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A Day In The Life

April 14, 2018

UPDATE: A fuckwit with poor grasp of English has just started sneaking around under an alias, to dig dirt on me. It’s clearly malicious. The IP address he uses is in Latvia. So, it’s looking a lot like Alpha Man Training and the timing is suspicious too, coming so soon after my expose post. Are any readers good at internet sleuthing? It could also be Deepak, but I’m leaning towards Alpha Man. I’d like to be clear which of them it is, so I know who to go after should they escalate further. I’m not much concerned what he’ll find (because I don’t have secrets) but if he does something illegal or especially retarded, I’d like to be able to destroy his life. If you can help, leave a comment or email me.

Yesterday was a normal day on my euro jaunt, but when I stopped and thought about it…. well, it was rather odd really. Not special, amazing, or wow look at me. Just odd. This is what happened.

syrian cunt

Puzzled, yesterday

I woke up at 11am with hay fever symptoms. I’d been on a first date the previous evening with a 20 year old student and gotten pretty hot and heavy. Almost got her home, but she got cold feet fifty metres from my front door. I’d drunk lots of rum by then. I fell asleep with a swollen throat (it hurt to swallow), ear infection, and itchy teary eyes.

So, I woke up feeling shit. Had a shower, and went out for lunch with a friend. Gradually, the symptoms alleviated so much I didn’t even need an anti-allergy pill [1]

While standing outside the restaurant looking for a table, a cheerful Swedish guy comes up. “Are you Nick Krauser?” Well, I am. So I said yes. He chatted enthusiastically for ten minutes, explaining he was on a drinking/partying weekend with some friends from back home. He took a selfie with me. It was all a bit sudden.

My friend and I sat down, ate lunch. Then he went back to his remote office job.


Like this, but two points higher

I received a text message from a London guy I’ve met once but don’t know well. “Hey, I’m in town. I’d like a consultation if you have time.” So, I walk over to a cafe and meet him. We have a one hour consultation. Considering I didn’t even know he was visiting this country, it was all a bit sudden.

We walk around a bit, looking at girls. While he’s in set, I ping an Armenian girl I’d dated in Moscow but hadn’t been able to kiss on our first date. She’s 22, pretty, and has massive tits. She replies with pleasantries then says she wants to marry me and have strong sons. I tell her it’s rather sudden, and she tells me she just decided.


I’ll hire this Armenian actress when Vice want to film me

The London guy comes out of his set and we walk further up the road. A local guy comes up to me. “Are you Nick Krauser?” Apparently I still am, so I tell him so. He has a chat for a bit then walks off. A sudden encounter.

Crossing the street near some cafes I spot a small blonde girl walking past a few metres away. Fortunately she’s got her head down and doesn’t see me. I recognise her and last time we spoke, she wasn’t happy. She’s likely a bit sore that I took her virginity and didn’t marry her – though I never once pretended to be anything other than a player. I’d seen some posts she left on a local girls forum saying she wanted to get her brothers to beat me up. It sounded like she was joking, and I certainly hope so. Either way, probably best she didn’t see me.

She was the fifth girl I’ve walked past since coming to this city two weeks ago who I’d fucked in a previous trip. It just happens, suddenly.

The one who reminds me of Gabriella Bond

My remote office job friend comes back out. We are walking again when I see a girl approaching, about twenty metres away, who starts staring at me with a look of recognition. Then she boldly strides over.

“Are you Nick?” [2]

Yes, indeed I am I tell her. “You talked to me outside a museum in London, in 2013” she says. I don’t recognise her at all. She seems really pleased at the wild coincidence. We chat a few minutes then I excuse myself. That was sudden, I think.

I also did a handful of sets and took a few numbers. What an odd day.

If you’d like to increase the amount of odd and sudden things in your life consider learning daygame with Daygame Infinite. Alternatively, if you’d like to read about a long series of odd and sudden things in my life, try the memoir series volumes one, two and four [3]

[1] I know, fascinating story. It gets a bit better.
[2] Not “Krauser” this time.
[3] I’ve written 75% of volume three so far. It’s coming along very nicely.

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