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Coaching with Andy (sfw)

January 11, 2021

You love my articles/podcasts, you get a kick out of seeing all my lay reports (you dirty perv), you want to do what I’ve done. You’re on this page because you want me to help you build an elite life other guys will envy.

I went from a total zero (I was obese, suicidal, with zero friends and no hope in life) to a guy who gets laid whenever the hell he wants, with whomever he wants. 

What I’ve accomplished so far:

150 lays (roughly, I stopped counting properly a few years ago), mostly from Tinder/online but a handful from daygame/cold approach too.
25  3somes (25 different combinations of women, with
many more repeat 3somes with the same girls – a couple hundred times at this point) plus a couple of FFFM 4somes.
Overcame 9 years of depression & suicidal tendencies.
– Went from “I can’t even do a single pushup” to comfortably deadlifting 175kg.
– Went from the most negative person you’ll ever meet, to a total optimist.
– Went from a financial loser with $15k worth of debt, to being able to quit my job and go full-time with coaching and mentoring guys.

I’m in a happy loving relationship with my 21yo girlfriend Imogen – we have sex with girls together in 3somes and have a tonne of fun in the bedroom with them. She’s a total sweetheart and she regularly comes on my podcast with me to talk life, love, self-improvement, making the world a cooler place. I love her to bits.

I’ve helped countless guys improve their own sex lives, including a bunch of guys who were complete virgins who had no idea what the hell they were doing – guys who are now crushing it when it comes to their goals. I’ve also worked with guys who were depressed, guys who felt hopeless, guys who felt like it was too late for them. I’ve written tonnes of articles about depression & suicidal thoughts; it’s something I spent years overcoming myself.

Truth is, since the day I was born I didn’t feel like I truly “deserved” to live an epic life or to have any girls like me or to be worthwhile in any capacity. Like I was destined to always be a fucking zero. Everything you’ve seen me accomplish since then has been a rebellion against that; me standing up and saying, “Fuck you, universe. I deserve all the cool shit I see other people getting. I’m not a fucking loser. I deserve the shit they have.”

If I can do it, you sure as hell can too.

Here is a 2-part interview with one of my coaching clients Ed, to show you what coaching will do for you if you’re willing to work your ass off and push yourself.

Ed went from a depressed, unconfident virgin at 31 to an ass-kicking machine with a tonne of confidence, plenty of lays, and he goes out and shoots photos with models for his Tinder/Instagram now:

Here’s some infield videos and vlogs from a guy I took out who’d NEVER talked to a single girl in his entire life. Within a few hours I had him talking to 20 girls; a couple days later it was 27 girls. He got 5 phone numbers and a couple of dates, all from one coaching session with me:

These guys aren’t special, they don’t have something you don’t have – they’re just regular dudes who pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and didn’t fucking quit. If these guys (and hundreds of others), can do it, you sure as hell can too.

So what do you want from life? What shit keeps you up at night, stressing you out, eating away at your soul? What do you really want, but feel like you’re “not allowed to have”?

What do you actually WANT?

Coaching Options:

I offer two coaching packages to get you the results you want: group coaching, and 1-on-1 coaching:

Desperate for a coaching program that gives you on-going accountability, advice and motivation throughout each week, and a brotherhood of like-minded guys who are absolutely crushing their goals and achieving crazy shit?

The guys in this group are absolutely crushing it, going out everyday and talking to 20+ girls a day (even guys who before they signed up had never talked to ANY girls in their entire life). They’ll have your back, push you to do what they’ve done, and I’ll be right there as well helping you build yourself into an absolute legend.

This is THE place to be if you want to start kicking some fucking ass in life.

The guys who’ve enrolled in this coaching program are all dudes who are ABSOLUTELY SERIOUS about crushing their goals – they’re all guys just like yourself who are willing to invest, go all-in and build something epic. We all have each other’s backs. They’re absolute legends – and I want you to be a part of it too.

