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Ask EVERY Girl for a Phone Number (Cold Approach)

January 2, 2021

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For many of us, 2020 was a bitch of a year – especially when it comes to talking to girls and getting laid. No use getting down about the past – let’s take some action. Let’s start 2021 off with a bang, and absolutely go all-in with crushing our goals.

Start by going outside and talking to girls. Make 2021 the year you get laid a tonne with girls you talk to on the street during the daytime/nighttime. If you struggle with approach anxiety, read:

If your looks need improving – which ALL of us benefit from – lose fat, gain muscle, hit the gym, improve your style – the basics. Go onto my forums and start a log there for accountability to kick your ass into gear.

Getting laid becomes 50 times easier as you work on yourself. Here’s a quite from Joe from my Patreon:

“An old mentor of mine told me pickup is like learning how to sell a 30-year-old beat up car. Improving yourself is like quitting the shitty used car dealership and going to sell for Tesla.”

When hitting on girls, ask every single one of them for a phone number. 100% of the girls you hit on. Why?

  1. Especially when you’re a newbie, you have absolutely no idea whether a not a girl will actually give you her phone number – even when the conversation is horrible and awkward and terrible. A tonne of those girls will still give you a number, despite the bad conversation – so you need to be asking every girl for a number. No exceptions. Ask all of them.
  2. It builds a habit – you’ll be in the habit of asking every girl for a phone number, so you’ll never have to think about it or have to “work up the courage” to ask for her number. It’ll just be a super simple, easy habit you do with every single girl you talk to.

Now go out there and talk to a tonne of girls. Let’s make 2021 a killer year; no excuses.

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