight up intimidated and doesn't want to "look stupid" herself. Think about how most guys behave around hot girl, they are fuckin silent.
  • And Most of the time, if your looks, style and body language are tight- she simply just letting you do your thing because she perceives you as an alpha male.

Most of those are fairly favorable things. Either way, it doesn't matter, just see if she's cool [pussy inspector].

So that's the deal.

Remember that and make sure you get used to leading the way and try not to walk away from pussy. It takes time, I had mad problems with ejecting at the start.

If 2 or 3 minutes go by, get the girl in or out by touching her or screen with the 'smile technique'. Usually the interaction becomes 70/30 after the first few minutes, but not always.

*if she's black, say "gurl where u got dat black ass from," that will get her in or out.

If she stays, take her to a private place "hey, enough of this, follow me." or take her phone number.