I’m also way more open (I share more of my personal life) in this coaching program than I am in articles/podcasts/etc – I talk about my goals, my finances and how I’m making money from this site/my coaching, I cover the things I’m working through and what my plans for the future are. You’re getting an inside look on how I accomplish my goals, and how you can too.


If you’ve been trying to get in touch with me on the forum or via email to ask me questions & be mentored by me, Become a Winner is the place to do it. I don’t have time to do so on my forums anymore, so this coaching program is the place to be if you want my support/advice/motivation.

Let’s save you years of pain and figuring things out on your own, struggling and feeling like you’re lost, feeling like it’s hopeless, feeling like you’re never going to make it.

Let’s fast-track your success and all but guarantee you hit your goals.

Let’s get you around a bunch of like-minded guys who’ll give a shit about you, have your back, and push you to do the things you never thought possible.

Let’s get you motivated every single day, with myself and the other guys pushing you when you’re having a bad/lazy day and need a shove in the right direction.

You can’t tell me you’re serious about building a kickass life if you’re not willing to invest in yourself.

Join the community now, and you’ll also get immediate access to recordings of every previous group coaching session we’ve had as well.

Do you have any idea how much I would have killed to have direct access to my mentor (Chris from GoodLookingLoser)? I’d have cut off my left testicle for the kind of attention, care and ongoing accountability I’m offering you here.

Let’s fucking go.

Whatever you’re currently struggling with, if you work with me and put in the effort, we’ll build you into a kickass human being.

Helping guys with their mental wellbeing and helping them rise from the ashes is the topic that’s closest to my heart. I spent more than a decade of my life in chronic depression, constantly suicidal, wishing I had the balls to end my life but never actually working up the courage to do it. I felt worthless, useless, hopeless, helpless – like there was no way out. All I wanted was for life to not suck so much, for me to not spend every waking second in desperate despondency. I just wanted to feel normal, like everybody else.

Here’s what other guys in the group are achieving right now:

* Losing their virginity
* Building an elite sex life (3somes, BDSM, friends-with-benefits)
* Overcoming depression
* Finding an amazing girlfriend
* Being honest & real with girls
* Building an awesome social life
* Becoming financially-independent/starting a business
* Improving their looks/self-improvement
* And a tonne more.

If you’re willing to work hard, our group coaching sessions together will do more for you than years of therapy. I’ve heard this so many times I’ve lost count now: “Andy, in one coaching call you helped me more than all the counsellors I paid thousand and thousands of dollars to.”

I give you real conversations, real advice and real empathy from someone who’s been in your shoes, worked through it, and come out the other side. Most therapists/counsellors have no idea what the hell it feels like to spend hours and hours a day wanting to kill yourself, thinking women will never like you, wondering if you’ll ever have friends, for years and years. Most therapists talk from a point of “theory”, but they’ve never actually overcome huge issues themselves and more importantly gone on to be successful and crush their goals. I have. And so have the other members in the group.

Now let’s get you the life you deserve.

MUST READ FIRST: This package is only for guys who are serious and willing to invest in their future; I will ONLY work with you & fast track your results if you're actually ready to go all-in with your goals. I'll be pouring a tonne of my time and attention into you; you'll be getting my undivided care during that time. As such, you need to make absolutely sure you're 100% committed to building an awesome life.. × Dismiss alert

And here it is – the package you sign up for if you’re hardcore serious about building a truly elite sex life, and getting the life you’ve always wanted. This is premium 1-on-1 coaching with me. I’m not fucking around, and I expect you not to fuck around either. This package is not cheap, and I only offer it to guys who are 100% ready to invest in themselves and go all-in with taking themselves seriously.


