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STOP Suppressing Your Emotions! (They’re Trying to TELL You Something.)

May 18, 2021


I see too many of you thinking you’re a giant pussy if you ever feel too angry, or get down, or have a week where you’re sad, or get butthurt over a girl rejecting you.

I see too many of you thinking there’s something “wrong” with you if you aren’t able to immediately bounce back from a negative experience; as if the act of feeling anything negative means you’re a failure, not masculine enough, not manly enough. Not a real man.

I see too many of you thinking you need to suppress your emotions at all costs, bottling them up and moving on from them within seconds, as if emotions are something you should never feel if you want a successful life.

What the fuck are you guys doing. You’re throwing away some of the most useful and helpful information you will EVER get; discarding the best motivation you’ll ever find in the known universe. Your emotions are INCREDIBLY useful, and I see too many of you thinking they’re a problem when in most cases they’re the SOLUTION.

Watch this video, it’s going to absolutely change some of your lives when you realise you’ve been doing emotions all wrong:

And for god sakes, please start being GRATEFUL for your emotions. They’re incredibly helpful, if you harness them for good.

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