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How to be Happy When You Haven’t Reached Your Goals Yet

September 27, 2022

Here’s a killer interview with one of the guys from our community/one of my coaching clients. We discussed:

  • Happiness while working on goals (not delaying your happiness until you reach an arbitrary point)
  • Getting laid a tonne
  • Quitting jerking off
  • Dealing with ADHD/mental issues, not letting them be an excuse to not try
  • Finding your passion and what you actually want from life
  • A bunch of other stuff

Check it out:

And if you need me to kick your ass into gear like I did with Hari, apply for my coaching here. I’d love to help you grab life by the horns and build you an elite life – no more holding back.

After all, if you want an epic life, YOU have to be the one to do it; it’s not just magically going to fall into your lap. You’ve fucked around for long enough, so take the plunge, hit me up and let’s do this thing.

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