No longer will you have to feel like a loser, alone, wishing you had a killer sex life. I felt that way for years – I know exactly how you’re feeling. I went through so many lonely nights crying my eyes out sitting at home in my apartment by myself, feeling like a complete and utter zero, completely convinced nobody would EVER want me. I hate the idea that anybody is sitting there feeling the same hell I used to feel. I hate the idea you just want women to fucking like you, but you think that’s utterly impossible. I want you to finally feel what it’s like to be wanted by women, to get that validation you’ve been craving for years (trust me, it feels fucking good being wanted). I’m here to pull you out of the mud and get you the elite sex life you’ve always wanted.
Best of all, you can have all the lays you want in an ethical way – being 100% upfront and honest with all the women you sleep with.
No pickup artist lines to memorise.
No manipulation or using women.
None of the drama.
Just 100% “keeping it real” and being authentic.


Coaching with me is like 2 years worth of progress crammed into a few short months – you’re shortcutting your success, saving yourself a TONNE of heartache and pain, and building a life other guys will be envious of. I put a ridiculous amount of effort into this package – I’ll pour my heart and soul into getting you laid. You’re investing in yourself, and saving yourself years of struggling, having to figure everything out yourself, and never making any progress. Hence, “fast-track to success”. will make sure you succeed – as long as you’re willing to do the work.

Wanna learn how to walk right up to a girl on the street and be fucking her a couple hours later like I did here? Sick of feeling like a feeling like a complete and utter pussy every time you see a cute girl, giving anything to have the confidence to go up to her and say hi… but you just can’t? Approach anxiety (that feeling of wanting to talk to a girl but being unable to do it) is a complete bitch. I get it; I went through absolute hell with my own approach anxiety; struggled for years until finally I cracked the code and figured out how to beat it. Here’s a log I kept (including video diaries) of my journey beating it and learning to hit on girls.

I had so many lonely nights, so many nights pacing back and forward in my apartment, angry and frustrated and completely lost, asking myself, “What the fuck is wrong with me? Why can’t I hit on girls? Do I deserve to be a fucking loser? Will I ever beat this thing?”

I went through absolute hell – and I want to make sure you don’t have to.

Do you really want to spend the next several years floundering when it comes to women, getting rejected over and over, feeling like you’ll never reach a point of abundance, wishing you could have that true “I don’t give a fuck” mentality I talk about?

Do you really want to feel alone, wondering if you’ll ever have the kind of sex life and relationship intimacy you truly want deep down?

Do you really want to settle with an average-looking woman and have average kids and live in an average house and have an average life, knowing you could have done better if you’d decided to take yourself seriously?

Do you really want to watch everybody else crush their goals and kill it on a daily basis, while you sit idly by, feeling like you’re missing out?


Then let me help you do what I have done, and more importantly, get you what I have.


And what’s waiting for you on the other side of going all-in with coaching with me? Tonnes of wild sex like I’ve had, including sex in public, banging girls within a couple hours of meeting them, 3somes (and 4somes), BDSM, open relationships, wild adventures, financial independence and a killer life.

You deserve all that (and more), so stop wasting time and hit me up so I can help you. I’ll give you all the shortcuts and show you exactly what to do so you don’t have to struggle and suffer for years like I did.
NOTE: I'll make it clear this is my most hardcore form of coaching - it's not cheap and is only for guys who are EXTREMELY serious about kicking ass. It's only for those who want the premium Andy experience - you and I will dominate your goals, together. You've got the chance to save yourself years of struggling, of wasting time not making as much progress as you could be - start taking yourself seriously and sign up for this package. × Dismiss alert

I’ll help you build the life you’ve always wanted & make sure you never have to be lonely again.
Jump on a quick call with me to make sure we’re a good fit to kick ass together – but only contact me if you’re absolutely ready to go all-in:

"But..." (Bullshit Excuses)


“I can’t afford it/I don’t have much money…”

Then you’re not actually serious. Plain and simple. Go read this, right now: If You Don’t Take Yourself Seriously, How Can You Expect Anyone Else to? You either want to change your life and achieve your goals, or you want to sit there and make bullshit excuses and lie to yourself.

