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An intermediate assessment of my progress

September 27, 2009

When setting out on this journey I committed myself for six months. I figured it would take that long to read the books, watch the DVDs, and do enough approaches to decide if this stuff is for real and I have the ability and cojones to acquire the skill set.

Four months in, I already have my answer. Itâs a resounding yes. The questions now are more like:

(i) How far have I come?
(ii) How far can I go?
(iii) What needs to be done to get there?

Ok, letâs tackle them in order. My stats at the time of writing are: Daygame 183 opens / 56 closes, Nightgame 98 opens / 17 closes.

How far have I come?
I have approached over 250 women, taken over 70 numbers and had eight Day 2s. Skills I now possess with some competence are:

– When I see a girl I like Iâll approach her if sheâs in a 1-set or 2-set, whether sheâs seated, standing or walking (daygame), or in any kinds of set (nightgame).
– My daygame open is strong enough that over half the sets stop and listen to what I have to say.
– I can hook about half of those sets and get conversation going, without the need for routines, and the girl will usually IOI me.
– I routinely lock-in and bounce like itâs second nature. I get lots of compliance and where logistics allow often instadate.
– I number close about 2/3 of the girls who I hook for over a couple of minutes.
– I have an abundance mentality for opening.

That skill set in and of itself is a massive improvement on my pre-game abilities. I have the freedom to pick nearly any girl and have a reasonable chance of engaging her in conversation and maybe getting a number. Additional progress:

– I can hook about 1/3 of night game sets with an opinion opener.
– If my state is good (still reliant upon positive feedback) I can run a set with extremely dominant body language and routines.
– Once in-set, I have no concern for what other people think of me.
– I can Apocalypse open without getting a bad response.
– I can day game solo without much loss of state. Iâll still open after a run of rejections.

But I still have some pretty serious sticking points that need work. Specifically:

– Iâm still showing too much outcome dependence in set, manifested in facial expression, filling silences with babble, asking too many questions, trying to number close instead of k-close, and generally worrying about losing the girl.
– I am way too tentative with my kino escalation.
– Iâm not kiss closing often.
– I get LJBFâd easily, probably because I donât open with much sexual intent. Probably because I donât want to scare off the girl.
-It takes a long time to get into state for night game and Iâm easily thrown off. I still have approach anxiety and a difficulty in transitioning from the opener to hooking.
– I donât isolate well.
– I get many, many flakes.

How far can I go?
Itâs fair to say I see no hard limit to my progress. My sticking points are all in my head and I have enough reference experiences to know I can get the hottest girls. I doubt Iâll ever get to the Mystery level of lording an entire club, or the outrageous adventures of a Tim or Jeffy. But then again Iâve had a few initial experiences of running large sets, douchebag gaming, and pushing the limits. So maybe that stuff is in my future.

For now I want to lock down the basics of one-on-one SNLs and LTRs. The rockstar success can wait.

What needs to be done to get there?
Iâm basically on track. I see the path laid out ahead of me. I am mostly following RSD method with the emphasis on authenticity, inner game, and projecting value through sub-communication. I have all the materials I need to keep the intellectual side going.

I have a small nucleus of able wings to sarge with, and a route to getting more as needed. I donât have any mentors yet but Iâm getting my face known with the more experienced guys so that should come eventually. Iâm doing an advanced bootcamp this weekend to get another look at top guys and direct coaching.

So I think the main strategy is to just trundle along as before. Keep approaching. Keep reading. Keep pushing myself out of the comfort zone. Then just see what happens. My motivation is as high as ever.

The biggest single leap will be when Iâve put together a couple of fuck buddies. Then the thin veneer of neediness will just melt off. Iâve come so close a couple of times so it wonât be long now.

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