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Is $1000 Coaching Something You Guys Want?

November 14, 2022

Obviously my coaching packages are the “all-in” type of coaching; group coaching currently starts at $7k for 12 weeks (price may have increased by the time you’re reading this). I realise not everyone can afford that, but maybe you still need a bit of a kick in the butt motivation wise, or you have questions, or you need a plan of action, or you’re unsure of a few things and wish you could just jump on a quick call with me and pick my brain for a bit, to send you in the right direction.

Right now I get the feeling there’s quite a few people who WANT my coaching, but can’t AFFORD it. I feel almost… guilty… that I’m letting people down. Like there’s a ton of people who want and need help (I get a shitload of emails), but I’m sort of putting out the message of “I don’t care about you unless you have a ton of money! Poor people can go fuck themselves!” I don’t really like how that feels.

So here’s what I’m thinking:

If you’ve been wanting my coaching but can’t afford it, I’m willing to do $150 $250 $1000 USD, 1hr 1-on-1 coaching calls where you can chat to me, pick my brain, ask me questions, get some feedback on whatever it is you need feedback on, and get that Andy Coaching Experience™ without the higher price tag attached.

You can use it as a once-off call, or do a call every week, or every month, or whatever you want – just pay for one whenever you feel you’d benefit from my advice.

If this is something you want, contact me and we’ll book in a $150 $250 $1000 USD call.

I’m curious to see if this is something people want. I have a feeling I’ve been “neglecting” a tonne of guys who really really would benefit from coaching, but can’t afford the high-ticket coaching packages I offer. Like I said, I really don’t want to exclude a bunch of people and lock my coaching off to only the high income earners, so if this $150 $250 $1000 USD offer goes well and a lot of people use it, maybe it’ll be something I continue to do in the future (right now this is more like a “trial” to see if anyone’s interested) UPDATE: These calls seem pretty popular, so I’ll continue to do them for a while.

(Should go without saying, but the premium coaching packages will still continue to exist as well).

I also plan on creating more ebooks/video courses (I have one half-written massive BDSM guide, I may do some more niche ones like “How to Get Laid when you Work in the Tech Industry”, an open-relationships course, and a few others). Video courses/ebooks should help fill the gap for people who can’t afford coaching, but want really in-depth advice/guides. I know I’ve definitely been neglecting a huge part of the community by not having high quality books/courses for purchase; basically the only way you’ve been able to access my help is by paying for the really high-price coaching, or just hoping that I’ll randomly decide to do a podcast answering your questions. I’d like to change that.

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