Do you know how much I would have killed to be able to do 1-on-1 coaching with my mentor, Chris from GoodLookingLoser if he offered it? I would have paid $15,000 for him to help me avoid the years of suffering, pain, struggles, hardship and total hell I had to go through. I would have taken out a fucking bank loan in order to pay him if he gave coaching (he didn’t, unfortunately) – I’d have done anything to fast-track my success and avoid all those years of misery. And that’s what I’m offering you – the chance to save yourself years of struggling and fast-forward to the part where you actually get laid and actually crush your goals and actually get to enjoy your life.

Hell, and speaking of bank loans – I literally took out a $10,000 bank loan in order for me to move to the centre of my city and work less hours at my job for ~6 months, so I could stay in a central apartment and go all-in with getting laid. Best decision I ever made – I took my sex life seriously, improved to where I am today, and made about 3 years worth of progress in 6 months. I saved myself 3 years of struggles and pain. Again, if you’re actually serious, you’ll do whatever it takes to get your shit together.

Are you really going to choose to save a few dollars (which you’ll likely waste on bullshit and self-medication, let’s be honest) instead of getting your priorities right, fixing your life and giving yourself the sex life you’ve always dreamed of?

Come on, let’s be serious – you are wasting money on stupid stuff you don’t actually need right this second. Buying take-out food when you could be cooking it yourself, wasting money on alcohol/going out, money on self-medication instead of dealing with the actual problem so you don’t need to self-medicate anymore. Stop wasting that money – invest in coaching and put it towards your goals instead. Grow some balls, put your money where your mouth is, and decide your future is worth investing in.

Want to end up old and alone, or worse – in an unhappy relationship, knowing you had a chance to build a kickass sex life and find a great woman, but instead you just went with what was ‘comfortable’ and ‘easy’? No? Let’s make sure that doesn’t fucking happen then.

Hit me up and let’s start.


“Can you actually help me?”

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes, if you’re willing to work hard, do the homework tasks I give you and actually commit to building an awesome life. Everyone has the power to change, and I’ll be the catalyst for you building a kickass life. I give you the tools , the support & the solid plan to help you fix yourself.

If you want me to have a profound impact on your life, YOU have to work for it, and YOU have to be the one to make the changes. I’ll guide you, give you all the wisdom and motivation I have, but at the end of the day YOU need to be the one to take life by the horns, take matters into your own hands and build an awesome life. I’ll be right there with you.


“Now’s not the right time/I should make some more progress first”

Already got you covered; watch this:


“I should focus on my career first.”

This discussion comes up from time to time, and the answer is always: Focus on your sex life first, and worry about your career once that’s handled.

Can you really focus on your career when you feel deep down you’re a loser with women?

Can you really give your finances much time or attention when you’re constantly distracted by thoughts of, “If only I could get laid…”?

All that ends up happening every single time I see a guy try is he half-asses his career for a couple years, then comes back to our forums and says, “Ok, I’m finally ready to admit I need to get laid first and stop wasting time.”

You can’t build an epic sex life without focusing on it 100% – your career isn’t going anywhere. You can work on it after you’ve gone all-in with building a sex life/finding a girlfriend/whatever it is you truly want deep down.

If you’re happy with an average, mediocre sex life, than more power to you. But I know myself and every guy I’ve ever talked to doesn’t want to be average with women – we all want to get laid whenever we want without feeling like it’s “just luck”. Be honest with yourself: You want to be good with women, not lucky with women.

I’ll quote a couple paragraphs from an article I wrote:

“I was afraid to go all-in with getting laid, because I hadn’t yet handled my career/finances. I was almost 30 (and about to have a mid-life crisis) because my life wasn’t what I thought it was “supposed” to be. I was poor – massively in debt (about $25,000 AUD). I didn’t have a good job, let alone a career. All my mates were making hella bank, getting promotions at work, and I was just sitting around being a mess. Who the fuck was I to think I had the right to go out and try to get laid, when my finances were a mess and my life wasn’t where it was supposed to be?

