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Advice for Hard Times (This Too Shall Pass)

February 19, 2023

A noble King tells his wisest teacher, “I wish for you to go out and make me a pendant with two sides on it. On one side, inscribe something that will make me be able to bear the hard times, to be able to withstand anything; a mantra that will see me through the darkness.

On the other side, inscribe something that will be useful to be during the good times; something to remind me to be grateful, to not take anything for granted, and to be thoughtful towards others and not get caught up in the whirlwind of my own glamorous life.”

The wise teacher simply nods his to his great King, and departs. 2 weeks later the wise teacher returned to his King, and handed him a pendant with two sides to it, a pendant that would help the King during tough times, but also remind him to be humble and grateful during the good times.

To help him through the dark times, it simply said: “This too shall pass.” The King smiled to himself, clutching the pendant to his heart, and whispered, “This too shall pass”, a peace washing over him as the words passed his lips.

And as the King turned it over, eager for the advice that would keep him humble and grateful for all the abundance he had in his life, he saw that the other side simply said: “This too shall pass.”

When you’re struggling, or feeling a lack of motivation, or feeling like you can’t go on any longer – remind yourself, “This too shall pass”.

And when you achieve big goals, when everything seems to be going well for you, when you push yourself further and to greater heights, remember not to get so caught up in pride that you lose yourself. Practice gratitude daily, give credit to all those around you who helped you get to where you are, give back to others and show compassion to those who aren’t as far along in their journeys as you are, and above all else: Always be in the role of student, ever-learning; rather than teacher, whose mind is already made up and for whom new ideas just bounce off that closed mind.

For you never know when all the things you currently take for granted shall pass from your life.

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