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a 17yr old bisexual Croatian minx

January 5, 2011

It’s just occured to me that I haven’t put any infields up in a long time. There’s just been a string of theoretical or joke posts. The last thing I want anyone thinking is that I’m some sort of deep thinker. So here’s one from the Croatia archives – a cute bisexual 17yr old Zagreb girl who I instadated.

This isn’t an especially remarkable set but there’s a few things I do well in it so might as well draw them out.

0:10 – I’d just been videoing Jambone talking to some hot blonde when I see this girl go by. Sorry matey, if you want my to exercise the discipline of videoing you at long distance you have to be more disciplined in doing it for me. Off I go.
0:11 – A spontaneous opener that hits all the elements of the Krauser Daygame Model. Stage 3 – find the girl that gives you the blood bubble, jog right after her
0:15Stage 4 is as you catch her up, ask yourself why you noticed her (the “unconvincing bad girl” vibe), communicate with your masculine core and bring it back out as an interesting statement to her. I’m formulating this as I run.
0:19Stage 5a is the preframed tease “how good is your English?” to put her on a mild defensive and pique her interest as to why I’m asking and what it’s about to lead to. Note my energy level is extremely low and I’m almost business-like in asking it because I’m subcommunicating that I’m expecting a response. This is killing her momentum.
0:26Stage 5b and I’m pacing her reality and rooting the interaction with where I was when I saw her.
0:33Stage 6 is the gentle tease.
0:39 – She gives a great response that lets me tease a bit stronger, but with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye. Great, momentum thoroughly killed already. She likes me.
0:41Stage 7 is to build on the tease for as long as it’s fun
0:58 – Pause to let it sink in and make her respond. This is light qualification and training her that this is gonna be a two-way interaction.
1;16 – Stacking with a conversational question (stage 8)
1:28 – We are confortably entering vibing. I don’t need to plough at all so I don’t. I just let her talk.
1:34 – “what attracts you?” It’s all about her and her emotions. You can build emotional connection very early by phrasing the questions correctly and then being quiet while she talks. I’m already through her value filter so I don’t need to be running longwinded routines and social robot bullshit.

Take careful note of my energy and wordcount. I am very very laid back and already making her do the work. What you can’t see is rock solid body language and strong slightly sexualised eye contact. You can see it’s effect in her hair twirling and how she dances around with the nervous energy bourne of sexual tension.

2:17 – Mild DHVs to show I’m a man of the world.
2:32 – anytime she talks, I shut up. If she wants to invest herself I’m gonna let her.
2:39 – you’re noticing all that hair twirling right? You don’t have to verbally SOI a girl if you are non-verbally SOIing her. The sexual energy is all in the subcommunication. It would be so retarded to start high fiving her and salsa spinning, or even kino, when the subcommunication is humming along so nicely.
2:51 – early stages of intellectual mastery, phrased as a short story in to build anticipation. I’m teaching her stuff, pushing her into the admiring student role.
3:00 – but I’m still a retard. Contrast game.
3:16 – showing leadership and concern for her comfort.
3:36 – say it before she says it so I can keep the frame. 35 yr old guy fucking 17 yr old girl is not a common occurence.
3:49 – this reframe doesn’t get her pushing back like I hoped so I just use it to lead her into qualifying in a win-win manner by agreeing on her being good at something
3:58 – finally I verbally IOI her. I was coming across too high value for her, too powerful, so I had to give her a reason I like her.
4:12 – talk matter of fact about her beauty while also giving a nicely unexpected visual image
4:38 – nice!
5:02 – knowing when to shut up and let her talk is a big part of daygame. Most guys are too nervous and too scared of silences. We are in phase three of the model now – investment
5:35 – more investment, this time getting at a topic that is close to her heart so I let her run with it.
5;58 – listening noises to encourage her to keep talking
6:20 – framing everything to encourage rapport so we an move beyond the superficial gamey phase of meeting.
6:40 – she’s seeking rapport so I’m going to take it. Don’t shut girls down when they seek rapport.
7:00 – I’m sharing real things about myself here. It’s teasing the deep rapport stage we’ll get to once I’ve bounced her from the meeting location. I’m letting her know she can connect to the real me and this interaction will be deep enough to be worth her effort in pursuing it. As a DHV, I’m showing that I can form meaningful connections with people and lead her towards that in super-quick time.
7:16 – Can’t resist a cheesy community line.
7:43 – She’s trying to find commonality with me after I mention fighting, which is rapport-seeking and a good IOI.
7:50 – I sense that I need to lighten the atmosphere for a minute or two and refresh the attraction. With the benefit of hindsight I think this was unnecessary.
8:09 – She’s half passing and half failing the compliance test so I move the thread onto her legs to remind her this is a man talking to a woman.
8:36 – I shouldn’t have come back to this fighting thread. An error.
9:12 – back into normal getting to know you conversation
9:30 – I’m quiet
9:47 – She’s sharing the real her and showing some sexual openess. Without getting too excited about it I need to draw her out on this topic. It’s a gift.
10:23 – She’s jumping into my hoop on kiss qualification
10:35 – If you don’t bring ass, you don’t get ass. I try for the street kiss close.
11:00 – She’s on the fence and finally declines. Fortunately it doesn’t blow the set. Better the pushy arsehole than the timid beta. She is now full convinced I’m not a wuss.
11:26 – Damage control, beginning with a light “beauty is common” neg.
11:48 – She introduces a logistical problem with the boy she likes. Obviously if she really cared she’d have mentioned this within the first ten minutes.
12:13 – Moving her off a bad thread seamlessly.
12:48 – future project
13:43 – despite her blocking the kiss she still likes me and I’ve held the frame without starting to chase her, or qualify to her, or show any disappointment at not getting the kiss. So having adequately recovered after the blocked kiss I think she’s ready to be commited
14:08 – soft dominance by leading her through a concern for her wellbeing

This turned into a two hour instadate and I was so close to the SDL but she got cold feet at the moment of truth. Nice girl.

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