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4th 3some in 3 Weeks

November 15, 2020

My girl and I had sex with another girl a couple days ago – our 4th girl in the last 3 weeks. We used the same template on her Tinder profile we’ve been using for ages now:

My girl: “Hey, you’re sexy. I’m Imogen. I’m looking for something very specific on here.”
Other girl: [Usually says: “Thanks! What are you looking for?”]
My girl: “A guy I’m seeing has been teaching me BDSM lately. Every experienced a 3some/BDSM dynamic before, or is it something you’d like to explore?”
Other girl: [Usually says: “I’d like to explore it”]
My girl: “Cool. What part of [our city] are you from? We both live in [area of our city]. His name is Andy.”
Other girl: [Usually says: “I’m from [her area]”]
My girl: “We should all grab a drink and make sure we click. What’s your number? I’ll send you some BDSM examples from photoshoots we’ve both done together too, if you like.”

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We grabbed this girl’s number, met for a drink, took her back to ours and had a tonne of fun with her. She was an absolute cutie – very sexy, super shy and inexperienced, and just starting to come into her own (she’s only 19 and just discovering her sexuality).

Podcast episode talking about it with my girlfriend:

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Here’s the previous 3 threesomes we’ve had in the last couple of weeks:

Wanna have a 3some yourself? It’s infinitely easier than you think it is – if I can do it, you sure as hell can too. Here’s some guides I’ve written to get you started:

If you’re still stuck, contact me for coaching and I’ll kick your ass into gear. Let’s fucking go.

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