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How to Give Her Rollercoaster Sex

January 31, 2021

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  • I went on my first real rollercoaster yesterday. It was amazing.
  • I understand why people use the metaphor “It was like a rollercoaster ride”.
  • Quite a lot of girls have mentioned the sex I have with them feels like a rollercoaster. So let’s talk about how to do that.
  • Blindfold her so she has no idea what’s going to happen next (just like a rollercoaster).
  • Rollercoasters have moments where it’s fast, then moments where it’s slow and anticipation builds, then right back into it.
  • To do this, fuck her hard and fast for 10 seconds, make her moan and scream, then go REALLY slow or stop moving entirely.
  • Or go really deep, then shallow for a while. Make her beg out loud for you to fuck her hard again.
  • “Tell me what you want” or “It feels so good me teasing you, doesn’t it… I bet you don’t want me to ever go hard again, you just want me to go slow like this forever, don’t you? Just teasing you…”
  • Also switch positions a lot. (This all has added benefit of making you last a lot longer, since you’re taking constant short breaks). 
  • Being really rough then being super gentle – spanking her hard, biting her, then gently caressing or cuddling her.
  • Rollercoasters have a climax – use my magic wand vibe to give her an orgasm. I’ve got a guide on giving girls orgasms with it. 
  • Rollercoasters have restraints – use handcuffs, or ropes (use bdsm ropes only – normal ropes can hurt the skin).
  • Rollercoasters are loud – put music on. I like music you can go deep with – I’ll leave a link to a Spotify playlist below. Makes it feel more like you’re meditating during sex.
  • Can also moan, talk dirty. If you’ve never talked dirty, just tell her what you like – compliments. “Your tits are so hot” “I fucking love the way you feel” “God you’re turning me on” “I love your body” etc. 
  • You can moan and be loud yourself – allow yourself to let go and don’t hold back. Girls love when you’re loud, and they complain when you’re too quiet (because it seems like you’re not actually enjoying yourself).
  • Rollercoasters throw you around a lot. Throw her around.
  • Pick her up and bounce her on your dick.
  • Flip her over doggy style, push her down, pull her hands back.
  • Manhandle her.
  • This is why we push going to the gym so much – you gotta get stronger so you can throw her around a bit.
  • Rollercoasters also leave you immediately wanting to go again. If you fucked her right, she’ll be begging you to meet up again for more.


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