Thing is, I couldn’t focus on career. I couldn’t focus on making money. I couldn’t start a business. I couldn’t do much of anything; because I was so caught up in the fact I knew I couldn’t really get laid. It ate away at me, it drove my self-esteem down, it made me feel worthless. I knew even if I had the best career in the world, even if I was making a million dollars a year, I’d feel like a loser if girls didn’t like me and I couldn’t get laid.”

I am so so glad I decided to handle my sex life first; it put me in a much better position to handle then go on to handle my finances (through this website and helping other guys).

Sort out your sex life first, and you’ll be in a much better position to dominate your career. Getting good with women improves your life in a billion ways that’ll positively-benefit your career/everything else. Read this: How Getting Laid Makes You a Better Man (Is Having Lots of Sex a Meaningless, Shallow Goal?) 


“It’s too late for me/ I’m too old”.

No, it’s not. Shut up and read this. I didn’t even start my self-improvement/getting-laid efforts until I was 28. I was a complete and utter failure at life right up until that point, and if it wasn’t too late for me at 28, it’s not too late for you no matter your age.

It’s orders-of-magnitude easier for me to get laid in my mid-30’s than it EVER was in my 20’s. I know I’m only going to get laid more – and more easily – as I enter my 40’s and really start having a kickass life. Don’t let age be the reason you continue to live your life as a sad loser like I did for all those years.

Because here’s the thing: can you really afford to keep buying pickup artist books, memorising 10,000 lines and routines that don’t actually get you laid, hanging around nerdy forums where nobody actually sticks their penis in a vagina, going on The Red Pill and reading about how much women suck? Or are you ready to actually take some damn action and fix your sex life? Let’s go.

Message me and we’ll get cracking.


“I’m too short / I’m not white like Andy / [some other reason why Andy is ‘better’ than me]”.

Sorry, fuck that bullshit. Already wrote an entire article answering these bullshit excuses: “I Can’t Get Laid Because…

And here’s a 2-part interview with one of my clients Ed, who was 5ft6 & a 31yo virgin when he first started coaching with me.

And here’s a 5ft1 guy who gets laid more than you.

My site’s helped thousands of guys who were shorter than me, older than me, younger than me, blacker/more Asian/insert-some-other-race-here, guys with less money than me, guys with more money than me, guys with mental issues, guys with severe hangups about women. You know the ONE thing they all had in common? They didn’t let dumb excuses hold them back. They took action in spite of their fears, hesitations and doubts. Hell, I have doubts all the time. Read this: I Am Always Full of Doubt. Then shut the fuck up and send me a message so we can get started improving your life.

“I’m depressed.”

I’ve said it a million times but I’ll say it again: if I can overcome my depression, you can too.

Helping guys overcome depression and move past negative thinking is the thing I am absolutely most passionate about above all else. I can’t even begin to describe to you how fucking horrifyingly painful and miserable my life was for over a decade. I was obese, depressed, suicidal, with zero friends, in abusive relationships for 9 years total, I was an alcoholic with a bad porn addiction, agoraphobia (inability to leave the house), I hated myself and all I wanted was to die so it could all finally be over. Here’s my full story (including how I fixed it):  My Transformation Story.

I was the very definition of a loser, a failure, a nobody, a miserable wretch. No matter where you’re at or how deep in a hole you feel, I absolutely promise you it’s fixable. After all, if I can do it, you sure as hell can too.

NOTE for guys with depression: if you’re struggling with depression, before we continue, I want you to read these 3 articles. It’s important.
  1. How I Beat Depression & Learned to be an Optimist (My Story)
  2. Don’t Kill Yourself.
  3. When You Feel Hopeless and Helpless…

Then I want you to answer the questions I laid out for you in that 3rd link. If you want me to help you fix your depression, I only accept clients who’ve filled out those questions honestly and in detail, in order for me to see that you’re serious about improving things and taking action (even if it’s hard).

