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My Girlfriend Takes a Girl’s Virginity (Nike Girl) [Storytime with Andy]

January 12, 2020
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NSFW: This article contains nude pics.
Disclaimer: Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload every nude photo. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

I’m going to start posting fun stories from my dating life, because everyone loves stories. If I ever post nude pics, I’ll ask the girl’s permission to post here (as I do with every page of my site).

Let’s start off with a bang (oh wow, great pun dickhead) – this is the story of my girlfriend popping a girl’s cherry recently, something she actually had on her bucketlist because she thought it’d make a cool story. Oh and if you haven’t read Part 1 of my epic Tinder guide, go read it now. It’s gooooood.

My girlfriend recently reinstalled Tinder to find girls for us to shag together. We took a bunch of super sexual photos for her Tinder, so girls who match with her know exactly what they’re in for. Pics like this:

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She’s been using a template I wrote for her to save her time & be more efficient (she’s got a tonne of other goals she wants to work on, so just like myself, she’s aiming to invest as little time/effort as possible with each girl):

My girl: “Hey, you’re very cute. I’m [my girl’s name]. I’m looking for something very specific on here.”
[Other girl says something]
“I have a master who’s been teaching me BDSM & helping me explore myself in the bedroom, and I really want to find a girl for he & I to teach together. Have experience with being submissive/BDSM, or is it something you’d like to explore?”

Then she asks for their number, sends them a couple of pics from our BDSM photoshoots, and if they’re down we all grab a drink & do the horizontal tango, only with 50% added value.

She gets the number of this cute 18yo African girl with really dark skin, who it turns out hasn’t done anything more than making out and giving a handjob once. This girl is very keen to lose her virginity, very keen to try BDSM, very keen to explore girls, and very keen to have a 3some. Yep, it’s like the perfect storm of sex. This girl wants to go from 0 to 100 in one single night. I respect her openness, that’s fucking cool.

Here’s the Tinder convo:

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She turns out to be (understandably) nervous – really nervous. Makes sense; I was shit-scared myself when I lost my virginity – I talk about it here (scroll down to “Solution #10: Condom Tricks & Sizing“. She flakes on us once, asks my girlfriend like 5 times, “You guys promise you’re not going to murder me, right?”

My girlfriend does what I’ve taught her and keeps it real with her, saying, “Hey, I understand you’re nervous. We’ll make sure you have fun – this is only fun if you’re having fun. If you aren’t comfortable with something, we’ll stop. But you’ve gotta make a decision to either meet or not; no hard feelings either way.”

She agrees to meet for real, with the plan being to grab a Starbucks and go back to my apartment. We get ready, and my girlfriend goes over the top – she dresses up in full-on BDSM gear. Lots of mascara, a black, see-through top, giant black BDSM leather boots that go up to her knees, with massive heels on them, black stockings. I dress in my usual drug-dealer outfit. I’m sure this won’t be intimidating to a nervous, young virgin girl.

Post imageMy girlfriend getting ready to sacrifice a virgin have some gentle, loving sex.

We meet her, hug her, grab our Starbucks and head straight to my place. She’s semi-chatty, clearly nervous but still functional. Back at mine, I haven’t even taken my shoes off before my girlfriend grabs her and kisses her. Like a lion pouncing or something. Our girl seems into it, but clearly extremely nervous, so I tell her to come hang on the couch and chat for a bit.

I sit between the two of them and we just shoot the shit for a bit. My girlfriend is a bit nervous too, because she has no clue how to have sex with a virgin, and doesn’t want to scare her by going too fast/aggressive (but obviously kissing her within 30 seconds of getting inside my apartment is fine.) And the girl herself (let’s call her “Nike Girl”, in honour of her Nike jacket) is insanely nervous. Shaking the whole time, can barely talk, can’t look either of us in the eyes.

