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A juicy little blonde German

October 5, 2011

The prior post was a crappy-looking set that turned out well – I’ve got a date set up with her later this week. Here’s a contrary example, of a good-looking set that went nowhere. You’ll notice the girl was immediately smiley and happy to chat then she invested easily with very little prompting. For the last 2/3s of the set I barely had to talk. She IOIs a few times and agrees to a delayed idate.

Nothing happened. She begged out of the date later and then I never heard from her again.

Looking carefully at the video you’ll see she doesn’t really ask me any questions and her subcommunication is (as I call it in my book) “gormless”. It’s like she doesn’t realise this is a pick-up even though my eye contact is forcing a few fiddly IOIs from her. It’s difficult to predict sets but I’d say that although she is investing with her workrate she’s not investing emotionally by trying to build rapport with me – hence the flake.

But be wary of overanalysing sets. Just go out and do your best work, and then whatever happens happens.

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