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The 18yo OnlyFans Queen (3some) [Lay Report]

April 23, 2022
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NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

My girlfriend Immy and I met a very cute 18yo girl the other week, and this story is a bit different to my usual stories. The way in which we met her was a a unique method to how I usually meet girls.

All the pics in this article are of her – she, Immy and I did a photoshoot together. She’s cool with me putting the pics up (she’s an OnlyFans content creator herself, as we’ll talk about below).

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So we met her (let’s call her “G” – she’s the girl on the right, in front of Immy) using a method I haven’t talked about before – Seeking Arrangements. I don’t pay for girls on there – I’m upfront with them and directly tell them we don’t offer any financial arrangements/money. For this to work you have to have a hell of a lot to offer girls. Immy and I have built ourselves up to the point where we offer a lot to the girls we date:

  • BDSM
  • Mentorship (I’m basically giving girls free coaching; given the price of my coaching, this is a good deal for them)
  • Exploring their bisexual side, with us teaching them how to please another woman
  • Business advice/making money advice
  • Photoshoots (allowing them to use any pics we take for their OF/social media/etc)

In my first text, I literally tell them we’re looking for girls to mentor, teach BDSM, help them explore their sexuality and do some photoshoots with. Then I chat for a couple messages, ask about their goals and their hobbies, what they want from life, etc. If I like them, I tell them we’re not looking for a financial arrangement, instead providing mentorship, coaching/business advice, BDSM photography and all that good stuff. I grab their number and set up a normal date as per my Tinder guide and go from there.

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At some point maybe I’ll talk a little more about Seeking Arrangements – I’ve now met a few girls off there. But again, you need to have a hell of a lot to offer if you’re not going to offer money, on a site which is all about offering money. I don’t recommend you use Seeking Arrangements without having a hell of a lot of things to offer girls; otherwise you’ll just be wasting your time, and wasting theirs. If you’re not in that position yet, build yourself up – go through everything I wrote in this guide and work on getting yourself to a point where you have a hell of a lot to offer girls.

Back to the story: right off the bat “G” is super enthusiastic over text, super keen to meet us, and very grateful for the chance to do photoshoots with her. Hell, she even offers to pay us money for any photoshoots we take together. I tell her, “Lol it’s cool, we’ll just have some fun and take some photos, no need to pay us.” What a sweet girl.

We organise the meetup, and then Easter holidays throw a spanner in the works; all trains lines are closed. Fuckkkk. Normally I’d say, “Alright, let’s just meet in a week or two”, but I felt like it’d make good content for you guys if I found a way to make this work – proving to you what I’m always saying about how getting laid requires you to “always look for SOLUTIONS, not problems”. I tell her to catch the replacement bus halfway to us, and we’ll drive the other half of the journey and pick her up. That should work.

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But fuck, another spanner: the replacement buses she’d have to take would mean it’d take her about 4hrs to get to us, and 4hrs to get back home. Not really feasible. Doubling down on my efforts to prove the point that if you guys really want to get laid, you’ll find a way to make it work, I throw out: “Ok, grab an Uber to speed up some of the journey, we’ll drive half of the way there and pick you up.” She agrees, and it’s game on.

Immy and I throw on a Spotify playlist of our favourite roadtrip music, drive an hour to the halfway point, and we all grab a coffee together and hangout for a bit to make sure she’s cool/not a catfish. As soon as she shows up she’s absolutely adorable as shit (her cuteness/adorableness doesn’t fully come across in the pics here). Very very very nervous, to the point of shaking and being ultra quite. Hey, she’s only 18 and she’s meeting 2 people at once, and for BDSM – I’d be nervous too.

We grab a Starbucks, she insists on paying for hers herself (what a good little feminist), we go to a park and chill, just shooting the shit and getting to know each other a bit. She opens up to us about her life, her goals, her hopes and dreams – all that good stuff. The more we talk, the more she gets up a bit of confidence, and Immy and I both give each other our secret code to say, “I like this girl, let’s take her back to our place.

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We jump in the car and drive the 1hr back to our place, chatting the whole way as she really starts coming out of her shell. She tells us about her OnlyFans and the guys she’s met on there, how they’re all really nice, what it’s been like telling her friends and family about her OnlyFans (they’ve been mostly supportive), how the hell she’s confident enough to show off her body given how absolutely shy and nervous she is meeting people in public.

We talk about how she hasn’t done any BDSM, hadn’t really done much with girls other than kissing a couple times while drunk. We talk about how excited she is to, “Let you guys do whatever you like to me.” What a good girl. We talk about what’s on her sexual bucketlist, what toys she wants to try, what comes to mind for her when she thinks of BDSM.

I tell her about my site, my coaching, my dreams of leaving the world better than I found it, and she’s on board with all that and wants to have a positive impact on the world herself. I’m always a big fan of chicks who are optimists/want to have a positive impact on those around them.

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Eventually we’re back at our place, sitting on the couch, and she’s clearly ultra nervous. I’ve talked in my 3some guide about how to initiate a 3some, and the best advice I can give you after all the 3somes I’ve had is you do not need to be smooth at initiating the 3some. There’s no magical way to initiate a 3some; you just do it.

I turn to G and say, “Come with me“. I take her by the hand and Immy follows, getting her to lay down on my bed. She immediately blurts out, “I don’t know what I’m doing” and Immy and I laugh, reassuring her, “Don’t stress, we’ll tell you what to do. Just relax and enjoy it and leave everything to us.”