I do the obligatory, “So what made you want to lose your virginity?” and “You’re definitely sure you want to do this, yeah?” She relaxes a tiny bit and says she’s very very sure, but just nervous and unsure what to do. I tell her of course she’s going to be nervous – “It’d be pretty damn weird if you were confident your first time.” I open up and tell her my hilariously awful story of my first time, and she cracks up. Then my girlfriend tells her first time story too, which is equally as bad. I smile and say “Do you want your first time to be shit like ours, or good?” She giggles and says, “Um, good, I guess.”

She’s a lot more relaxed at this point, so I lift her chin up gently so she can look at me, and kiss her softly. She’s very very into it, and reasonably decent at kissing – I’m impressed. I motion for my girlfriend to come over to the other side and kiss her, and now Nike is even more into it, as I start playing with her tits over her top while my girlfriend makes out with her. If you haven’t had a 3some, *you have no fucking idea how insanely hot it is to watch two girls make out, right in front of you* – and then turn to you and make out with you. It’s like the best porn ever, only you’re involved, AND the girls are turned on by YOU. It’s every fantasy combined.

My girlfriend starts being a little more assertive now, and a little cheeky, as I’ve taught her to be. She says to Nike, “Hmm, I think your t-shirt is in the way, isn’t it? I think we’re going to have to get rid of that and have a look at what’s underneath.” She turns to me and says, “Don’t you agree, Andy?”

I smile and say of course, and we undress her down to just her panties. Jesus Christ this girl has big tits – like F cups or some shit. And she’s pretty skinny, so these just look obnoxiously big. I ask her, “How the fuck are you allowed to have these, they should be illegal.” She just giggles and shyly says, “Thankyou I guess…”

We both take turns sucking on her sexy black nipples while the other person makes out with her, kissing her passionately and teasing her – then swapping places. By this point she’s getting really turned on. I bend down and pick her up, carrying her into the bedroom (of course, with her doing the thing all girls do – “No stop, you won’t be able to pick me up, I’m way too heavy, you’ll hurt… Oh shit, how did you just pick me up???”) Silly goose.

I lay her down on the bed and my girl and I really go to town on her, making out with her, playing with her tits, taking off her panties and rubbing her clit. She’s insanely wet (most virgins get REALLY wet, since they’re so damn sensitive and haven’t done anything like this before – it’s like a rollercoaster ride for them). I slide my finger into her very gently, pull it out, all slick with her juices and rub it on her nipples. Girls absolutely love when you do this, and unsurprisingly, she moans like crazy. I slowly move towards her nipple and gently lick it clean, making her moan even more.

We continue to tease her, showing her a few of my toys – vibrators, whips, chains, ropes, etc. She loves the pegs most of all, as we put a peg on each of her nipples and I get her to put one on each of my girl’s nipples as well, which makes both of them insanely horny to the point where they’re unable to form coherent sentences now. This is where I have the most fun – when girls can’t even talk any more, and I’m completely in control of their pleasure. I get to be completely rational & calm, while she’s a moaning, sweating, panting mess, begging for my cock, for pleasure, for release, for more.

Post image

We also let Nike try a vibrator for a few seconds (she’s never tried one before) and she absolutely loves it, moaning like crazy and completely off in her own little world. I think by this point she knows this was a good decision.

Ok, so here’s where the story gets fun: My girlfriend and I had decided beforehand that my girlfriend was going to take her virginity; not me. I’ve got a strapon dildo, and we both thought it’d be the coolest story of all time if she got to take a girl’s virginity, with my help. Something to tick off the bucketlist and all that.

So I ask Nike if she’d like my girl to fuck her with the strapon, and she’s nervous but says yes. I tell her, “Hmmm, I think you can do better than that, don’t you? If you really wanted it, you’d beg her for it. Beg her. Tell her how much you want her to fuck you.” She sits up a bit and looks my girlfriend in the eyes, with a look of lust on her face, and says, “Please fuck me with the strapon…”
I say, “No, say ‘Please fuck me with your big strapon’”
She giggles and says, “Please fuck me with your big strapon.”
I say, “Say ‘Please fuck me with your big black strapon cock’”
Both of them crack up but bless her, she says, “Please fuck me with your big black strapon cock”.

