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Success is “Alpha”, Failure is “Beta”

December 26, 2013

I believe alpha/beta are mind-sets based on a confidence to success ratio, for example, you could pretend to be effeminate as a deception to access a particular circle of women and if you gain access to that group by doing so and then tune up your manliness to build attraction and start fucking girls you’ve already built comfort with then that’d be “alpha.” This is how “gay/bi guys” get laid with hot chicks. Why’s this alpha? Well despite the effeminate charade, you won. If you don’t believe your own effeminate bullshit but merely use it as a tool to get what you want then utilising that behaviour instrumentally to ascertain success does not make one beta. I correlate “alpha” as a concept to being successful, not to dominance or aggression, sure dominance and aggression are masculine, but being masculine doesn’t make one necessarily alpha. You can be masculine and be a fucking loser by nature of incompetence. Think aggressive homeless people.

Alphas don’t need to be the centre of attention all the time. Think aloof game. Not giving a fuck is more “alpha” than the guy who’s always trying to assert himself. Don’t be a try-hard. You can be an alpha and do absolutely terribly in a social situation, who cares if you weren’t the Marilyn Monroe centrepiece? Perhaps you don’t have particular things in common with those people or the circumstances are unfavourable, whatever, don’t chase, replace. Apply that concept to everything except job applications, nearly everything is replaceable. Abundance mentality. Find a new group that you can be bothered to interact with, one you do resonate with. Failure is inevitable, desensitise yourself to it, being the hostage of failure will hold you back for the rest of your life. Attain outcome independence.

If you win and obtain what you want, that’s “alpha.” If you do what you do because you want to do it, if you play the game of life on your own terms, then you’re an alpha male. If you decide/lead/command/take responsibility for others, then you’re alpha. If you’re indecisive, follow, obey obediently and avoid responsibility then you’re beta because your will is not strong, your motives aren’t in play, you are a pawn rather than a player.

A lot of people new to red pill philosophy and I’d hazard a guess, generally, younger people, think specific decisions can are “beta” or “alpha” these are things they confuse with “assertive” and “passive.” You use passiveness strategically and come out on top, that’s alpha because you’re winning at life despite the lack of chest thumping and overt shows of manliness.

If you’re a leader implementing a tactical retreat, you didn’t “commit a beta move” you simply made a call that was passive in nature for whatever logical reasons that you have. When a general pulls his troops out of a place where the fight is being lost, the general isn’t “being a beta”, he’s still a smart, respected man, in fact one could argue that by choosing to keep his troops in there, out of pride, that this move of aggression “is the beta move” as the needless posturing results in higher losses and thus heightened failure, see what I mean about confidence to success ratio? This is an example of misplaced confidence which resulted in an outcome producing failure, failure is never “alpha” unless it’s tactically planned, in the case of a sacrifice or compromise it must be intended and produce some kind of dividend, if the sacrifice or compromise was not beneficial or intended, you’re a casualty of war, not a game player.

Whether you use passive or dominant moves to achieve your goals has nothing to do with whether you are an alpha or a beta, you can use either to win, winning at life is what makes one alpha, losing at life (and/or with women specifically) is what makes one “a beta.” A beta is synonymous with failure and a lack of success in one or more areas of life. Generally speaking, socially (can’t make friends), sexually (can’t build attraction) and financially (can’t do much of anything!)

Let’s look at what someone might think fits as being alpha because its macho “an alpha move”, say you get arrested by the police because you had a fight with a girls boyfriend who fought you after finding out that you had sex with his girl. This is not winning at anything, it’s paying the price for the pussy, if you didn’t pay in dinero, now you’re paying in blood, I don’t know about where you live my fellow reader but in the UK they give good money for blood, I don’t intend to donate that shit to some frustrated boyfriend because I got some poon from his leg spreading whore on the side. Being smart and having success is winning, although by fucking another man’s girl you might get the last laugh ego wise, spilling blood for a whore is a price too high to pay. You should value your own health, time and safety more than some random little bitches vagina.

