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Best Apps to Get Laid in 2021

January 30, 2021

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Looking to get that dirty dick of yours all wet with a nice moist gash in 2021? Don’t worry son, I’ve got you covered – here’s the apps I slay on (proof here).

1. Tinder

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No surprises, you knew this was going in the top spot. Tinder is absolutely mandatory for getting laid in 2021. Doubly-so with the world going batshit over COVID and locking down bars everywhere; inviting girls straight over to your place from Tinder has never been easier.

Tinder’s been my go-to app for most of my lays, especially since I have a very polarising profile with BDSM pictures (view it here). The majority of chicks on there are on there to have a bit of fun, provided you look good and have good pics. No stress if you’re not there yet – start with my massive (free) Tinder guide.

A few of my Tinder lays:

2. Hinge

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Hinge has been pretty good to me over the last year or two, particularly since I’ve been putting in a bit more effort on there. My favourite strategy is paying for Preferred Membership and copy-pasting an opening message to 200-300 girls in a morning, then letting the matches roll in. Here’s my Hinge guide.

A few of my Hinge lays:

3. Bumble

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Bumble is a bit more of a relationship-y apps, and the whole “girls have to message you first!” thing is an idiotic decision that doesn’t really work in practice – most girls will send you a pathetic “hi” and expect you to take the lead anyway. But it’s still possible to lay pipe on Bumble in 2021. Just make sure Tinder and Hinge are your main focus, and use Bumble as a backup.

A few of my Bumble lays:

Honourable Mentions

If you live in a European country, Badoo is a pretty popular app – a few coaching clients of mine have gotten laid on there.

I used to get laid on OkCupid and Plenty of Fish quite a bit too (here’s a story, and another (you’ll need to make an account and sign in to read that)), but those sites are both pretty dead these days. I’ve also gotten laid on CoffeeMeetsBagel (here’s a story – you’ll need to make an account to view that) but the apps is geared more towards friendships and serious relationships.

I also had a few lays on Craigslist back in the day when they had a “casual encounters” section – here’s a story and here’s another. Unfortunately they shut down their casual encounters section a few years back. How I miss those days.

Now go out there and get some pussy. No idea where to start? Here you go.

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