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A sample of texts from the past two weeks

October 31, 2010

Turk: You are God like.you can get any girl or anything you want and i simply cant bear this. Offering me your friends was so ridiculous and hurtful cos u know it very well that i was melting in your arms, so dont knock my door again with your sick ideas

Me: And I just thought about fucking you now. In a toilet in Starbucks
Her: Haha, don’t talk like this cos I won’t stop myself from going to Starbucks to suck ur cock 😉
Me: I won’t stop you 😀
Her: When u r free 😛

Brazil: I can’t survive without you! 😦

Her: I hope nothing is change in your plans about my visit =)
Me: No change. We meet, we date, we fuck. It’ll be a good week 😉
Her: I coming to London not just to fuck with you, i really like you Krauser….

Frenchie: Oh no, that’s terrible… You were right. I’m extremely attracted to impossible relationships with bad boys, especially if it’s an english pick up artist who could never fall in love with anyone… and I find quite boring to date a nice australian guy who is still a virgin.. 😦 that’s not fair. I miss you. Anyway, now I do understand why some people need to be taught how to become….. more like you. Sleep well

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