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There’s a 95% Chance You Won’t Listen to Anything I Say

December 12, 2019

Most people who read self-improvement/”motivational” sites do it for one reason: to feel good. They experience that sweet little dopamine kick from thinking, “Fuck yeah, I can change my life!” They try out the advice for a little while, make a few changes… only to eventually make excuses when it starts getting hard and then stop. They go right back to square one.

Motivational speakers know this. Personal Trainers know this. Dietitians know this. The majority of people, despite constantly saying they want to improve their circumstances and live an awesome life, will inevitably fall back into old habits and never make any sort of lasting change. They aren’t willing to put in the long-term consistent hard work it takes to achieve meaningful goals.

Even as I’m writing this article, I’m well aware there’s a 95% chance you (yes, YOU) are one of the people who’ll never put words into action.

Your gut reaction is probably, “You don’t know me! You can’t predict that I’ll fail, I’m going to succeed even though 95% of other people give up after a couple of months. I’m different.” Here’s what I’ll say to you:

You (yes you, the human reading this right now) will never achieve jack shit in your life. You’ll try things, maybe stick with them for a few months to a year, but your heart will never be in it. You’ll never give it your all. You’ll live a comfortable life following the blueprint society sets out for you, but you’ll always feel something is missing. You’ll watch other people succeed and turn their lofty goals into reality, but you’ll make excuses like, “I’m ethnic, if I was a white guy I could do it”, “He’s not as busy as I am” or “he was born into an easy life” or “he’s tall and I’m short”. You’ll try and convince yourself you’re truly happy, you’ll try and self-medicate the guilt away, but deep down you’ll always know: you chose to be a loser.

Prove me wrong.

Added 6th Jan, 2020: If it’s not abundantly clear, the intent of the above is to kick your fucking ass into gear and stop you being a little bitch. I wrote a follow-up article here to give you guidance on how you can overcome your mental hurdles if you still can’t shake the idea that, “But I’m a special case who definitely can’t get laid“. I go into detail on what to do if you’re white, or ugly, or short, or fat, etc. No excuses, read it: I Can’t Get Laid Because…

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