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A small pool of mediocrity in an ocean of brilliance

July 5, 2012

I’m out on the continent hitting on unsuspecting women. It’s roasting hot. We’ve been dragging our sweat-soaked blistered bodies from cafe to cafe, street-stopping girls inbetween. It’s a glorious holiday with my compadres. Both the quality and quantity of women is outrageous. Girls we would chase down the street in London don’t even turn our heads here, so inured to the quality are we after just two days.

I find it takes a couple of days to dial in my calibration for a new country. There’s been a few very good sets, some solid leads and……. sets like this one which will likely go nowhere. However its the only full set I’ve recorded so far so I’ve thrown it up anyway.

I’d put my game at 5/10 here. Workman-like, lacking in creativity. Don’t let it be said I cherry-pick what I post.

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