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7 Lays + a 3some in 12 Weeks! (Plus 110lbs Lost!)

September 29, 2022

Alright, you’re gonna love this – one of my coaching clients just achieved 7 lays in 12 weeks + a 3some, plus learned shibari and BDSM, started working on his new business, and is absolutely killing it in life.

I sat down to talk to him about he did it all. Oh and the really cool part? He also lost 110lbs (before my coaching) so we talked about how he did that too. Check out the interview, there’s tons of wisdom in there (he’s a super interesting guy):

If you need an ass-kicking like I gave this guy, and want me to help turn you from zero to hero, hit me up for coaching and let’s build you the life you DESERVE.

Go crush your goals.

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