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This Guy Broke a 2 YEAR Dry Spell in 2 DAYS! [Sex-Dating]

May 26, 2022

It’s been a killer week on the KillYourInnerLoser front, and here’s another super impressive story from a guy who broke his dry spell within 2 days of actually trying – and went on to sleep with 10 girls in 12 weeks.

Oh, and the kicker? He’s not even remotely maxxed out, he’s not super confident, and his head was full of doubts when he started. He’s the definition of “If he can do it, you sure as hell can too.

Listen to the full story and have your mind blown:

You know what I’m going to say – it’s your turn now. Go out there and build something absolutely amazing. This guy is not special, but he did the work day in, day out. He had plenty of stumbles, he made plenty of mistakes, but none of that even mattered – because he showed up every day and put in the effort. You can absolutely do the same thing, so GO DO IT.

If you want coaching with me like this guy has, sign up for my coaching package. Let’s build you an amazing dating, business, fitness, social and spiritual life, no holding back.

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