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5 Guys who Get Laid & Make Money (Roundtable) [Self-Improvement]

May 30, 2022

Just sat down with 4 absolute killers to talk about how they’ve absolutely crushed their goals over the last 3 or so months (3somes, taking girls home from bars, expanding their businesses and bringing in major $$$$, and more).

We went deep on the importance of building a tribe and having people in your corner to push you and motivate you (absolutely mandatory), why you’re not meant to tackle your goals alone, and how YOU can build a tribe just like these dudes have.

We also talked a tonne about building an epic life for yourself – even when you don’t believe it’s possible.

If you want an amazing life like these guys now have, sign up for my coaching and let’s kick your ass into gear asap.

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Title 5 Guys who Get Laid & Make Money (Roundtable) [Self-Improvement]
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