“I have too far to go, I have too many changes to make.”

And so your genius idea is to try and do that by yourself? Struggle for years and years like I did because I was too “proud” to ask for help, making 10 million mistakes, having no idea what the fuck I was doing, feeling completely hopeless and useless? You have a chance to fast-track your success, skip literally years of pain and suffering, and get the ball rolling right now. Stop wasting time focusing on all the changes you need to make, and just make the first change: hit me up for coaching so I can help you.

No man is an island. So stop trying to be one. Message me.

“I’m not a player/I’m too much of a loser/this isn’t me.”

If I had a dollar for every single time I felt like a loser, like a fraud, like a complete imposter who didn’t really deserve to get laid: I’d be a god damn billionaire. Go read through the log I kept of my self-improvement/getting laid journey, and you’ll see for most of it I absolutely did not believe I’d ever become a player, or that I deserved to get laid a lot. Here’s some quotes from that log:

“I thought about it a lot this morning and I still feel like I don’t “deserve” to hit on hot chicks. Like I don’t have the right. Like “who is this ugly guy, who does he think he is, he shouldn’t be hitting on chicks out of his league”. But 2 months ago I didn’t even think I deserved to bang average/ugly chicks.”

Another quote:

I still feel like it was a fluke, like it was just luck. I still don’t believe I “deserve” hot chicks yet, I really don’t. Last night was scary because I honestly felt like she was too hot and I was scared to kiss her. I have this feeling like I won’t see her again, she’ll regret the sex or something and not talk to me again. I honestly think it would hurt my confidence if I didn’t see her again, I’d really take the rejection personally.”

Another quote:
“Do I deserve to cold approach? I don’t know.”
Hell, even after I had my first 3some, I still didn’t feel like I “deserved” to get laid. Here’s what I wrote the day after the 3some:
“I don’t have much of a sense of entitlement; I know it doesn’t seem like it from my logs, but I still don’t believe I “deserve” to get laid. But I feel like this 3some was a huge step to becoming “a guy who gets laid”.”
A tonne of my coaching clients say the same stuff to me – “I’m not cool enough to get laid”. They then go on to build kickass sex lives the average guy can’t even dream of. If they can do it, you sure as hell can too.
Please, please, please don’t let “I don’t deserve to get laid” be the reason you hold yourself back. I felt exactly the same way too. You can overcome it – let me help you. Send me a message and we’ll start.

“I’m nervous/not sure what to say on the call”

Most people who hit me up are nervous – that’s completely fucking normal. I myself am nervous every single time I do something that I haven’t done before – read this.

Don’t stress – I prepare a tonne of notes before each call, so I’ll be carrying most of the conversation (less pressure for you). I do most of the talking, I guide the session – leave the “heavy lifting” to me. Don’t let nervousness be the reason you hold back; you need to run towards fear.

Still scared to dive in and fix your life? Jump on a free call with me to discuss whatever it is you're worried about.

Yep – call me on the phone/Zoom/Skype/Whatsapp/whatever (click here and we’ll book it in) and ask me any questions you have. We’ll dive in an figure out why you’re holding back from doing a coaching package – whether it’s fear of going all-in and actually taking your life seriously, or a worry you won’t ever actually be able to change, etc. No sales bullshit, no pressure (I can’t be bothered trying to convince anyone who’s not serious – it’s not my job to convince you to build an awesome life). But I will happily talk through whatever your concerns are and find a way we can win together.

More Testimonials from Guys Who've Become Elite


You’re at the bottom of the page. You’ve read all you need to read. Stop procrastinating and decide you’re actually going to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION and fix your fucking life.

Now let’s get going. Contact me and I’ll kick your ass into gear, starting right now.


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