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Alpha vs Abundance

April 18, 2014

It is in the nature of learning that concepts begin muddy and confusing, then gradually refine until you can simply and precisely understand them. So it is with two commonly equivocated concepts: alpha and abundance. Consider a fairly frequently-observed case where a guy is lacking any strong alpha qualities but gets laid a lot and treats girls with the classic IDGAF frame. How can this be so? Aren’t girls supposed to be fucking ALPHAS?

Justin Bieber

Massive abundance, low alpha

Massive abundance, low alpha

Most insider accounts suggest he’s a fairly boring needy chode in a normal social context but clearly he can bang a new hottie every night if he wants. Robbie Williams is a needy creepy guy (lots of gossip on clingy and reactive behaviour from him) but also swimming in pussy. Or consider the recently-leaked text message exchange with James Franco.

I don’t know enough about Franco to comment on his relative alpha cred (and even writing that sentence gives me a creepy internet-alpha-syndrome shiver). But he certainly exuded IDGAF. So what are we to make of this apparent conundrum? Let’s pedantically unpack the two concepts and how they relate.

Alpha is a mindset. It is a way of relating to the world, to girls, the male rivals, and fundamentally comes down to having an internal reference point. Abundance is a condition. It is the actual real-world situation of having lots of girls wanting to fuck you. To split hairs, abundance is not about the girls you’re fucking now, it’s about your self-belief in your ability to fuck new girls in the near future. Naturally, being alpha is a predictable (but not 100% certain) cause of abundance because girls are attracted to alpha. But, it is possible for a beta to engineer / encounter circumstances which give him the condition of abundance.

  • White gamma guy goes to Japan / Phillipines
  • Top athlete attains fame and status
  • Normal guy appears on reality TV show
  • Rock guitarist in band that achieves fame
  • Successful businessman hires female employees
Mid-abundance, low alpha

Mid-abundance, low alpha

There are many situations in which a man can become The Chosen without requiring a fundamental change to his mindset. It’s like the difference between getting rich from building a business versus buying a lottery ticket. The bank balance is the same, no matter how it was obtained. I think this explains the common mis-identification of alphas as “any guy getting laid a lot”. Once a beta is living in abundance he will naturally take on the IDGAF mindset because it’s a result of options rather than internal referencing. He really has more female options than time and motivation to bang them all, so he can aggressively filter, go direct, and walk away at any point. Just review James Franco’s text message exchange.

Is Franco also alpha? I don’t know. However, that text exchange is pure abundance mentality.

So a lesson for any aspiring player is to work for abundance as well as alpha. Abundance can come from hosting VIP tables in a nightclub, working as a dive instructor at a backpacker resort, owning a strip club or (in my case) travelling in countries where I’m shiny and then aggressively number-farming. That gives you the IDGAF from plate spinning.

It is not a reason to abandon the quest for alpha (or in my case, sigma). And the reason is:

  1. Betas will always eventually lose abundance
  2. Betas will always get rolled by a predatory female

I know a Welsh guy who was recently on a reality TV show. Fairly good-looking guy but nothing special. However the show made him shiny and cast his filter net* wide, thus all the local girls know who he is. So now he’s getting spammed by selfies from DTF girls. He’s living in abundance and getting laid like dambusters. But eventually his fifteen minutes will pass, other guys will replace him as flavour of the month, and the pussy shower is turned off. I hope he uses his period in the sun to lock down the IDGAF attitude to get him through leaner times.

A stone, completely rolled

A stone, completely rolled

As for the predator women, just think of John Lennon. Completely rolled. I view Yoko Ono as a top-level heist professional who completely took him. Many guys in abundance get rolled â Bob Geldof, Paul McCartney, Russell Brand, Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson, Mike Tyson. Unless you change the mindset you’ll always be vulnerable to the coquette who knows your need for affection (abundance always strips your soul over time, leaving you vulnerable to affectionate women) and how to use it against you.

Betas can experience abundance by succeeding in the hamster wheel of life. Become the best tennis player, become a rich businessman. Become a famous musician. That’s great, more power to them. Just don’t mistake it for alpha.

*Filter Net – Out there in the world there’s a certain number of women who will like you just as you are, without much Game required. For most men the problem is you never meet more than a tiny proportion of these girls. University increases the net (because you’re in constant contact with teen girls). Working in a business surrounded by women increases the net (e.g. fashion photography). Cold approaching increases the net (by initiating more interactions). Being famous massively increases the net by letting those women know you exist and telling them how to find you. Thus it’s possible for a man’s abundance to massively change purely on the strength of widening his net without any other changes to his mindset and game.

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