You should intend to keep the price of low commitment pussy as low as possible by making sure the supplier (the girl in question) isn’t going to blow up on you and cause collateral damage (don’t shit where you eat, make sure the BF isn’t a psycho murderer, avoid bitches expected to have sexual diseases, girls who cry rape, girls who show signs of previous abuse, single mothers hunting for a baby daddy etc.) Don’t fight some guy because your ego tells you “hey man, backing out of a confrontation is a beta move, better man up!” that kind of retarded immature thinking is what reduces your quality of life because now you’re paying in pints of blood for a random whore and you’ve gone and squandered valuable self-improvement time sitting in a hospital getting patched up for her. Yeah the mere minutes in the pussy are so totally worth those couple of hours in hospital. Logic my men, logic.

My “contention” is that actions aren’t inherently beta or alpha and trying to label specific courses of action/decision in a vague context as either is a poor application of red pill philosophy. Backing down, although passive, is not “a beta move” calling specific decisions or behaviours or even traits “beta moves” is dumb because everything is contextual, we have something called “beta game” for a reason, simply put, sometimes seeming like “a typical beta” will produce the best results in a situation, e.g. when you need to earn trust, build comfort or open a social circle. You can bait and switch to open up places you otherwise couldn’t, let’s face it, people view “alpha males” as threats to their success/pussy/security. If you build up trust with beta game, you can then exploit that position of trust by switching things up and building attraction.

People are wary of domineering people they don’t know, so toning it down can help a metric fuck ton in the presence of those who are mate guarding, cockblocking or otherwise an obstruction e.g. you won’t get the promotion seeming overly masculine, mix up alpha flirting with beta eagerness in the “work review” with the post-wall chick, feed her ego with validation whilst not seeming overly “misogynist” and boom, enjoy the pay rise.

A beta is a culmination of things within a person’s character which results in an unsuccessful and/or unfulfilling lifestyle, it’s a place on the hierarchy both sexual and social, applying it to actions, thoughts and all manner of intricate things is counter-productive as it causes one to over analyse and second guess, it’s almost as if one is going back to the PUA route of mechanising and learning specific things and picking them apart for external understanding (like canned lines and routines, following a specific model from comfort to attraction etc.) rather than internalising a mind-set which allows certain behaviours to manifest as a natural by-product of such internalisation (also known as “inner game”) thus allowing the individual to “do the right things.”

You do the right thing because you possess a confidence and mind-set which facilitates success, there should be no rehearsing, just practicing, real shit. Know the difference between rehearsing and practising. Practising is when you do shit over and over and again to fine tune your craft and improve on its technique, presentation, delivery etc. Rehearsing is taking the same crap over and over and trying to emulate it verbatim as best as you can. Practising allows growth, rehearsing encourages stagnation and keeps you dependent on pre-fed procedures that you don’t have a true grasp of.

We had a thread on /r/theredpill, perhaps a month or two ago that was stickied saying “stop calling specific things alpha and beta its fucking stupid” or something along those lines, however I see a lot of people still doing it “oh he decided not to approach, what a beta move!” this is the crux of this post, this is what I disagree with – getting hung up on whether something is alpha or beta in nature in and of itself is counter-productive and fictitious, how you perceived some shit doesn’t necessarily make it so, it doesn’t help people improve, it makes them second guess themselves which isn’t something someone with strong inner game should be concerning themselves with, do you think someone whose “alpha” is there thinking to themselves “that action was kind of beta of me?” Of course not, it just stinks of insecurity, sure you can fuck up and fail but if you learn from your mistakes and start finding success you’re on the path to becoming alpha. Only constant failure makes one beta, as in, failure so regular it’s almost absolute, an inability to learn, an ignorance.

