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60 Hours of Challenge: Latvia Nightgame

February 13, 2011
This weekend I’ve been humbling myself in the quest for tighter nightgame. I was fortunate enough to get some time off away from Jambone‘s incessant bitching as Moran and I arrived in Latvia a day early. I told him to treat me like a student because we were entering his arena (loud full-on clubs with hot bitchy girls) and I’m prepared to accept I’m not good in those environments. So I brought the collection of 60’s material and the following rules:
  • Escalate everything quickly, day or night
  • No numbers
  • No facebooks
  • No dates
The idea is to gun for the fast lay so I have purity of purpose with no distractions and no temptation to back off and take a number. Every girl was gonna be pushed until she blows me out or comes home with me. I fully expect to get horrendously rejected continuously. It doesn’t bother me. I can burn the whole turn and not care because I won’t be back. So we go out to The Club.
First things first, we are applying the Krauser Nightgame Method. Now really this isn’t a method for how to run a set, it’s a method for what you do before and between sets so it was entirely compatible with rapid escalation. We walk in full of energy and prop ourselves up at the bar. We are pumping our state for an hour ignoring all the hot girls and damn there’s a full compliment of hot girls here. Average age looks like 21 and at least half are 7s or better. A fair smattering of 8s and the occasional 9. We surrepticously check out the (lack of) competition. There’s none. The only confidence in the bar is from the guys who came with their girlfriends. Every other guy is scared. There’s lots of chode-hopping, dancing monkey dancing, and lame grinding. Moran describes it better here.
So we get started. My only opener for the whole night is (i) seductive sexual eye contact (ii) playful smirk (iii) direct walk and (iv) handshake. Pretty much every girl hears “Hi. I’m Nick” and is then pulled in. I do it about 25 times.
I am fucking astonished. I get blown out only twice all night, and just laugh it off like nothing. I have zero AA. Nearly every girl hooks. I get two kiss closes both from 8s and many many girls kinoing me. We are owning the club. It’s like a whirling dervish is just whipping the whole place up into a dust cloud. There’s only two types of game going on:
Latvian Chode Game – Guy stands around like a zombie value-scanning the room. Girl gives fake IOI. Guy runs over and grinds. Girl back turns.
Krauser/Moran Game – Guy pulls girl in, locks in, girl throws herself over guy with full body contact thigh up to chest. Girls massively IOIs.
Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t mastered rapid escalation. Tonight was about getting the sets in, getting escalation practice. I didn’t leave with a girl (although I would’ve if her friend didn’t cockblock me while I had her tits out in the corner of the dancefloor). Some highlights:
  • I pull a girl in, lock in at thre bar and she gives me the full body merge with her crotch pushing into my thigh and her arms draped around me. Later her boyfriend comes over and peels her off.
  • I’m eyefucking / handholding a girl on the dancefloor. Another random chick, a 7 or 8, interrupts her by grabbing my neckchain and literally dragging me away so I can eyefuck her instead.
  • Another eyefucking/handholding leads a girl to do stripper dancing for me (to which I yawn and backturn) and then start lesbian grinding / kissing for me. Later she gets three dancing monkeys to work for her at the same time while we eye code across the bar.
  • I try it with a tall Turkish 9. She hooks but bails on the escalation. An hour later I go after her friend. She hooks and eye-spazzs. I walk her backwards to the wall and then eyefuck her while forehead to forehead, breathing hard on her through my nose. My arms are behind my back. Just motionless, eyefucking her. Then I run my breath all round her face, hold her hand and get mutual caressing. Then the kiss. She’s well into it. I isolate and it’s going great. I verbally escalate with dirty talk, pull a tit out of her top and am generally well on the way before her friend texts incessantly and demands she come find her. I leave it ten minutes, find her, drag her back and am just about to get it on again when the friend storms over and pulls her out the club. Boo. She was an 8 and a 100% Krauser girl.
So many sets went like this. We were literally opening every hot girl, one after another and after Moran opened I’d do the same girl. Counter-intuitively, we lost no value chasing like this. The intent was so strong. All the chodes were staring in disbelief. And this was despite never really hitting state. Yup, I like this method.

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