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A feisty Indian who won’t be cowed

July 27, 2011

I was out doing some day-creeping yesterday and the last girl was this rather spritely English / Indian lass. The whole interaction was a bit weird and didn’t fit the model. She hooked easily before I even finished the opener and was giving back with the banter and fun, so a delight to talk to. However my sexual vibe had been off all day so I was getting myself into interactions that we’re chill, fun and lively – but not really man-woman. Take a look….

You’ll see she was just in the mood for a chat at the beginning and her character is bubbly and giving. I tease her hard for a while, which keeps her animated and doesn’t allow her to get the upper hand. She’s clearly used to being in control of conversations through her energy alone. Then after about five minutes my frame starts to win out over hers and she qualifies harder and seeks more rapport – e.g. when she does that little jingly dance, I give her no reaction, and she starts giggling and stacks forwards. She’s into me now but I’m expecting subtle frame control games. Not because she’s a psycho or attention whore – I think they’ll be fun and naive frame control games.

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