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A couple of recent Facebook closes

April 4, 2010

In the spirit of videoing most of my sets these days, here’s a couple that went to Facebook. I’m field-testing the following pattern:

1. Indirect-direct opener: Run up to the girl and stop her direct but make the statement of interest oblique. So rather than say “you’re gorgeous/hot/cute” say “you’re interesting” or it’s equivalent. It still roots the opener and gives you a reason to be running up to her (which an indirect female opinion opener doesn’t)

2. Disqualify as a suitor and make your qualification of her on the close something that doesn’t seem very sexual e.g. “You seem like fun”. Do not seed a date and do not set a dating frame. Get the Facebook (lower investment for her than a number)

3. Rely upon Facebook to DHV you by having photos that hit the attraction triggers, a lively wall, lots of interesting friends etc. Facebook can be used as a passive shotgun Attraction / Comfort tool as the same material DHVs to all girls you added.

4. Post a tease on the girl’s wall to bait her into a playful exchange or two, reminding her of the original interaction and getting her comfortable talking to you again.

5. When she’s online, open up a chat. A bit more teasing, some comfort, mild seeding of a date but NO INVITE. Chat again a bit later, invite her out for the date.

I’ve only done this a few times so far (e.g. with the Black chick and the Taiwanese) so the jury is out on whether it’s a profitable avenue for game. We’ll see. Here’s two videos of girls I’m gonna try it out on. I wasn’t miked up for the black dancer so you are treated to a little music.

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