The typical failures of getting to grips with a learning curve are nothing to be concerned with, they’re normal, as long as there is some success mixed in with your failure as you get to grips with your journey of self-actualisation there’s nothing wrong with not achieving a perfect result on your endeavours, the failures encountered in the learning process don’t denote “being beta”, it’s being a failure, constantly failing, which makes one a beta, this is fundamentally different from failing as necessary upon the path of practice and self-improvement.

A beta is someone who doesn’t understand women and/or hasn’t got their shit together mentally and/or fails to understand the nature of the game of life, betas are simply delusional low value people who are lacking on one of societies main judgements of value, be it economically, sexually or socially. In fact, I’m going to add a “half caveat” here, the only action, which I guess is more of an viewpoint than a definitive action per se which I would consider inherently “beta” in and of itself is putting the pussy on a pedestal and to fit in with the main theory I’m positing here, what does that kind of view/behaviour result in? Failure of course. Sending long text messages? Telling her she’s beautiful and special? Being overly attentive? Failure, failure, failure. She’ll construe all that shit as neediness, not sexiness.

However, in and of itself calling specific causes of action beta is unintelligent. Should we start calling one guy who isolates and ignores the rest of the group “a renegade alpha move” and another guy who does nothing “making sigma moves?” It’s retarded thinking. These terms are used to describe psychological archetypes, not specific actions and behaviour.

For example, maybe it’s a beta move you don’t try to AMOG the group alpha? Or maybe its alpha you’re being “the better man” by not doing that or maybe it’s beta that you don’t “man up” and challenge the group alpha. Do you see what I mean? Perception is a transparent bitch, apply whatever lens you like to this shit, it’s all fictitious “hamstered” garbage. Actions aren’t inherently beta or alpha, a person’s frame is within a specific context, if you can well justify (and I mean justify, as in strategically and not rationalise) why you weren’t aggressive with something then by all means don’t kick yourself in the testicles for not being high off your own testosterone, there’s a time and a place for aggression, apply it meaningfully and accurately, not needlessly and endlessly. Those who misapply aggression show the intelligent among us they are insecure within themselves and thus overcompensate by demonstrating ferociousness as a guise.

When I see guys who feel like they need to squash every little challenge and never let their guard down, despite their masculine/aggressive frame their inability to allow transgression screams insecurity. That’s not what defines being an alpha, being an alpha is about living on your own terms and not taking peoples shit whilst still finding success in what you want and do, with that should come self-certainty and a kind of independence that most people don’t have both physically and mentally, this includes things such as not being a wage slave, not giving too many fucks about people’s opinions, getting pussy without being chained to alimony/child support etc. Independence and freedom are beautiful things for those who can handle them.

On the topic of dominance, in my own personal interactions I self-deprecate a lot, which to someone who misunderstands red pill philosophy, may mistake for “being beta” as they don’t understand the underlying Machiavellianism in play and how what I do actually gains me power covertly.

When I’m around people with weak egos who need to make themselves comfortable by insulting others/shit testing nefariously I agree and amplify to the point of ridiculousness. You call me insecure? Sure, I’m so insecure I still suck my thumb to help me sleep at night. Let’s make me the target of aggression and laugh at me, I’m comfortable enough to not give a fuck and if it makes a guy’s insecurity dissipate so we can have a good time? Good. Doing this assists people who aren’t as resistant to scrutiny/criticism as I am and helps them loosen up and accept the social dynamic without being anxious or restrained, self-deprecation is a great ice-breaker, I really recommend the shit – that’s for another article, however.

To the untrained eye I look like a beta letting these guys get away with saying insulting things, to those who know their shit, I’ve just made a bunch of friends and demonstrated high value by showing that I not only have a sense of humour, but if you’re going to talk shit about me I won’t give a fuck about your views, mere words don’t faze me, I don’t hand my power over to you. See what I mean about perceiving specific actions as alpha/beta? It’s a psychological lens, not an actuality.

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