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Ah, the memories of daygame bootcamps

June 29, 2012

I suppose of late I’ve come off sounding a little dismissive of daygame techniques, with all the talk I’ve given towards masculine development and frame. This isn’t representative. I think technique is very important for pretty much everyone who hasn’t already reached the pinnacle of manliness. It’s all well and good to say “be natural”, “be in the moment” and other such advice but it’s kinda like telling a boxer “just knock him out”. There’s the big question of how? It’s not until you’ve internalised the right way to do things that you can hit unconscious competence.

I’d also forgotten what it was like to be new to this stuff. That awe-inspiring sense of realising what’s possible, seeing coaches performing what looks like street magic in front of your disbelieving eyes. So when I was watching this documentary this morning, it all came flooding back.

There’s alot of guys out there who don’t really know what bootcamps are like, the actually nuts’n’bolts of what happens on the day, how it feels, how impactful the experience can be. This documentary puts you into the middle of it very effectively. They really are like this. I taught a couple of them with Tom and John last summer.

Note how timid and nervous the students are in the beginning, almost not daring to hope. Then the wide-eyed wonder when suddenly they are talking to hot girls and getting positive responses. See how they look up to the coaches and follow instructions then come back with beaming smiles after getting a girl’s number. Obviously this is a marketing video so it remains upbeat, glossing over the tough times such as the frustration when all the instant dates turn into flakes, the Day2s leading to snubbed kiss close attempts, the difficulty of dragging yourself into town to begin opening some days, all the self doubt. These students are so full of positivity they don’t realise how much further they have to travel to progress from “nice friendly five minute chat” to “banging pretty girls regularly”.

But fuck it, that is a character building journey in itself. Good luck guys, you’ve gotten off to a flying start.

It’s great marketing though, isn’t it? You can feel the camardarie develop over the weekend, see the guy’s demeanour shift as they come out of good sets, and there’s a few nice vignettes where John and Tom give really accurate on-the-fly technical advice. Both are good solid teachers which comes out well in the video. For example at 35:58 John gets it absolute bang-on correct and you can see the concentration and passion for teaching in his demeanour.

So worth watching if you’re new to this and a bit nervous about signing up for training, or an old hand whose lost a bit of love for the Game.

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