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3some with Sunflower Girl [Storytime with Andy]

May 7, 2020

(Yes, I know the cover image of this post isn’t a sunflower, but I don’t have any sunflower pics on my hard drive…)

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NSFW: This article contains nude pics.
Disclaimer: Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload every nude photo. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

Another archive of a past sexy story; this one is from August 2018, originally posted on the Good Looking Loser Forums.

This was my 4th 3some, set up by my girlfriend. She found a girl on Tinder, messaged her with a copy-paste template I gave her, and we met up for some shenanigans. If you’re curious, the template is:

Hey, you’re very cute. I’m [your girl’s name]. I’m looking for something very specific on here.

I’ve been exploring myself with this guy in the bedroom, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to fool around with another girl together. Do you have much experience, or is it something you’d like to explore?

[Respond to her message]. What do you like to do for fun?

[Respond to her message]. I’m into [hobbies your girl is into].
What part of [your city] are you from? I live in [where your girl lives], he lives in [where you live]. (His name is [your name].)

[Respond to her message]. You seem cool, we should all grab a drink together & see if we click. What’s your number? I’ll send you some photos of him too.

I’ve started writing a How to Have 3somes guide; I’ll cover how to get a girl you’re dating to find other girls for you to play with together.

Usual caveat: Everything below was written back when my mindset on women was different (I’ve talked about that here). So if some of this sounds different to the usual me, that’s why. As always, any parts in blue are direct quotes from the old post I initially wrote.

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Had another 3some.

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This one was a girl my girlfriend found from Tinder.

Met her in public, walked her straight back to mine, fucked her with my girlfriend. I have a mate staying with me and he could only leave the apartment for an hour, so we rushed things a bit.

She was MUCH less attractive in person. I know she looks hot as hell in the pic she sent above, but in person she didn’t look anything like that.

Still fun, sex was still good, but holy fuck her personality was awful. She swore nonstop, in a really crass way. She kept bragging non-stop about how many guys she’s fucked (in that really “try-hard” way some people do when they’re trying to show off, like she was competing against us to see who’d had more sexual experience). She must have brought it up like 5 different times – it just reeked of trying too hard. She was really bad at being submissive. She was unintelligent and didn’t get a single one of my jokes (I can’t stand people who don’t have even a decent sense of humour). Like, I’d say a joke and she’d just act like I’d said a normal serious sentence. It was so weird.

She also wasn’t really a nice person, at all – she just wasn’t pleasant to be around.

Neither my girl nor I want to see her again. Good learning experience for my girl though. Now she knows she can get laid (with girls) on tinder.

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So – not the best experience ever, but the sex was pretty fun at least, and more importantly, my girlfriend and I learned something. We learned we didn’t want to just rush into 3somes immediately without at least hanging out with a girl for 15-30 minutes first, to make sure we actually clicked with her. We met this girl and took her straight back to my apartment (within about 3 minutes of meeting her), and didn’t really give ourselves a chance to decide if she was cool or not.

Even though it wasn’t our best 3some, you can still take something away from this post: Getting your girl to find other girls isn’t that hard. Just get her to set her Tinder to bisexual or lesbian, get her to message every girl with the copy-paste template above, and some of the girls will end up meeting you for some sexy sex.

This was the first 3some where we’d done it like this (my girlfriend going onto Tinder) – the previous 3somes were with a friend of hers, and two girls I was already banging. She was incredibly nervous (terrified) of doing it at the start, and very scared of rejection. If your girl wants to try this with you, just give her plenty of reassurance when she inevitably gets turned down by a few girls. Tell her rejection is normal, it doesn’t mean she’s doing anything wrong – she just needs to play the numbers game.

Oh, and why did we call her sunflower girl? Because she had a cool sunflower tattoo.

Any questions, comment below.

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