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A New 365 Day Project?

December 4, 2022

Yep, I’ve lost my mind and decided to do a 365 project. Started 2 weeks ago, so we’re already well into it! Here’s Day 1 where I explain everything I’ve started doing:

Day 2 where I go into more detail:

And some more days I’ve done so far:

To make it clear – I’ll be uploading a variety of content, one per day. Sometimes YT vids, sometimes Shorts, sometimes podcasts, sometimes articles, and sometimes BDSM artworks like the ones on this page.

If you want to join me and do something every single day for a year – jump on in. Post a comment below after you’ve started Day 1 (not before!) and let me know what you’ve started working on.

Let’s make this the best year ever.

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