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4some & Podcast with 2 OnlyFans Girls [Storytime]

May 4, 2022
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NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

Had another 4some recently and did a photoshoot with all 3 girls, which was an absolute blast (they’re all happy for me to put these photos up):

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The story behind this is pretty funny – the girl on the left is a girl we’ve played with before. We matched with the girl on the right a few days later, and it turns out the two of them know each other – they’re friends from high school. Pretty hilarious coincidence.

The two of them had never played together, but asked if they could both come together to play with Immy and I, shoot some photos, and come on our podcast to shoot the shit. Of course we said yes.

The day rolls around, both girls are nervous and a bit awkward, but we get down to business and fool around, fucked each other for a bit. We only ended up having about 30 minutes of sex; the vast majority of the day was taken up with taking the photos you see here and doing a podcast together.

Speaking of which, enjoy:

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The sex we did have was a lot more chill than my last 4some; I’m a lot more confident (less nervous/less neurotic) than I was back then. Immy’s come a long way too and is a hell of a lot more confident, so things ran a lot more smoothly.

We’ll meet both girls again and do more 4somes; they both had a tonne of fun, and so did we. Good times.

And if you’d like to do the same thing yourself (3somes/4somes with girls) – grab my How to Have 3somes Guide and get yourself started.

Now it’s your turn – I want YOU to go out there and make a 3some happen for yourself (even if you don’t feel ready – fuck “being ready”. Every guy can have a 3some, if he actually puts in the effort to try, no matter what experience level you’re at).

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How? Grab my hardcore “How to Have a 3some (Even If You Don’t Feel Ready)” video course + 2 ebook bundle. It completely holds your hand, covering every single step of having a 3some:

  • Mindset (destroying the belief that you “aren’t ready” for a 3some yet)
  • How to find the girls who are up for 3somes
  • Setting up your Tinder/Hinge to maximise efficiency and cut down on time-wasting
  • What to do on dates, how to get the girls back to your place
  • How to initiate the 3some
  • Exactly what to do during the 3some itself (how to make it hot as hell)
  • How to make both girls orgasm; how to blow their minds so they’ll come back for more
  • How to make the girls desperate to have more 3somes with you (retention)
  • Eliminating jealousy between the girls, so everyone involved has a good time
  • How you can get girls to bring you more girls themselves, without any input from you!

The last half of the training is the best part: I go into detail about how you can get a girl to bring in more girls for 3somes (yep, free sex for you!) like I’ve done with my girlfriend Immy. She and I wrote that part of the training together (she contributed a tonne of content, so you can hear what a 3some is like from a woman’s point of view), and it’s aimed at WOMEN – as in, we talk directly to your girl, we literally tell her every single step she needs to take, so she can do it all herself, without you having to do a damn thing.

So all YOU need to do is hand her the guide and say “Go bring me free 3somes!”

Get serious about your sex life – grab your copy here (video course + 2 ebooks):

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Grab it now!

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