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20’s Men – The Quest for Power, The Decade of Empire

January 3, 2014

20's Men - The Quest for Power, The Decade of Empire

The pursuit of power is a fundamentally human drive which knows no exceptions, every single last human craves power, we are all in competition, all conniving, plotting, designing, participating in the competition of all competitions – survival via domination, life, the game of who gets the rights to pass on their genetic lineage and damn well enjoy themselves whilst they’re at it.

We all seek success, however, success comes at a cost – it comes at the cost of personal sacrifice, it requires self-discipline, it requires zest and motivation, it requires unrelenting selfishness, it requires a sharp effective mind but perhaps most sinister of all it requires you have no qualms in taking power from others, as an old lecturer once said to me, a red pill post-wall woman in her mid 30’s a little something I’ll never forgetNot everyone can be a winner in this life, if everyone was a winner then who would clean the streets?

There is a finite amount of power, power is relative; power is measured in comparison to everyone else’s. If everybody was equally smart or rich then the edge being smart or rich gives would be almost negligible, power is about balance and thus if you become more powerful by grabbing opportunity by the bull horns then that is an opportunity that someone somewhere else has been deprived of acquiring, lest they directly challenge your position.

Power is about being better than other people and the pursuit of power is fundamental to man, absolutely fundamental, if he ever wishes to respect himself or command respect from others, if he wants to be a leader, renowned, noteworthy or dare I say even legendary, he must possess power. Life for a man should be about the acquisition of power and then maintaining/defending said power once it has been acquired.

Some people say they don’t want power. They are lying, either just to you or both to you and themselves out of delusion. Everybody wants power. Even women, although they may like to be submissive in the presence of masculine power, they also like to influence that power, their power is indirect, their power is to control a man’s power and have him use his power to benefit her, “power by proxy theory” they do this by trading off on their youth and giving men sexual access to their bodies, which is why to the bitter dismay of feminists everywhere, female power decreases with age, women never truly attain their own power, they’re always using someone else’s – however I digress, that topic is for another article.

Unlike women who should be using their youth to lock down a suitable suitor in their early 20’s (preferably an accomplished successful man in his late 20’s or early to mid-30’s) a young man of the same age should be doing everything he can to improve his position in the social marketplace, not just to get laid but to utilise his own innate potential to evolve and become better than he is. To do the  stuff that your average insecure 20 year old male needs to do to make him respect himself, feel productive and set foot on the path to becoming a man.

Your entire 20’s as a man should be about actualisation, self-improvement, chasing the wind, enriching yourself, improving your skill sets, you are free from commitment and the debilitating burden of family life, you have no responsibilities, no ball and chain (wife/girlfriend), spin plates for sex but by dear god, do not have a serious girlfriend if you have serious considerations for power, if you are happy with the level you’re at then that’s good for you, your personal ambition is satiated, but this article is focused on those who want to be at the top, the mega ambitious, those who lust for the trappings of power.

Women being the liabilities that they are will bring nothing but expectation, drama and undue stress to your life that will do nothing but hamper, impede and hold back your efforts to improve yourself – why even set yourself up for the responsibility that is maintaining a relationship with a woman when you’re not even the man you want to be yet? That’s fine when you’re in your 30’s looking to start a family and already have a power base built up from the graft, sweat and experience of your virile 20’s, but firstly you need to build that power base so that your 30’s are enjoyable, not just another decade along the path of a meaningless life culminating in a worthless death. A simple life is a life unfulfilled.

How do you build power? Well I’ll start with the obvious and say that internalising red pill philosophy is very empowering, seeing things for what they are rather than what you want them to be is an incredible commodity in today’s society of indoctrinated unwashed masses.

There are fundamental cornerstones which grant a man his power and these are…

This is the most important element of a man’s personal power, not just with women but with people/existence full-stop. Game is interchangeable with “social skills.” Gaming and building attraction doesn’t just have to mean sexually but it applies all the same non-sexually too, think in terms of making people value you and accept you, this is the stuff that builds your social circles, allows you access into other social circles, allows you to network and gets you the job at the interview, it’s all about cultivating your personality and being real, not needing to act because you don’t like who you are but actually enriching who you are to be powerful and attractive.

Game is developed over the span of one’s life and never becomes obsolete or irrelevant, to further subdivide game up into interchangeable elements, it consists of:

Machiavellianism – knowing how to perceive and play a situation to come out victorious, knowing what’s real and what’s not, why people are doing what they’re doing, knowing when you’re being played either as a pawn or as a theatrical fool in someone else’s game – read more here.