LOL. Good times.

My girlfriend puts the strapon on (it’s a really tiny one; much thinner than my dick) and puts on plenty of lube, and plenty of lube on and inside Nike’s pussy. Nike starts shaking, clearly nervous as hell, but relaxes a bit when I make out with her. I tell her, “This isn’t supposed to hurt – all the shit you’ve heard about ‘your first time is supposed to hurt’ is utter bullshit. We’ll go super slow, and if it feels uncomfortable at any point, just say “Wait, slow down.” She relaxes a bit, and nods.

My girlfriend starts putting it in, a tiny bit at a time, being very patient and going ever-so-gently. I gently play with Nike’s tits while whispering in her ear that she’s doing a really good job, reassuring her and asking her every minute or so if it still feels good.

The best thing you can do with a virgin is to reassure them constantly, because they’re in their own head the entire time, worrying that they’re not doing a good job for you, worrying they’ll screw things up, worrying you won’t like them. I like making girls feel good when we bang; especially virgins. I’m their introduction into the world of sex, pleasure, adulthood; it’s my job to be their guide, their mentor, their teacher. I want them to walk away really fucking glad they met me, and really fucking keen for our next session.

Eventually my girl gets the whole strapon in and I pull her down to Nike, so they can both just cuddle, not moving while Nike gets used to the size. They lie there for a few minutes, with me stroking Nike’s hair, asking if she’s having fun – she says yes.

Eventually my girl starts moving a little, just gently grinding, making Nike moan loudly. I ask her if it feels good and she says, “Very. It’s a tiny bit uncomfortable but it definitely doesn’t hurt.” My girl starts going a tiny bit faster – nothing crazy, still very slow, but enough that Nike starts enjoying it. All 3 of us are making out at this point (a 3some kiss is fucking hot, by the way), our tongues dancing around each other, lips gliding over one another’s, my cock throbbing like crazy over how hot this is.

We play like that for about 10 or 15 minutes, then my girlfriend has to go to the bathroom. While she’s gone I talk to Nike about how nervous she was when she first came over, and how she seems really relaxed now – she’s come a long way. She says, “Yeah, I was really nervous but you guys are nice.” I ask her if she’s having fun and she says she’s really enjoying it and wants more. Good girl.

My girl comes back and we all make out some more – by this point Nike’s discovered my girlfriend’s nipples are really sensitive and is having a whole lot of fun pinching and twisting them, and every time my girlfriend moans, Nike moans in response. Fuck it’s really hot, watching two girls get turned on by each other right in front of you. A billion times better than lesbian porn.

I ask her if she wants me to fuck her now. She’s hesitant, and asks how big my dick is. I pull it out, and that only makes her more nervous (I don’t have a big dick, but to a virgin, any dick is massive). Again I reassure her, “I’ll use tonnes of lube, go ultra slow, and if at any point it feels uncomfortable we’ll stop.” She says ok.

I throw on a condom, put on tonnes of lube and even more in her pussy, and gently start sliding in. I only get a tiny bit in and then pause, making sure she’s ok. She’s uncomfortable; it’s a lot thicker than the strapon. She’s clearly still having a good time though, so I push in a little further. My girlfriend keeps sucking on her titties and gently stroking her face lovingly, as I push in inch by inch until I’m about half-way in. She asks me not to go any further, so I lay down on top of her and just cuddle her, while making out with my girlfriend for a bit.

We lay like that for a while, my cock still halfway inside her, and I ask her if she wants to try more – she says ok. I push in a little deeper, a centimetre at a time, and again she says to stop pushing in. We rest again for a bit, again she wants more, I push in. We repeat this a few times until almost all of it is inside her, and I hold her for a while like that. With a big smile on my face I say to her, “Congrats! You’re no longer a virgin.” She giggles and I say, “Technically [my girlfriend] took your virginity, so you should say thankyou to her.” She giggles again and says thankyou to her. What a cute little Nike.

