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Listen in on One of My Coaching Calls!

September 16, 2020

Ever wondered what my coaching calls are like? Here’s a full, raw 2hr coaching call I had recently (posted with his permission). We covered everything from the meaning of life to finding satisfaction in relationships, as well as how to be honest with the opposite sex. Oh, and a couple crazy stories about getting off over your own image in the mirror, ala American Psycho

After the call, he posted on the Good Looking Loser forums:
“Had one of the best conversations of my life with Andy.
I highly recommend getting a coaching call with Killyourinnerloser. It gets your head right.
And there’s nothing like having an outside perspective – especially from someone not in close proximity to you – taking a close look at what your struggles/concerns are.”

The biggest takeaway from this call: “For every girl you lose because you’re upfront & honest, you gain one girl BECAUSE you were upfront & honest.”

Want to hook up your own coaching call with me? Contact me here and let’s kick some ass.


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