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12 Girls in 12 Weeks? This Guy KILLED His Inner Loser! [Sex/Dating]

May 25, 2022

Yeah, so holy shit… This guy killed it.

This coaching client of mine – Rene – went from “I’ve only banged 2 girls in my entire life” to having a 3some within 2 weeks, banging 12 girls in 12 weeks, almost having a 4some, having a girl write him a love letter and write him a song, mentoring another guy and helping that guy lose his virginity, as well as a HELL of a lot more.

Interview with him, so you can hear the story from his point of view:

Dude is an absolute legend – he worked his ass off to achieve all of this. He really really went hard. He’s destined for greatness; can’t wait to see how far he goes in life.

If you’d like to replicate his results and work with me, hit me up for coaching. If Rene can go from 2 lays to 14 lays in just 12 weeks, you can too – he’ll be the first person to tell you he’s not special.

Use his story as motivation to go crush your own goals. Life is yours for the taking, if you take action like Rene has.

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