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How I Procrastinate & Waste Time

June 5, 2020

So, I’m literally writing this article right now as a form of procrastination.

I’m working on Part 1 of my 3some guide. I could literally have it done today if I wanted to; it’s already half-written. I find I get into these annoying procrastination habits though, when I have a big project to do. Like, “I need to clean the house” – so I’ll spend 2 hours cleaning, and avoiding actually sitting down to write.

Or I’ll go onto my forums and play around with a bunch of improvement and tweaks; stuff that only makes a 1% difference.

I’ll login to my forums or the Good Looking Loser Forums 30 times in a couple of hours, seeing if there’s any new replies, wasting time responding to stuff that doesn’t really require a response.

I’ll go on Tinder and swipe a bunch, or pay for a Boost even though it’s a dumb time to boost, just so I can have a few girls to waste time messaging.

I’ll message a girl I’m seeing with some dirty shit, or tell her to send me some nudes, just to distract myself.

Hell, I’m literally writing this entire post just so I can avoid doing what I really want to be doing – my 3some guide.

Isn’t that weird? I literally WANT to write my 3some guide – not “should”, but actually “WANT” to write it, yet I’m avoiding it. I don’t want to procrastinate, yet I’m here, doing exactly that.

I know it’s not just me though – we all do it. I’m curious what stuff you do. Write a comment below and tell us your timewasting activities; the stupid things you do to procrastinate. (Just… make sure you’ve already been productive today, and you’re not leaving a comment just to waste some more time.)

I know some of you guys will say, “I read too much of your website Andy, or Good Looking Loser, or any other self-improvement website – I read so that I don’t have to log off the computer and take action and actually do the work.” I used to do exactly the same… I still do.

And now that I’ve indulged in some timewasting, now that I’ve given myself 10 minutes to procrastinate… I’m off to go actually work on my mission. No more timewasting. See ya.

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Update: Done. I’ve published Part 1 of the How to Have 3somes guide here.

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