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A Disastrous 3-Way Date Part Five: Case Study

October 21, 2010

I’d forgotten all about this one. I read somewhere (I think Skeletor on the LSS) that there are four basic types of girl:

1. Low Value / Low Esteem – an ugly girl who knows her place. They are of no interest to players.

2. Low Value / High Esteem – the fattie cockblockers who mouth off and can’t stand it when their prettier friends get all the intention in nightclubs. Loaded with 100% denial, these disgusting creatures are frequently seen on Jeremy Kyle, Trisha and other soap boxes telling the world how great they are. seems to have plenty too. Best avoided but sometimes they need to be neutralised. Think Rosanne Barr.

3. High Value / Low Esteem – the classic slut. She looks hot but doesn’t believe in herself so she dresses up with warpaint and squeezes into a mini-skirt. Will be seen in nightclubs doing the validation dance so a long line of betas boost her low esteem with their interest. When she finds anyone alpha she’ll jump into bed immediately. Responds well to direct ballsy game and all the classic manipulation gambits (pre-selection, negs, social proof etc)

4. High Value / High Esteem – the holy grail of pick-up. A beautiful girl who knows it but is so comfortable and balanced that she’s great fun to be around. Respond extremely well to honest direct game. Best to avoid negging.

Now bear in mind all girls have fundamentally low esteem compared to normal men, so these are relative scales. I’ve found the latter girls respond best to my style but as you can imagine they aren’t easy to catch. Anyhoo, here’s a video which shows types (3) and (4) sitting right next to each other responding to the same stimuli. Call it a controlled experiment.

Background: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Video Analysis

0:08 – Very tight disapproving body language. Watch how this softens by the middle of the video. She’s not happy with the idea of competing with three girls, and Jambone’s rock star pretensions.
0:37 – Big difference in what their laughs say about themselves
0:58 – I’m being authentic with High Esteem (HE) because she’s the sort of girl who responds to it.
1:29 – Low Esteem (LE) wishes she was HE. Watch for how she qualifies to her.
1:48 – Let her talk. Don’t try to override her words.
1:51 – Jambone just made his two girls giggle and squeal. Look at how LE is impressed and HE is disgusted.
2:14 – LE qualifies to HE. The latter is giving only enough attention as is dictated by social propriety and is not encouraging her. Note the body language – LE is turned and leaning in, HE is side-on and turns her attention to me whenever LE is not blatantly grabbing it.
3:04 – I haven’t lost LE yet, it’s just Jambone is gradually giving off more magnetism.
3:08 – Is there a word for that look of revulsion and fascination that HE is giving LE?
3:35 – Considering what’s going on across the table, and that this is the first date with HE, I’m quite pleased at how I keep their attention and draw them into the frame that this kind of date is normal.
3:59 – Another disgusted look towards Jambone.
4:11 – It seems HE considers me the oasis of purity within this den of iniquity. She never makes any attempt to engage anyone else in the group.
4:30 – Basic teasing to build attraction.
4:34 – The other three girls are outside smoking now so HE’s body language suddenly opens right up. Like night and day.
5:16 – You can see why I rate this girl so highly, right? She’s just so comfortable with who she is and has such a nice unpretentious vibe.
5:27 – Investment.
5:43 – She’s having considerably more fun than in the beginning. Having the other girls disappear for a while was like flicking a switch, and I get a great chance to build rapport without social pressure.
6:00 – Let her invest. She’s showing me the real HE.
6:29 – I’m labouring the point but can you believe this is the same girl from the beginning of the video?
6:40 – She’s very attracted now. Buying temperature is rising.
7:22 – Changing tempo, back to teasing.
7:34 – I’ve decided HE is getting all my attention now and blanking the others. Not that they care, the Jambone show is entering it’s third act. I don’t find out till later but blanking Squirrel really repaired my value with her after that week prior date. She’s seeing me engaging a girl who is far and away the highest value in the room.
7:56 – Watch the fingers. Buying temperature.
9:09 – I love this eye contact game. It’s an easy way to get an eye-fucking opportunity while giving endless ammo to neg and tease. Great to raise buying temperature. My body language is absolutely still – totally unreactive – and she just bounces around on that. Think of the squirrel and the oak tree.
9:28 – Note all the instructions I give. Leading frame, pushing her into submission.

So we are all sitting in Paparazzi Bar in Vilnius and all four girls are together. I completely ignore Squirrel as punishment for dicking around on our Day 2. I’m gradually losing Low Esteem as Jambone runs the pre-selection show across the table. Fortunately High Esteem is thoroughly unimpressed with him and responds well to my normal comfort. Low Esteem keeps trying to get in on our conversation and eventually gives up.

After two hours High Esteem wants to go home so I walk her to her flat. Comfort is good and as you can see from the video she’s been IOIing – if anything the fact I more or less ignored Jambone and the two 17yr olds has served me well – the vibe is like I don’t really approve of him but he’s a friend so I help him out. On the way back I feel like I have to sexualise a little but can’t push to far so I tell her to walk in front so I can check out her arse (she does, giggling) and then:

Me: Look, I’m walking you home to make sure you’re ok, not because I’m gonna try and fuck you. I mean, I do want to fuck you but tonight’s not really the right time.

On the way back to the bar Jambone is texting to say hurry up cos Low Esteem is trying to drag him to the toilets for a blowjob and he can’t hold her off much longer. Right as I approach High Esteem texts:

Her: I forgot to pay for my drink!!!!!! Could we have a deal if I promised u a drink in London? ð

Me: Ok, but I want a quadruple vodka red bull ð sleep well

Her: Done! Have an epic last night in Vlinius ð

Me: Count on it.

So she goes onto Facebook for long game and I go back to Paparazzi. We end up in our apartment. Jambone tries to DHV me with Low Esteem but its totally fucked now so he takes Leggy into the bedroom while Low Esteem and I sit uneasily in the kitchen till she finally fucks off to McDonalds never to return. I go to bed pissed off.


  • Leggy has left her boyfriend because she doesn’t love him anymore. She can’t imagine being with anyone normal after Jambone.
  • Squirrel is chatting to me on Skype and Facebook and shows all the signs of being a hot set again.
  • Low Esteem is exchanging occasional messages with me on Facebook and is a lukewarm set. She seems to have realised her overreach and ended up with nothing.
  • High Esteem is also on occasional messaged but haven’t been able to catch her online yet. Apparently she’s coming to London in a few months.

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