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Everything in Life is a Numbers Game

March 4, 2021

The numbers game applies to making friends, getting a job, making content, overcoming mental hurdles, and so much more.

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My coaching client who applied to 69 jobs:

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The spreadsheet I kept of all the magazines I applied to:

Post image(Click image to enlarge) I submitted my portfolio to over 218 different publications, often as much as 5 attempts per publication.

As you can see above, I submitted my photography portfolio to over 218 different publications/magazines. Many of them I submitted 5 times to the same place. Out of the 218 places I applied to, only 29 published an article, interview or magazine piece about my work.

So I got rejected or ignored by 189 of the places I applied to. Yet the rejections don’t matter – all that matters is some magazines and websites published my work.

Stop digging around the self-help books and websites looking for that magical quick fix. Stop thinking that imagining is the same as doing. Start doing, and you’ll see results. You’ll become great at anything.

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