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Adventure Sex – Book Excerpt #3

February 15, 2016

Here’s the opening section of chapter nineteen for your perusal. The book is currently 152k words long (same as Daygame Mastery and Primal Seduction). These are 688 of them. Comments appreciated on the writing style, focus, quality of story-telling and so on. Again, I stress this is the draft version and may change.

I first met Masha in Dozari nightclub at the end of the third week in Minsk, after Tom had gone back. Including previous trips with Steve, it was the fifth time Iâd been to the club and Iâd done well on the other four occasions. It was Thursday night and both John and I felt up for a night out.

She was a 20-year-old brunette and ever so slightly chubby but as she was so young and buxom that she carried it well. She looked absolutely amazing with her clothes on, and it wasnât until they came off that she looked a bit soft and podgy. She had big wide hips, a big ass, reasonable tits, long hair, very strong features and was quite tall. Her face was like a spanked arse – a proper pursed princess face, which is pretty but very haughty. Let’s call her a nightclub eight and a real-world seven.

We met while John and I prowled the club early in the night. I saw two girls perched near the top of the staircase leading down to the basement bar. One was sitting on a stool sipping a cocktail through a straw while the other was dancing half-heartedly. They had that looking-for-trouble vibe that best friends girls often take with them on a night out. I imagine they’d arranged it like this:

Masha: âI’m bored. Let’s go out tonight. I wanna have fuuuuuuuun!â
Dasha: âYay! How about Dozari again? There’s lots of thirsty guys we can tool.”
Masha: âFree drinks!!!!â

John and I stood out so as we walked past the girls looked at us and we looked at them. It wasnât really an IOI, more like mischievous kids sizing up an opportunity for mischief. So I walked over and opened them.

âGirls. The dance floor is over thereâ I pointed. âI think you’re lost.â

I talked to Masha and John talked to her friend. Right from the off, Masha was trying to tool me like a proper little nightclub princess. She was receptive at first but soon tried it on, attempting to turn things her way. She became challenging in her questions, which I just swatted out of the way.

âWhy are you in Minsk? You have no reason to come hereâ she said.
âI like the weatherâ
âHow old are you? This is a young people’s clubâ she said, pouting over her straw.
âI got lost looking for the libraryâ I replied.

She wasn’t actively hostile as she was mixing in smiles and normal small talk but I could see her game. The little minxes probably had a bet on who would be the first to tool a guy tonight. I could see their eyes occasionally flick to each other.

I sat down on Masha’s vacated stool while she continued her sluttish gyrations and endeavoured to get my tongue hanging out like a hungry dog. Girls often try to lure you into being too forward and too thirsty. She looked sexy but I kept talking like I was oblivious to her charms. I was just a guy having fun. My eyes wouldn’t drop to her gyrating hips even once and this infuriated her.

“Dance!â she demanded, stepping back a little and pointing to a space on the carpet next to her.

I chuckled, shook my head, and let my eyes wander to look at the hired dancing girls on stage.

âDance here!â she demanded, again.

For a brief moment I let my face get serious and I looked hard into her eyes, like I imagine a serial killer does as his fingers close around your throat in the final moments.

âI’m not your fucking puppyâ I said, then went back to my fun-face. âCome on John, let’s have a look downstairs. Have a good evening girls!â

I gave them a smile and we rolled off. I could tell I’d scored a big hit. Her eyes flashed not with anger but with respect. The kitten had bitten the tiger and the tiger had briefly bared its teeth and them nonchalantly swatted away the annoying little animal. Masha was very intrigued.

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