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An Introduction To Daygame

May 17, 2020

One thing I had never done, in the ten years I’ve been producing daygame content, is provide a simple overview of the Krauser London Daygame Model. I’ve done a beginner’s how-two for the low, low price of zero pounds. I’ve done a solid intermediate instructional called Black Book for the not so low price of $99 (buy it here). And of course, I have done the legendary [1], earth-shattering [2], as-yet-not-even-close-to-matched-much-less-surpassed [3] in-field analysis and daygame instructional Daygame Overkill.

[buy Daygame Overkill here]

Daygame Overkill poster hi res

But what I haven’t done is a straight-forward technical introduction for people who don’t really know what our style of daygame is. Maybe they’ve seen some in-fields on Youtube, and gotten an approximate idea that daygame is game in the day. Maybe they’ve seen The Natural Lifestyles and thus concluded daygame is an epic cringefest of low-testosterone soyboys irritating unsuspecting Euro-girls with lame openers and interminable directionless chit-chat [4]. Maybe they’ve watched RSD Max and think it comes down to injecting synthetic testosterone [5] and then posing on Instagram with obvious models that you’ve obviously paid for their time.

Hang on, I’m digressing again aren’t I?

When Anthony Johnson was kind enough to invite me to his The 21 Convention last summer, I delivered precisely that simple overview speech. The full talk has just recently gone live on T21C’s official YouTube and I link it here.

And if I haven’t made the purpose of my post sufficiently clear, here it is again: Buy Daygame Overkill here.

If you need to be told three times before you do something, you may wish to buy Daygame Overkill here.

1. In my own mind, your experience may vary.
2. To my bank account, at least.
3. Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.

4. Hot off the presses in this latest video from the bullshitting Aussie charlatan, I see The Natural Lifestyles are now preying on desperate soyboys with a “lifestyle design” mentor program. Now, notice the thumbnail in that YouTube video:

James Marshall is a scheming dishonest piece of shit


has the same girls, in the same clothes, on the same boat, in the same weather as when lying fronting piece of shit Robbie Kramer was also shamming at “lifestyle design” here:

Robbie Kramer is a fronting lying piece of shit

I might have captioned that, yesterday


Robbie had to delete his image from Instagram when the girls complained about him using their image in his marketing. So, how did they get these photos? Simple. Robbie runs a soft-pimping business in which he takes $10k+ from credulous chodes (or in Marshall’s case, from scheming charlatans) so a bunch of them can hire a private beach and yacht in the Maldives (or Mauritius Islands, I forget which) for a week-long orgy. Kramer uses his contacts among sex workers in Ukraine to ship in a bunch of hookers and semi-pros with a free all-expenses holiday and a ton of blow. Part of the deal (aside from shagging the chodes) is the girls pose for these “lifestyle design” photos.

This is now the third person I’ve seen in the middle of that same group of women from that trip (which was May 2018).

Lads, it’s all a total con job. James Marshall is a lying chump with zero game who doesn’t cold approach and instead relies on hookers and sugarbabies to get laid. The lifestyle he is selling is total bullshit. His entire image is a fragile facade to persuade idiots to fund him. That’s how he really got “rich”: selling bullshit to idiots and laughing his way to the bank.

5. That’s a guess. I’m waiting for More Plates More Dates or Coach Greg to do a natty-or-not video.

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