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1 Approach a Day

December 13, 2019

Last week my roommate and I started a small daily habit – hitting on 1 girl a day. It’s an everyday rule – we aren’t allowed to go to sleep until we’ve done our 1 approach for the day, no exceptions.

I’ve done this 1-a-day habit in the past for about 6 months straight, and it was life-changing. Talking to girls became effortless – as easy as tying my shoelaces. I got laid 7 times, and it took almost no time or energy out of my day – barely a 2 minute conversation with a girl every day (or less than 10 seconds if she’s not interested).

Back then, I desperately needed this daily habit of hitting on girls – I was unconfident and had to force myself to talk to any girls. I’d only had sex from online dating, and hitting on girls in person during the day was a huge mountain for me to climb.

The daily habit broke it down into a smaller, more achievable goal – instead of “go out and talk to a tonne of girls and get laid”, it was “just go up to one girl every day, talk to her for a minute and ask for her number”.

This time around, it’s only been 4 days since starting the 1-a-day habit, and I already have a date lined up with a chick I met 2 days ago.

As I said in a comment on another article, by instituting a small daily habit – something you can easily keep up no matter what – you’re taking one baby step towards success every single day. Over time those hundreds of little baby steps add up, compounding into a massive win. You’re winning a war against your biggest challenges, one seemingly-insignificant little victory at a time.

Talking to 1 girl a day means you’ll talk to 365 girls in a year. That’s enough cor even a total newbie with anxiety to get laid with 3-5 new girls, without much effort at all. You’re literally just saying hi to one girl a day and asking for a  number.

You don’t have to have a long conversation – I never do. When I hit on girls, it’s 1 minute max (unless we really hit it off, in which case I might talk for a massive… wait for it… 3-5 minutes.) I use the same line each time, and the conversation is almost always exactly the same.

“Hey, I know this is random but you’re hot and I had to say hi.” *smile*
[She’ll say something, usually a smile and a thankyou]
“You single?”
[If she says no, I leave. If she says yes, then carry on]
“Cool. I’m Andy. *Shake hands*. What are you up to today?”
[Small-talk for 30 seconds]
“Lemme grab your number, we’ll grab a drink.”

That’s it. Done. 1 minute max. Surely you can do that every single day, right?

But Andy, I don’t have enough time! I’m a super busy person, I can’t be hitting on girls!

You and I know that’s bullshit – you’re just scared to talk to girls (which isn’t anything to be ashamed of). But I’ll play along and pretend you’re actually as busy as you say you are. In that case, just say this to girls:

“Hey, you’re hot and I had to say hi. I’m in a massive rush though – wanna give me your number and we’ll grab a drink sometime?”


10 seconds. Literally 10 seconds. No excuses – you can definitely do that once a day. If you’re too nervous to do that, read this.


And if you’re scared of other people seeing you hit on girls – I’ve got an answer to that here.

Join Me

Join me – do 1 approach a day with me. Write a comment below letting me know you’re committing to the habit with me. Even if you only do it for a month, you’ll find it really helps make approaching more of “who you are” thing, rather than something you have to push yourself to do. It’ll become a habit.

Hitting on 1 girl a day is like a conveyor belt in a factory that just keeps on moving, never stopping. 1 girl a day means you’re keeping the wheels constantly turning, and by keeping things turning, you’ll inevitably get some numbers, then dates, then sex. It’ll feel like girls “accidentally” fall into your lap, from just 1-2 minutes of minor effort a day. You’re doing the 1 approach a day anyway, and if you get sex out if it, that’s a nice bonus.

It’ll eventually feel like you’re getting laid for free, without doing any work.

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