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An interview with London daygamer Sam Django

July 7, 2013

It’s a small world out there. I’d estimate there’s maybe ten guys in the whole of London who go out regularly and have consistent repeatable success at daygame. Guys sexing up genuinely pretty women who learned daygame in the PUA sense of the word. Sure there’s a bunch of non-community guys getting laid off meeting girls in the street (naturals, good-lookers etc), a bunch getting one-in-a-million Hollywood moments but not consistently, and of course a bunch of extreme number farmers with little skill but high workrate. Oh, plus the PUA charlatans and the noobs.

However if you narrow the field to guys who have real daygame skill, can get laid regularly with desireable girls and actually choose that lifestyle then its a small world. And we all know each other. Here’s an interview with the latest guy to join the club…..

If you haven’t already then watch this infield first. That’ll clear up the “who is this guy” question.

I probably didn’t press Sam enough to bring out the hard facts but the TL:DR version is this: 19 year old virgin does a bootcamp and then commits to daygame. After six months the daygame lays begin to trickle in. Eighteen months later he’s banged eighteen girls and is dating a catwalk model.

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