I ask her if she wants a break and she says yes. I gently pull out, she gasps and I lay down next to her, the 3 of us cuddling for a bit. We play with her tits for a while, squeezing, rubbing and caressing them. She seriously has amazing tits – they’re fucking huge, very black, with huge nipples. Very sexy.

I hand Nike the paddle and the whip and she giggles, a huge smile on her face. I tell her to have a go spanking my girlfriend, and she does it super softly at first, too afraid to do anything harder. I tell her to have a proper go, and she whacks my girlfriend on the butt, making my girlfriend moan – Nike loves that. My girlfriend and I then have a turn spanking Nike a bit, and though she doesn’t like it too hard (yet), she likes the stinging, tingling feeling it causes her.

I ask her if she wants more sex and she gives a very enthusiastic yes – what a little cutie. I smile and ask her who she wants to fuck her, and she says my girlfriend (you traitor!), because my cock was a little uncomfortable/big. My girl puts on the strapon and this time we get Nike to hop on top and ride her, mostly so we can get a look at those FUCKING HUGE dark tits of her. Nike really has fun this time, grinding a little harder (nothing crazy but definitely starting to feel good), and I have fun sucking on her tits, then switching to my girl’s tits, going back and forth.

I’m horny as shit by this point, so I pull Nike down and get her to make out with my girlfriend, still grinding on the strapon. We all make out together while I jerk off, and after a minute or two I can”t hold off much longer (this shit is way too hot) so I get on my knees and angle my cock towards their faces while they’re both making out. (Sidenote: jerking off on two girl’s faces while they make out is the hottest shit ever.)

I can’t help myself and I cum all over their faces, covering mostly my girlfriend and a little on Nike’s face. Both of them start moaning like crazy, especially my girl, and they continue to make out, kissing each other with my cum.

That’s when you know you’ve made it in life – watching two girls make out with your cum, both of them moaning over it, as they get more and more desperate to taste it all & start licking it off each other. My girl takes her finger and wipes some of it off her cheek, pushing it into her mouth and then kisses Nike with it, repeating this again and again until it’s all cleaned up. Jesus-H-Motherfucking-Christ, I’m in heaven.

I ask Nike if she’s cool with me taking a pic to show my friends, but she says she’s shy and would rather not have any photos of her out there. Fair enough; not all girls are into showing themselves off on the net, even with their face blocked out.

So, back to the story, you horny little devils: We all lay down and cuddle – I spoon Nike from behind, and get her to spoon my girlfriend from behind, like a big spoon sandwich. We talk for a while, and just chill, enjoying the afterglow and making sure Nike feels good after such a huge experience. After a while, we walk her back to the train station and say our goodbyes, and she gives my girlfriend a cute little kiss on the lips, then me too. It’s always fun having my girlfriend and I both kiss a girl in public – I wonder if anyone notices. Haters gonna hate.

Afterwards, the little cutie texts this to my girlfriend:

Post image

There you go. Andy is a good fingerer, confirmed by a virgin. Please share the news.

Round Two:

We meet up with good ol’ Nike Girl a few days later for another “bit of crumpet” (that means SEX, sexy sexual sexualised sex) and take her straight back to mine. Soon as we get inside I grab her pull her close to me, her body pressed against me, my cock already hard. All 3 of us are horny as hell, with me ripping of her clothes while my girlfriend plays with her tits. God damn those titties are huuuuuge, I’m telling you.

