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How I Used to Get Laid on Craigslist [Storytime with Andy]

December 12, 2019

What’s the weirdest method you’ve ever used to get laid?

For me, it was Craigslist (and another similar site called Gumtree). Both sites had a “casual encounters” section where you could post free ads looking for sex, and have women (and guys who can’t read properly…) reply.

I put a lot of time and effort into writing really long ads which were more like short erotic fiction stories. I wrote ones for all sorts of fantasies I wanted to fulfill – I had ones about BDSM/rough sex, ones about meeting a girl in a public park late at night and fooling around, ones about roleplay scenarios, ones about Asian girls, and black girls, ones about MILFs, ones about pregnant women, etc. I had a tonne of fun writing the ads, and even more fun actually fulfilling each fantasy.

I became very efficient at it, and developed a system where all the ads were posted, and once a day I’d go through and hit “repost” on the old ones to bring them to the top of the page again. It took almost no time, and once it was all set up, required very little upkeep. It was like free sex.

It became a routine for me, part of my life – like brushing my teeth. Every morning I’d repost all the ads, reply to any girls who’d messaged me & try to get them to meet me. I kept it up for about 10 years (on and off), and ended up banging a decent number of girls – roughly 50 or so. I fulfilled a huge number of my fantasies through Craigslist, and gained a lot of confidence with sex and girls in general.

It wasn’t always easy though. The majority of replies to my ads were actually from guys – and not gay guys wanting to have sex with me. These were guys who absolutely failed when it came to reading comprehension; they somehow read my ad and thought I was a girl, despite me making it very obvious I was a male. It got so bad I started putting “No guys!” at the start and end of every ad – which did almost nothing to cut down on the 10 or 20 guys who’d reply to each ad.

I can’t complain though. Wading through 20 idiotic replies from guys was worth it to find the one woman who was up for a hookup.

The majority of the girls were overweight – mostly because I was pretty damn fat myself and didn’t have very high standards. But I also met quite a few cute and even hot girls – my top 3 hottest lays actually came from Craigslist. Due to the anonymous nature of the site, I got a lot of replies from “professional women”; doctors, lawyers, etc who didn’t want their reputation tarnished by being on OkCupid/Tinder/etc. Those were my most enjoyable lays; there’s something really fun about pounding the shit out of a high-class lawyer while making her call you Daddy.

My favourite fantasy of all, and one I fulfilled quite a few times, was sex in public. I loved meeting a girl in a well-lit area, chatting for a bit, then taking her to a quiet park at night or a beach or alleyway and pounding her in the bushes. There was something so hot about the raw, animalistic nature of fucking in public mixed with the taboo of possibly being caught. You’re doing something naughty, something you know you shouldn’t, and it just feels so right.

I remember meeting one chick who was very submissive and loved being dominated. We’d banged a few times previously, and agreed to meet in a park one night. She ended up being 30 minutes late, and when she arrived, I told her she was going to be punished. I pushed her face-down on the grass, ripped her pants down, spat on my cock and shoved it deep in her ass, pounding her into the wet grass as she moaned, whispering all sorts of fucked up things in her ear. I pulled out & snarled, “That’s all you get tonight. I’m going to leave you here like this, ruined like the whore you are, and I want you to think about what you did wrong. Never be late again, understand?” I left and walked home, leaving her panting, out of breath and naked with her ass still up in the air and a face full of grass.

Good times.

Sadly Gumtree disabled their casual encounters section quite a few years ago, and in 2018 Craigslist did the same. I was devastated; it felt like a huge chapter of my life came to an end. Over the years I met a tonne of cool girls on Craigslist, fulfilled a lot of sexual fantasies and ticked a lot off my bucketlist. I’m really grateful it existed for as long as it did.

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