Once she warms up, she turns out to be a hell of a lot of fun in the bedroom, and incredibly sexy, with an amazing body (god bless being 18). Shy at first, but she opens up as we show her our toys (she loved this vibrator most of all), whips, paddles, chains and leashes. Great kisser, amazing tits, and super affectionate and very sweet, with a sort of sexy vulnerability to her, as you can see in some of the pics here.

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The hottest part being when I grab her and fuck the living shit out of her while Immy watches, playing with a vibrator and getting herself off at the sight of G and I going at it. God that’s one of my favourite things; my girlfriend watching me bang the hell out of another girl, whispering dirty shit in my ear, “Does her little pussy feel good, baby? Fuck her harder, make her your little slut“… God dammit.

We show her the rest of our toys, Immy goes down on her and licks her pussy for ages (which G absolutely loves), and we take a few breaks here and there to cuddle and hangout. (This is a cheatcode for if you can’t last long in the bedroom; just take frequent breaks and cuddle/chill/go back to gentle foreplay, to stop yourself from cumming).

We fuck some more, chill some more, and she asks to take a few photos with us (we’d previously shown her our artsy nudes). I grab out the camera gear, my fancy studio lights, and we have a shitload of fun taking photos together, the two of them making out and playing with each other while I’m snapping away. God this stuff makes my dick so hard it hurts, but I soldier on and snap a bunch of photos.

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Honestly, doing these kinds of photoshoots is something I really really miss. With all the BS that happened in 2020 and 2021, and Immy and I moving 4 times to escape lockdowns/mandatory vaccines/vaccine passports and all the other totalitarian crap, I sold all my camera/lighting gear and we just haven’t really done many photos since. Getting back into it awakened something inside me; as I said to Immy afterwards, “Taking photos and being creative again in this way has made me feel alive again.” We’ve got plans to do a tonne more photoshoots (not just with G), so stay tuned, I’ll post them on my site.

We hangout for a while more, talking about her OnlyFans and her plans to grow that. I give her the same spiel I give anyone who asks for business/content creation advice: You’ve gotta focus on giving value above all else. Give as much as you possibly can, don’t take – create the best content possible – and people will want to reward you with money to say thanks. We talk her through ways she can do this on her OnlyFans – by doing more artsy photos rather than just “jerkoff material”, by giving advice to the guys who subscribe to her, by being kind and empathetic to the dudes who subscribe (basically, actually giving a shit about them), by being entertaining and interesting, etc.

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After another sex session, it’s getting late in the day so we jump in the car and drive her back to the halfway point, stopping at this fancy little bakery to all grab meat pies. We sit in the car to get out of the cold, eating them and chatting, reminiscing about the awesome day we’ve just had. A lot of these quieter, simply moments outside of sex are often the memories I remember most with girls; “It’s the little things you remember“. Some of my favourite times are basking in the afterglow after sex, and this evening is no different. It’s just… nice.

Eventually we drop her off and hangout with her for a bit until her Uber comes, laughing at some adorable little dog that comes up to us and seems to want to hang out with us rather than its owner. Uber comes, G goes, Immy and I drive back home, and reflect on a really awesome day of sex, photography, good company and interesting conversations.

There are times where I’m really glad I get to live this life; really grateful for all the people who helped me get here. There are times where I thank the universe I get to be alive and have the opportunity to work my ass off and earn beautiful moments like this one. There are times where I pause and think, “Thankyou, whoever/whatever gave me this chance at happiness.”

There are times where I thank my past self for all the hell I went through to get to this point; all the hard work I put in, all the times I wanted to quit but didn’t, all the times I felt like I wasn’t going to make it, but I kept going anyway. There are times where I’m so unbelievably happy and grateful for how far I’ve come and the fact it was all so worth it, I could just cry.

Today is one of those times.

Now it’s your turn – I want YOU to go out there and make a 3some happen for yourself (even if you don’t feel ready – fuck “being ready”. Every guy can have a 3some, if he actually puts in the effort to try, no matter what experience level you’re at).

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How? Grab my hardcore “How to Have a 3some (Even If You Don’t Feel Ready)” video course + 2 ebook bundle. It completely holds your hand, covering every single step of having a 3some:

  • Mindset (destroying the belief that you “aren’t ready” for a 3some yet)
  • How to find the girls who are up for 3somes
  • Setting up your Tinder/Hinge to maximise efficiency and cut down on time-wasting
  • What to do on dates, how to get the girls back to your place
  • How to initiate the 3some
  • Exactly what to do during the 3some itself (how to make it hot as hell)
  • How to make both girls orgasm; how to blow their minds so they’ll come back for more
  • How to make the girls desperate to have more 3somes with you (retention)
  • Eliminating jealousy between the girls, so everyone involved has a good time
  • How you can get girls to bring you more girls themselves, without any input from you!

The last half of the training is the best part: I go into detail about how you can get a girl to bring in more girls for 3somes (yep, free sex for you!) like I’ve done with my girlfriend Immy. She and I wrote that part of the training together (she contributed a tonne of content, so you can hear what a 3some is like from a woman’s point of view), and it’s aimed at WOMEN – as in, we talk directly to your girl, we literally tell her every single step she needs to take, so she can do it all herself, without you having to do a damn thing.

So all YOU need to do is hand her the guide and say “Go bring me free 3somes!”

Get serious about your sex life – grab your copy here (video course + 2 ebooks):

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Grab it now!

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