This time we spend more time focusing on mentoring her – teaching her how to lick my girlfriend’s pussy. I show Nike how to lick the clit, get her to try licking in circles, and side to side, and sucking gently, biting softly whilst reaching up and grabbing my girl’s tits. I teach her how to tease a bit – I get her to go fast and passionate with her licking, making my girlfriend moan… then stop suddenly and go back to teasing, making my girlfriend cry out for more. Nike becomes obsessed with eating my girl out, and does it for about 15 minutes – we can’t get her to stop. Not that my girl is complaining…

I also get more of a chance to fuck her properly, and god damn she’s tight (obviously; she was a virgin 3 days ago). It feels so god damn good I can barely hold myself off from exploding, and I have to take breaks every 20 seconds so I don’t bust. It’s not helped by the fact the two of them are making out with each other, and then taking turns kissing me passionately. It’s such an incredible turn-on watching two girls you’re very attracted to getting horny over each other and over you. If at this point you’re getting jealous, never fear; I’ve half-written a massive 3somes guide that I’ll finish once I release the rest of my Tinder guide.

After a few more minutes of the two of them driving me wild and keeping me on the edge, we blindfold Nike and pin her arms above her head, and have fun teasing her with ice cubes all over her naked body while she writhes in pleasure. My girlfriend plays with Nike’s pussy while I gently suck on her tits, stroking myself as I do. I get the two of them to start making out while I jerk off, and once again this is so insanely hot there’s no way I can hold off. I explode, showering their faces as they kiss and make out. Just like last time, the two of them continue making out, becoming more passionate with my cum all over their faces.

No matter how long I live, there will never be anything hotter than watching this fantasy of two girls making out with and getting turned on by my cum, in real life right in front of me.

The best part of having 3somes is I’m always filled with a sense of pride because this wasn’t just luck – getting laid isn’t about luck. I made this happen – all the 3somes I’ve had were because I asked for them. And I’ve done it so many times now I know the formula to make it happen easily and efficiently, even with girls who are virgins. One of my clients recently said to me, “Dude, you talk as if 3somes are no big deal. I think you forget not everybody has them.” It’s true – this stuff becomes normalised as you do it enough times. And you know what I’m going to say: If I can have 3somes, you sure as hell can too, guys.

I’ve written a full guide on having 3somes. The easiest way to get a 3some is to go on as many dates & have sex with as many girls as humanly possible. Ask every single girl you have sex with, ”Ever fooled around with another girl, or thought about it?” When you have two fuckbuddies who say yes, show them each other’s pictures. If they both think the other is cute, tell each of them, “Cool, we’ll grab a bottle of wine, hang out and see where things lead.”

That’s the easiest way to set up a 3some, and it puts the power in your hands – turning 3somes from a “lucky fluke that just happens to lucky players” to “All I have to do is go out and pro-actively date more girls, and pro-actively ask every one of them if they’ve thought about fooling around with another girl”.

That’s not that hard, is it? You can definitely do it.

Back to the story, bitches: My girlfriend gets one of my vibrators (the big powerful magic wand I use to give girls screaming orgasms) and starts using it on Nike. Nike’s moaning like crazy (she’d never used a vibrator before meeting us), and my girlfriend teases her for the next 15 minutes, going hard, then slow, then hard, then slow – driving her wild.

Nike starts getting really into it – moaning and shaking, unable to say anything even when we ask her if she’s having fun. She’s off in her own little world now, existing only as a vessel for pleasure and nothing else. While my girlfriend is playing with the toy on Nike, I’m laying there on my phone, reading emails and doing a bit of writing for my website, lol. Since Nike can’t see (blindfold, remember), and my girlfriend doesn’t give a fuck, why not get some productive time in while they’re blasting off to the moon, orgasmically-speaking?

My girl and I also have a bit of fun with secret hand signals & mouthing stuff to each other like, “I love you”, a giant smile on each of our faces as we know Nike can’t see what we’re doing.

Eventually it’s time to go, so we wrap up, walk Nike back to the station, and bid her adieu.

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Nike has ended up being a total cutiepie, getting very attached and being very affectionate. At some point she texted my girlfriend this:

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And if 3somes sound like something you really want to try yourself, read my in-depth guide on How to Have 3somes:

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