Wit – this is what allows you to pass shit tests, essential if you ever want to get anywhere in life, everyone will shit test you when they first meet you so they can personally ascribe you value based on their impression of you, your speed of retort, the creativity of your communication and a successful delivery style are all elements of wit, this is the cornerstone of a strong frame and is needed for all common shit busting strategies eg: agree and amplify. If your wit sucks I suggest watching lots and lots of stand-up comedy. That link should serve as a starting point. You’re welcome.

Charm – this is simple narcissism, self-confidence, self-assuredness, this is what subtly (or not so subtly) demonstrates non-verbally that you are a high value person, it is the sense that you are inherently superior, it is better to be grounded in reality (because you work hard and are good at certain things) rather than be baseless, however the only delusion I’ll ever endorse for those fresh on the journey to self-improvement: fake it until you make it!

Humour – another cornerstone of a strong frame, humour is often at the expense of negativity, it produces positive energy from a negative source and communicates non-verbally that you are capable of staring at the face of failure/negativity without becoming unhinged by it. Humour shows who are the real tough motherfuckers and it’s the favourite tool for men to use when they’re shit testing other men, one way men form lasting platonic bonds with their fellow man is via humour. Those with sensibilities are weak, sheltered, and emotionally fragile to what merely are words without any real tangible bearing on the paradigm which is their life. If your humour has limits, eradicate them – humour is a cornerstone of power and influence and ties in closely to charm. Humour can be used a lot in conjunction with agree and amplify EG: “yeah I’m so annoying and effeminate people can’t decide whether to call me Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus” …. “Miley Cyrus has a way more manly haircut than Justin though, I hope hers is the nickname that sticks.

Good game will help you get money, you need money to build connections and get into the despot networks that hire and promote based on personal favouritism and back scratching. Meritocracy has its limits as fundamentally we’re all humans seeking power and a leader at any level of the hierarchy would rather have someone on their side that they like rather than someone who’s better educated but simply fucking annoying to work with or perceived as a threat (eg: that cliche excuse for rejection that you’re overqualified for a job.) You can contest this thought and get into notions of meritocracy and blah blah as you sit their stone broke until pay day with no nest egg reading this article, but when you see that idiotic vapid dickhead drinking from champagne showers embracing an oversized bottle of Moet between his legs as if he’s subconsciously displaying a phallic symbol for all to admire “I’ve got a big dick girls, really!” then maybe your idealisations of meritocracy will shatter somewhat and you’ll come join us here in reality.

Money requires more externally than game, game is all about your cognitive wiring, money relies on that but it also requires an external skill which others can directly benefit from. It requires something the economy will pay for because it needs it. If you’re going to university then choose your degree wisely. If it doesn’t pay or even have an at least 50% chance of paying then don’t bother doing it. Sure I like philosophy as much as the next guy and psychology is kind of cool too but if you don’t want to be working in a grocery store for the rest of your life and want to be a competitor not a survivor then you better fucking well study something that pays right or not bother at all. If you’re doing a degree in creative writing you may as well just save up the loan money, live frugally and default on the loan (if that’s possible in your country) because I can write pretty creatively and I don’t have a degree in that shit, neither do many other writers.

Your economic skill doesn’t have to be academic, if STEM isn’t for you and you’re too much of a bitch to get your hands dirty by building, plumbing, being an electrician or basically becoming one of civilizations builders and maintainers of our mortar then you could always learn to cook. Quite literally anybody can look to cook, it’s hard work and long hours but the opportunities are numerous, people always need to eat it’s not an industry that’s going anywhere, and it’s an art form, if you get really passionate about it and put in the man hours you can go far, open a restaurant one day, write a cookbook – only you limit yourself, your mind, your vision, your beliefs – don’t give up your power by not bothering. Have a focus on a discipline of some sort that makes money and stick with it, otherwise you’ll be saying “Do you want fries with that?” or “Can I pour you another?” like the little economic bitch boy that you’ve allowed yourself to become.

Insults designed to motivate aside, game leads to money and money leads to better game which leads to more and more money creating a positive feedback cycle. Poverty is oppressive, it is the opposite of what I just described a negative feedback cycle, it’s what keeps you from ascertaining greatness, poverty is socially accepted slavery – as in you work for a pay cheque that doesn’t liberate you from your condition of drudgery because it demands a high time investment in return for a low financial return. Most people in poverty for much of their life accept their position and die miserable, trying to anesthetise themselves with porn, cheap games and alcohol because they’ve’ given up on themselves – don’t be that guy, be a competitor.

