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A fun first Facebook message

July 16, 2012

Out here in Zagreb we’ve been rustling up lots of leads but getting absolutely killed by logistics. Almost every girl I’ve stopped has been headed out to the coast within a day or two. You can actually see the city empty day by day. So I’ve resigned myself to working Facebook more than numbers, hoping to get a few solid leads going and then have a sweep-up week later. Time will tell.

I had a few new high value targets who took the Facebook add and I wanted some way to keep them keen without actually pushing for the (currently unfeasible) meet. Jimbo is always good for inspiration and a solid frame so he said

Find something women are really bad at and then ask advice about it

Ok, how about driving? I sent this message out to four girls. Three got back immediately with good responses.

International fashion model

Actress (not famous)

Great ass

I probably messed up the first one with my subsequent chat which sucks because she’s a genuine international fashion model / cover girl. Time will tell, it’s not dead just feels like it might run cold. Second one is biting hard in subsequent chat, and third one was the strongest street vibe but Facebook chat hasn’t warmed up yet because I can’t catch her online.

In all three cases I was a bit nervous sending the message out, lest the girl didn’t get the joke and found it aggressive. What needless worry. As a man, you have to take a chance and risk losing her. Even the one I might’ve lost, well, with a play-it-safe attitude I’d have never attracted her in the first place.

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