More money means more opportunity, more opportunity means more growth. Money is the single most powerful non-sentient object in existence; it is a decimalised measurement of objective power which each and every life needs to continue to exist. Get money, lots and lots of fucking money. Philosophically it means little, as a measurement of power it means everything. For those who have none it is everything, for those who have plenty it is nothing (because they’re already enjoying the lifestyle, have excess and thus perceive and spend less personally, again, another topic – I’m a serial digresser)

This is way more important for a woman than it is a man but don’t think because you’re a man your looks are irrelevant, beauty privilege is a real thing, good looking people get perks ugly people don’t. Sure you can get one night lays and be an ugly motherfucker in the right situations but we’re talking about power here, not simply getting laid on one random night where logistics are right and you demonstrate high enough value in other areas.

Why neglect one cornerstone of power when you can be even more powerful by giving this area its due attention? It goes without saying, go down the gym, not only does it increase your strength physically but it improves how you look. It gives you a body you feel you can look at and respect. It increases your testosterone and your drive, mentally invigorating you as you get stronger and stronger.

Maintain your hair, facial and head hair, a badly groomed man makes an ugly man. Dress well, a poorly dressed man communicates low status in the sense that he is either poor, stupid or both – people judge us very much so on our superficialities so be sure to overcome everything you have control over. If you’re a midget, your cocks small or you have some chronic non-treatable condition or deformity then you’re going have to deal with it, that’s life, compensate in other ways, these things will stop you from achieving a perfectionist ideal of power because their drawbacks are significant, however, they will not stop you from being powerful if you’ve got your mind right so don’t use that shit as an excuse to cop out and give up. If you give up on yourself then enjoy being powerless because nobody else gives a fuck.

Practical skill sets:
While you’re young you learn at your quickest, the older you get the harder it is to learn and the slower you learn specifically useful skills (EG: foreign languages) so get it out of the way right now, A.S.A.P, treat your learning like a woman’s biological clock running out of eggs, get it done and get it done whilst the conditions are at their best, it’s never too late but why make life any harder than it needs to be?

Examples of skill sets which boost your social market value significantly are:

– Having an understanding of any discipline – e.g.: cooking, building, plumbing, DIY, car mechanics, etc.

– Dancing, basically it’s a human mating call – choose a style that suits your personality.

– Speaking multiple languages – shows intelligence, sophistication and opens up social circles which would otherwise be closed to you due to language barrier, e.g. “my Spanish crew” “my Arab boys” etc. Contrary to popular ignorant Anglo sphere belief there’s a lot of likeable people who could enrich your life that don’t know English and of course an entire ocean of pussy.

– The application and demonstration of physical strength – martial arts, although it is a physical discipline it is psychologically different from the other disciplines listed, knowing how to kick the shit out of people does a lot for a man’s sense of confidence and thus his attractiveness to everyone around him, you can protect you and yours, anybody who messes with you or your friends will face a force to be reckoned with. If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse you can go down snapping some heads off, there’s no reason to neglect this it’s something every man can work on and acquire.

It goes without saying that all these goals are easier to accomplish without a serious long-term girlfriend monopolising your precious neurons with her phatic unimportant babble and irrational emotionally cacophonous small-minded concerns.

You’re looking at the bigger picture, your average 20’s girl is thinking about getting dicked by an alpha, what she should wear, why did she feel that way earlier and how will she feel if she does “such and such”, what do her friends think of her? Blah-de-fucking-blah. Fuck that noise, spin them as plates but don’t give away significant commitment until you hit your 30’s, that way you can clean up on the hot young twenty somethings and have your pick of the litter because your SMV will be sky high.

It’s tough to be a man, you have to work for it, you don’t bust out into the world with a low cut top at 18 being the object of desire for 50% of the population, it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears as well as years upon years of both economic and personal graft. This is why your twenties isn’t “your time to have fun because you’re young” but it’s your time to “build your life and become the man that you want to be”, if you’re not going to do it now when you’re at your most malleable and most energetic, when the fuck are you going to do it? In your 30’s? Your 40’s? Forever a teenager condemned to playing Xbox and masturbating to porn streams? You can do that, plenty do and what they get to enjoy is a limited existence, you’ll never get powerful being that guy although you may find joy in the acceptance of your comfortable monotony, your rut.

To sum up, it goes without saying: Use your 20’s to become the man you want to be, to acquire power of all and any kind, in your 30’s enjoy the power you’ve accrued and enjoy being the man you’ve built, supplementing and maintaining what you have built so that you can enjoy it way into your 40’s. The quest for power is never truly over, but a 20’s man has a long way to go before he becomes powerful enough to be in the top 5% (aim high fuckers!)

Your elders, especially the accomplished ones, may fear you out of self-preservation but play your cards right and they will mentor you with experience and resources, seeing a younger version of them, within you. Godspeed my brothers!

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